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The vast outside grounds of the castle. One can come here if they wish to be away from the crowds and craving wide open space outside the castle.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Finally away from the bustling noise of the city and the loud gossip exchanged between her sisters, Maeve took a deep breath, enjoying the rush of wind that flooded into her lungs before she reached down to unstrap her sandals, tossing them away. The adrenaline rush that had come from climbing the trees in the Moon forest was fading rapidly, too quick for her liking. Sinking her toes into the earth, she fell backwards to nestle in the soft grass and closed her eyes.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve opened her eyes, slightly annoyed by the noise, though she couldn't deny it was one of the pleasant sorts. She sat up, glancing over her shoulder, and saw the youngest Moon Princess facing the opposite direction, singing away. She contemplated her choices.

You will make your presence known! her mother's voice rang through of her head, get the attention of the princess and restore our name!

She shook her head, irritated at the sound of her mother's voice, before clearing her throat.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve shook her head, dusting the grass out of her hair and rising to her feet, before sinking down into a polite bow. "Not at all, Princess Alianna. It's my fault, really, for falling asleep."

She contemplated her words before adding quickly, "you have an angelic voice." She winced internally, pushing away both the sounds of her mother's impressed cheers and her own disgusted monologuing for attempting to get on the youngest princess's good graces.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve dropped her curtsy, taking great care not to stain her dress (but of course, she thought sullenly, it wouldn't have mattered had I not been in front of royalty). The younger princess was sweet, however, and she couldn't help but feel slightly fond of her. "Then I'm Mads. That's what all my friends call me. And I'm not one to spread falsehoods. You have a nice voice."

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve couldn't help the laugh that bubbled past her lips; the younger girl was growing on her. Ali reminded her of Margot, or perhaps the way Margot was one she was the princess's age: shy, unsure, sweet. She leaned her head toward the princess, dropping her voice. "But you know," she began quietly, "it's also said that the Moon Court tends to do things better than the Sun Court. So if we believe the girl in the Sun Court has a beautiful voice, they must believe that yours is not just beautiful, but a gift sent from above."

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve raised an eyebrow before shaking her head with disgust. Royalty. She could never understand it. Instead of voicing her opinions, she leaned back into the grass, resting her palms against the dirt. "Don't listen to what they say," she advised gently. Perhaps they are all tone deaf, she thought bitterly, but abstained from saying so. She didn't want to offend the princess.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve rose, throwing a glance over her shoulder before giving the princess an encouraging smile. "It seems the time for my departure is now. My sisters will be expecting me." She dusted the grass off her knees before executing a low curtsy. "I suppose I'll see you around. It was nice to meet you!" She took off, disappearing into the castle

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Kaz strode across the castle grounds, thankful to be away from the castle and all the people here. The grounds were a good place, because they were cast and open, he could spot anyone coming for a while before they reached him. Kaz really didn't feel like talking to anyone today, even more so then usual. He felt he would even ignore his siblings, should they come by. He walked with his hands clasped behind his back, head down slightly, mostly looking at the ground.

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((OK yeah sure! We haven't had a role play with these siblings. We can while I wait for Night. :) Sure, go for it))

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((OK. Sorry for late reply! Went away for a bit. You're probably asleep now though, sorry))

As Kaz looked up he noticed his youngest sister Alianna sitting on the grass. The sound of frustration she made carried over to him, and he eyed her curiously, briefly wondering what she was frustrated about. He didn't greet her though, or address her in any way. He looked down as he walked by, a little behind her.

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((Do you guys want me to wait until this RP is over?))

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((Sorry, was out. Er, if you don't want to wait do you want to do Celestiea and Kaz elsewhere?))

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((Sure Where?))

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((Um, you can pick, haha!))

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((Kk, let me check))

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((How about the gardens? Haven't used them in a while))

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((OK then. Can you post first?))

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Kaz glanced over and watched his sister sketching a bluebird as he passed. She could really draw and sketch very well. He tried to walk by her without disturbing her, but then accidentally stepped on a dead leaf that crunched loudly under his foot. Kaz grimaced at the sudden sound, which sounded much louder than it actually was to him, and lifted his foot off the leaf in question to glare down at it.

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Kaz stopped and narrowed his eyes at his sister. At her question he just merely shrugged, saying nothing. He moved the leaf with his foot, as if indicating its presence and emphasising that it was its fault. He said nothing.

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