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A path that winds all the way up the mountain. It is a fairly easy-going and pleasant climb, although it can get windy.

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Will was sitting in a tree. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but it was necessary for him to remain completely silent so as to not alert the man walking along the mountain path to his presence. Three minutes and twenty-three seconds before the man was in a perfect position for Will to launch himself off the branch and onto the man, then a knife to the throat would successfully eliminate the man. And Will would get his paycheck. Three minutes and twenty seconds.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike twirled the dagger through her fingers, gazing down at the dirt path. She hated to admit it, but she was bored. Killing people wasn't something she had aspired to do, but it was easy; the only downside (apart from the blood - that never really came out of her clothes if she was too close to the body) was the waiting. She tapped her fingers impatiently against the branch.

Her plan was simple enough; the bastard she was about to kill had a bad track record in her book. After all, he had assaulted her friends a few weeks ago, and they weren't the only girls he had messed with. He would round the corner in a second (apparently, late-night mountain walks were his thing) and she would drop down to stab him in the neck. Simple and quick, and if she was smart enough, she would have the sense to step away before the blood stained her dress. Then, she could go out and grab a drink with her friends. Simple.

She was still bored. She huffed quietly, resting her chin onto the palm of her hand. Just wait.

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Something caught Will's eye, and he glanced sideways, certain it would only be a bird or some forest animal. Instead, he saw a person in a tree fairly near to his.

What the hell...?

Will squinted slightly in an attempt to see who the other person was. This could potentially be a disaster - he knew many of the other assassins in the kingdom, and wasn't on the best terms with most of them. If someone was attempting steal his commission, he wouldn't be happy. He stealthily climbed towards the other tree, glancing towards the man beneath him. He had less than two minutes before he had to make his move - before then, he needed to take care of the other person in the vicinity. He didn't leave witnesses.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike noticed a shadow of movement to her left and she froze, holding her breath. Something was on the tree beside her. She squinted in the darkness, examining the form as it slowly began to take shape. It was only a squirrel... no...

Holy shit, is that a person?

Her guard went up immediately and she straightened silently from her post, keeping one hand on the branch to steady herself. Biting down on the blade of her knife so that it rested between her teeth, she reached for the pouch strapped to her leg, flipping it up to extract another dagger. She wasn't in range and she didn't trust herself to throw it from the angle she was in; she could potentially hit her target who was coming up along the side of the mountain, and she wasn't in the mood to mess anything up. If she was going to kill him, she would have to do it in one blow. It made the whole process simpler.

But first, she thought darkly, pushing herself into the shadows of the tree, I'm going to have to deal with this idiot.

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Will knew that he had given away his position, and he could tell that the other person was becoming more defensive the closer he came. A quick glance to the ground revealed that he would injure himself fairly severely if he fell off the tree (after all, controlled jumping with a person to break his fall was a completely different matter to simply crashing onto the ground from this height), so he had to be careful. He had three options:

Either, he could ignore the person and carry out his plan; this would mean that there was no way the target would escape, however, he could risk being caught by the other person.

He could also abandon the mission and escape before the person recognized him. While he would be able to leave without the other person attacking or reporting him, he would never be able to live with himself after fleeing, and he would have failed his mission.

Finally, he could jump across to the other tree, kill the other person, drop onto the target from that tree and kill him, too.

The last option was obviously the best, so Will launched himself off the branch, landing practically silently on the other tree while grabbing onto one of the branches to regain his balance with his left hand, and holding his favourite dagger in his right.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Dammit, I don't have time for this, Blaike thought sullenly, her good mood diminishing as she glanced down at the path. She would spare exactly one minute to kick this person's ass, before she would launch down and kill her victim.

She noted the dagger in his hand and her defenses rose. Pulling the dagger out of her mouth, so that both her hands were equipped, she raised an eyebrow at the person as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, taking him in.

Of course, it has to be the attractive ones, she mused, and she almost smiled at the realization, if she hadn't been so irritated by his presence. Instead of lashing out, she waited, examining his movements.

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Will supposed that it had been a little optimistic of him to not wear a cloak - he had assumed that this mission would be easy, as, normally, this area of the mountain was completely abandoned. The other person's features were undistinguishable, partly due to the darkness of the night, and partly because of the hood they were wearing.

Oh, well. They won't be able to tell anyone they saw me if they're dead.

With that thought in mind, Will climbed swiftly towards the other person, not bothering to hide his weapon (after all, the other person was armed, too). He just hoped whatever fight that was bound to ensue wouldn't result in them both dropping out of the tree and breaking their necks. Of course, he didn't mind if that happened to the other person.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" He hissed, well aware that this wasn't the time for any time-consuming chats that would result in a very-much-alive target walking away. He probably had a couple of minutes left before the man was gone forever.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike tilted her head slightly, giving the boy an amused smile (one that was possibly lost in the darkness of the night and the angle of her hood covering her face) but didn't choose to answer immediately. Instead, she faced him, twirling the dagger in her right hand and tossing the other in and out of her grasp. "Wouldn't you like to know," she eventually replied, her voice coming out rougher and lower than she had intended. She silently blamed it on the boredom. "And as much as I would love to stay and chat, I've got work to do. So are you coming at me, or can I finish what I've started?"

She was baiting him and she couldn't help the smugness that came with her words. By his stance, his weapons, and his position, she guessed he was also an assassin. She could have let him have the man; after all, he probably benefited from the man's death more than she would have, but she wanted to know his fighting style; after all, she was bored. She needed someone to play with.

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Will tried to determine the identity of the person from their stance, voice, build, anything, but he couldn't recognise the man in front of him. Even though Will now knew that he was an assassin (after all, he had mentioned getting 'work' done). Will had been certain that he had known all the assassins in the moon city, but apparently he didn't.

"That depends on what you've started." he said, idly leaning against the branch as though he had all the time in the world. "Why don't you just run along and let me take care of this?" he gestured towards the target, who had just turned the corner of the path and come into view. His heart lurched; he had a little over a minute left before he'd miss his chance.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike raised an eyebrow at his tone, then turned to the path. She noted the man turning the corner and shut her eyes briefly, assessing the situation. She only had a little over a minute; anything after that would become too messy.

"What would you do to me, monsieur, if I said no?" There was a challenging edge to her tone and she grasped both daggers tightly in her hand. If it came down to fighting, she would like very much to test him out.

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((whoo I'm back! xP btw whatcha wanna do with kael and maeve?))

"You're going to die either way," Will said, positioning his dagger in his hand. "So you might as well make things as easy as possible." He wished it were lighter, since the darkness of the forest was making it practically impossible to see the features of the man in front of him. He just wanted to eliminate the witness so he could carry out the assassination successfully - unfortunately, the man seemed determined to be a pain in his ass.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((YOURE BACK!!! i'll dm you))

Ooh. Cocky bastard. Then again, Blaike was never one to back down from a challenge. She used the darkness to her advantage; judging by the way the boy was watching her, he was struggling to make out her features. And after all, she had been born and bred in the night air. "You sound awfully sure of yourself. Did you want to test that theory?" She glanced down at the target; she only had a minute to take the other assassin out, then launch herself and finish the job.

And hopefully, she thought brightly, I'll be in time for drinks. Misa'll kill me if I'm late again.

Taking aim, Blaike lashed out, the dagger shooting from her right hand and whizzing in a direct line toward his face. She followed it in a run, keeping her steps precise and quiet so that their scuffle wouldn't be heard by the target. Extracting another dagger from the pouch on her leg, she grasped it in her right hand, holding it up for defense.

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Will didn't hesitate to grab the other person's wrist and immediately twist it far from his face, taking use of the branches to create some additional space between himself and the blade of the knife. He could probably do this with his eyes closed, so the darkness didn't bother him too much. However, the time limit was a more pressing matter; if he didn't finish the other person off before the target arrived, the job would be shot to hell.

Moving quickly and fluidly, Will used his own dagger to swipe towards the other person, making sure to continue holding the person's wrist in an iron grip and keeping his eye on the second dagger they were holding.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike grimaced as he latched onto her wrist, twisting it away from her face. He was twisting - hard - but she had learned to grow accustomed to pain, even before she learned how to walk. She met his dagger with her own, ignoring the clash of metal that came with it, before she brought her leg up, lashing out for what would (hopefully) be a hard kick to the stomach.

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Will knew that he could either absorb the kick or risk falling out of the branch, so he braced himself and hardened his stomach to minimize the impact of the kick. It hurt like a bitch (the person could put some strength behind a kick, he had to give them that), but he knew better than to allow something so insignificant deter him. Instead, he used the other person's momentary imbalance thanks to their kick to hurl them backwards (he was taken aback momentarily by their light weight - it was most likely a boy younger than sixteen), still gripping their wrist in a way that had to be painful.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike cursed as she was hurled backwards, landing unsteady on her feet, but regained her balance almost immediately. The other boy still had his hand on her wrist and she cursed again, giving him her darkest glare, before she regrouped for her next strategy. Pain was making her mind fuzzy, but she knew how to work through it. Sparing a glance at the road (and her heart plummeted as she realized the target was almost directly under the tree they were sparring in), she aimed another kick directly at his neck and used her own free hand, equipped with her dagger, to slice at the hand holding her wrist hostage. He had one of two choices; either to let go of her wrist (and she would retreat if he did) and dodge the kick to his neck, or to take both hits and risk severe injury.

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Will evaluated the situation and unhesitatingly moved backwards, knowing that this was moving beyond a reckless-but-controlled situation into something that was probably potentially life-threatening. It had been a while since he had fought someone on the same level as him, and he didn't like it. Instead of staying behind and fighting until one (or both) of them fell out of the tree, he easily climbed further down and prepared himself to launch onto the target, who would be in an ideal position within seconds. Perhaps he might not have won the fight, but he could ensure that he was the first to kill the target.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Sonofabitch, Blaike thought darkly as the boy moved backwards, scaling down the tree to (most likely) launch himself at the target.

Just let him have the damn kill, her reasonable self rationalized, the target'll be dead and therefore won't harass Mika, and you'll have enough time to retreat while the boy's getting the job done.

Or, her darker side interrupted, the side of Siren, you can find a way to kill the target yourself. Show that bastard who's boss!

Blaike was known for her competitive streak; she didn't like losing a challenge. So she narrowed her eyes, rotating her wrist in soothing circles to regain the feeling, before she gripped the dagger in her hand, judging the angle. She was always better at hand to hand, but her aim was better than most. Holding her breath, she released the dagger, watching it whiz toward the unsuspecting target. With her luck, it would hit a vital point and he would go down. Then she could jump down, take him out, and stash the body. But if it missed, she could still jump down and take him out. Difficulty be damned; she was determined.

Now, monsieur, she thought wickedly, glancing at the boy in the tree, what will you do?

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Will's eyes widened in surprise and anger as the dagger whizzed past his head and nailed the target in a perfect neck shot. He cursed loudly and obscenely, jumping off the tree and walking over to the target, who was now gurgling with his last breaths of life.

Continuing to curse, Will shook his head in disgust at the dying form of the target, unable to believe that his job had been swiped from right under his nose. Unless... after all, the man was dead, and that was what he had been paid to ensure. So, keeping an eye on the boy in the tree (Will hadn't forgotten the second dagger, and he was more than a little wary of the boy's aim by now), Will quickly cut off a lock of the target's hair and swiped the ring off his finger, not bothering to wait for the man to die. He would still get the full sum, assuming that nobody would find out the real circumstances of how the target died. Which meant eliminating the witness, bringing him back to square one.

"Not bad," he called loudly, hoping to perhaps provoke the boy into coming off the branch. "Though throwing knives always strike me as the coward's method of killing." True enough - though he preferred direct kills as they were far simply more efficient, less messy, and usually completely silent if performed well.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike narrowed her gaze at his statement, glaring at him from the tree. He was baiting her - she was tactful enough to know that much - and she would be a fool to rise to it. After all, her job was done and she was more than late for her date with her girls.

But then again, she thought grimly, you've always been foolish, Blaike Blanchett. After all, you took his target right from under him. He'll kill you now.

She let the thought sink in before she smiled brightly. But that'll be a fun story to tell.

Leaping off the tree and landing hard on her feet, she stood carefully, brushing the dirt off her pants. Keeping close to the shadows and not bothering to remove her hood, she surveyed him from afar before glancing down at the body. "Well, monsieur, a criminal's gotta do what a criminal's gotta do. It isn't my fault that you're too slow to resort to drastic measures, especially when someone's after your target."

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Will rolled his eyes, pocketing the ring and lock of hair inside a satchel, though not wavering his gaze from the boy in front of him. Despite the darkness, he could tell that the boy was significantly shorter than him - at least half a head - and quite skinny. He also most likely hadn't fully hit puberty, judging by the pitch of his voice. "I would thank you for getting the job done for me, but, then again, I could have done it just as efficiently." he said, repositioning the dagger in his hand without bothering to hide it.

It's not like he doesn't know I'll kill him.

Will was more annoyed than anything else, and he just wanted to be done with this whole ordeal so that he could get his payment and go to sleep. It was quite a shame, actually, that he had to kill this boy - he was quite amusing, and had a dead-on aim. However, he had long since grown too cold to actually muster any remorse for his actions.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike scoffed, putting one hand on her hip and twirling the dagger in her right. She watched him reposition his dagger and raised an eyebrow, giving him a sly grin. "Call it a pride thing then. Don't all men have some degree of testosterone?" There was a challenging edge to her voice, one that was hopefully goading him into attacking. Reminding him that she had been the one to make the kill - she hoped he would rise to the bait.

Then again, not everyone is as foolish as you are when it comes to fighting.

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Will raised an eyebrow at the boy in response to his statement. What kind of a thing was that to say? Instead of rising to the bair and replying (there was never a point in getting to know the person he was going to kill), he moved forward in a calculated move, with the air of someone who was a master of fighting.

What happened in the tree was child's play. This guy hasn't seen anything yet. Will thought to himself, moving his hand rapidly towards the boy's stomach in a swift punch, bracing his knuckles for the impact.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike cursed, digging her feet into the ground and bracing herself for the blow. It hurt like hell but she swallowed back the pain, using his position to send a blow to his ear.

Damn. He's not holding back. She berated herself silently for acting rashly, but she couldn't help but smile at the rush of adrenaline that came with the fighting. It had been a while since she had fought with someone who's skills matched hers.

It was quite liberating, actually.

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Will didn't have time to dodge the blow to his ear (holy shit this guy can punch) but he immediately retaliated with a swift kick to his opponent's shins, followed by him grabbing the boy's hood and yanking it off his head. Except that it wasn't a boy he had been fighting against the whole time.


Will couldn't remember the last time he had been so surprised, since he had the upper hand in almost every situation. However, he would never have guessed that he'd been fighting against a girl.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((ugh i just realized the post i sent didn't go through so sorry it's late!))

Blaike staggered from the hit to her shins but didn't go off-balance and pushed the pain away. Her retaliating fist, however, was lost when she felt the hood yank away and her hair tumbling down her shoulders.

She recovered fast, taking a cheap shot to his stomach, just enough to stun, before widening the distance between them, pulling her hair over her shoulders. "Why do you look so stunned, Monsieur? Never thought a girl would be the one to pack a punch?"

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((don't worry about it! atm i'm literally the captain of the horribly-late-posts club XD))

It all made sense suddenly: the high voice, slim build and short height. In fact, Will had been an idiot to not see it until now - he blamed it on the time pressure he had been facing with the rapidly approaching target. However, he had never been one to discriminate based on gender - women assassins were fine (so long as they lived far away from him and made no attempt to cut into his earnings), and he had no problem punching back a girl, assuming she hit him first. His moral compass was non-existent, and this was no different. She was going to die, and the fact that she was female made no difference.

Quickly rallying from the admittedly painful punch to the stomach, Will brought his arms into an offensive position. "It makes no difference to me," he said, bending his knees slightly. "I'm going to kill you either way." And, with that, he pounced onto her, knocking her backwards to the ground.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Blaike hit the ground hard, the breath leaving her lungs for a long second as her vision blinked black spots. Regaining her composure fast and taking note of their position (he was on top of her, it wasn't a position she often found herself in when sparring), she gave him a salacious smile, accompanied with a raised eyebrow. He was handsome, the kind of handsome that made her stomach flutter, especially with his dark brown eyes that stared with such intensity; it was slightly unnerving. "So is this what you're into, mon chere? Quite daring and tres risqué, I must say."

She didn't give him a chance to digest her words and instead, kneed him hard in the stomach before rolling away, getting to her feet. Brushing her hair back into place, she raised a dagger, daring him to come at her again. "Listen, monsieur, as much as I'd love to go at this all day, it's going to be damn near impossible to kill me. And I'm running late." She put a hand on her hip, grinning widely. "So unless you're sure you're going to take me out in the next five minutes, I'd rather not waste my energy."

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