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Outside the entrance to the castle. This area leads to the stables and the outside grounds.

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Kael ran a hand through his hair, trying to calm himself down by inhaling and exhaling deeply. His temper was already nearing a breaking-point, and he had barely refrained from calling his father's chief advisor a cranky old cow after he had refused to listen to any of Kael's ideas yet again.
What was the point of being heir to the throne if he didn't even get any input into how the kingdom was being run? Kael sighed, wishing he wasn't heir in the first place. He just wanted to ride in the forest with one of his horses, or read a book, or something, to calm himself down. He knew he wouldn't be able to sit through the three-hour council session that was beginning in the evening if he was this stressed.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve entered the courtyard, the younger princess still on her mind as she let out an exasperated breath, rubbing her hands on her grass-stained dress. She froze when she saw the Crown Prince. I do not have time for this, she thought sullenly, debating on whether or not she could creep by him, unnoticed.

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Kael spun around as he heard someone else enter the courtyard. He spotted a semi-familiar looking girl; he was fairly certain he had seen her around the castle before, but they had never spoken. Normally, he might have greeted her in a friendly manner, but today he just couldn't muster the energy.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve crossed her arms. He was just... standing there. Watching her. He looked cross, frustrated, like he wanted to escape but didn't have the means to. She waved the thought away with a haughty scoff. Because the life of a royal is so difficult, she thought darkly, chewing on her bottom lip.

She weighed in her choices. She could, perhaps, take the high road and make polite conversation. It was what her mother would have wanted, of course. But she had already done that with one Moon Court royal, and she wasn't quite in the mood to do it again. She could call him out; after all, what kind of future king couldn't take the time to greet his fellow subjects? The thought irritated her, along with her mother's fierce chants to make conversation with the prince.

"What, your Highness, can't bid a proper greeting to your unworthy subjects?"

She heard the words come out, almost involuntarily, and if she were in any other kind of mood, she would have slapped her hand over mouth and apologized profusely. But Maeve Maddox always finished what she started, so she squared her shoulders and matched his gaze with her defiant one, bracing herself for his answer.

((Good start, or was that too rude? xD))

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((no it's perfect!! this is gonna be intense XD))

Kael blinked at her words and harsh tone, too shocked to say anything at first. No one, no one, had ever spoken to him like that before, and he wasn't sure how to react. It was true that he had been rude by not saying anything (after all, people of lower status were often unsure whether talking to him first was impolite) but her reaction made his temper snap. "Excuse me?" he demanded, crossing his arms as his gaze flashed angrily. "How dare you say such a thing to your future king? I could have you executed for that." Not that he would do that - he wasn't a monster - but if he reported her for talking to him like that then she would face severe consequences. He had never even been in an argument before in his life (everyone just quickly told him he was right to avoid conflict - the closest he came to unfriendly conversation was with his brother, Kaz, who never seemed to want to speak to him). He had never seen someone look at him in such a furious way, and this was new territory for him. All he knew was that he was incredibly angry, and he didn't care if he was being rude anymore.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Oh hell no. She was not in the mood for this, especially not from someone like him. Maeve rose an eyebrow, a signature move that she often used against her younger sisters (which usually led to some groveling and many tears. Especially from Raina, the youngest, who had a complex when it came to authorities.) There was no way she was going to let him get away with that amount of disrespect, future king or not. She stalked forward, ashamed to admit that he had a few inches on her, so she darkened her gaze considerably to make up for it.

"Oh, Crown Prince," she began icily, "I regret to inform you that your name slipped my mind, but seeing as you probably don't know mine, despite the fact that I've lived in this castle all my life, I'm not going to bother. You may be our future king but let me ask you: what kind of just and righteous king would have their citizens executed for what, calling you out for your faults?" Of course, she didn't actually believe he would go through with an execution. She's heard rumors, mostly generated from her sisters, that the Crown Prince was a charming and kind man, always cheerful and friendly.

Cheerful and friendly, my ass, she thought darkly before taking a deep breath.

"And furthermore, executing me for a fault that, I'm sure, would have been a disgrace for your former teachers to see, is completely irrational. After all, I'm quite positive you've had lessons on manners, unless, of course, you were exempted from the course because of the power you have in your hands. And, judging by the anger in your eyes, I'm going to throw out another assumption: you have never been in an argument before, because no one has ever defied your words, much less hurt your feelings. You've had a silver spoon stuck in your mouth since the day you were born." She stepped back, crossing her arms, and fixed her glare on his.

You've done it now, her mother despaired, but Maeve shoved her away, thoroughly disgusted. If any more voices appeared in her head, whether it be her own monologuing, her mother's, or, God forbid, the Crown Prince's, she would lash out on the closest thing near her. Which would be the Prince. She knew for a fact that he wouldn't have her executed for her rude words, but she wasn't quite sure where he stood on the execution graph if she broke his nose as well.

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((omg I love her XD))

Kael barely held back a snarl of anger. He had never been this livid in his entire life. How dare some girl speak to him, the future king, in this manner? "You've got some nerve." he said, using the height advantage he had to look down at her, his eyes burning with anger. "And fine, I don't know your name. But don't pretend that you're the only person living in this castle - seeing as we've never met before, which I must say that I'm thankful for, I can't be expected to just guess what you're called. Besides, I haven't heard of you, so you can't be very important." he smirked as he crossed his arms, despite the fact that he was so angry, steam was practically flowing from his ears. He had never been this rude before, but he couldn't think of anything aside from how furious he was. "and who are you to lecture me about silver spoons? While growing up in the castle, you can't have had a difficult life. Don't lecture me about the same privilege you've received." She didn't even have to deal with all the pressure and stress he underwent daily. "And of course I had to learn manners. However, I don't feel the need to be polite to someone who obviously isn't."

He glared at the girl, for once not having to censor himself in the slightest. In addition to the anger and disbelief that someone would talk to him in this manner, it felt good to be able to lash out like this and let off some steam. All the frustration he had been bottling up recently was flowing out through his words, and he didn't care what this girl thought of him - she obviously already didn't respect him at all, so it didn't matter what he said.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((oh thank god I was freaking out cause I thought I overdid it xD))

Freakin' hell. Maeve never took herself as a girl on the shorter end of the spectrum (after all, she was taller than most of the boys she's met), but she could finally understand the struggles of being short, especially when the prince loomed over her, quite livid.

She poked him hard in the chest, too angry to care about whether or not she was allowed to touch the royal prince. "Oh please asshole, your sister knew my name and she's six years younger than you are. Some king you're going to be. And don't you dare assume anything about me; just because I live in the castle doesn't mean I have a luxurious life." After all, when her father died, her mother had slowly lost the riches and recognition they had once possessed. They were kept in the palace, out of respect and pity, but their income was slowly disappearing, especially because of the countless parties her mother threw in attempt to regain their previous status.

"Oh, and a word of advice from one of the citizens that will, very unfortunately, be living under your rule," she added after a moment's pause, face red with anger, "sometimes, people aren't going to like you. Guess what, your Majesty, it's called life. Not everyone's going to suck up to you and I happen to be one of those people. Consider this a life lesson, free of charge."

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((nope, don't worry XD them being so angry makes it so much fun :D))

Kael thought he was going to explode from anger when she poked him in the chest. How. Dare. She.

"It's funny that most people suck up to me." Kael said, his arrogant smirk still intact. "It's probably because I have to power to make of break someone's reputation, or to ruin their life, if I choose to do so." He would never do that, of course, but he had never been as tempted as he was at the moment. He had never disliked someone so much as this girl - and he didn't even know her name. "And you wouldn't live under my rule if I have you executed." he added, because he had noticed how furious she had become the last time he had threatened her using his power. He didn't feel hurt from her insults (that was one of the perks of having a high ego), but he was absolutely livid that she would dare to say these things to him. He didn't know if she was hurt by anything he said - but, for the first time in his life, he didn't care if someone was upset by his words. "Oh, and here's a life lesson for you: I'm going to be your damn king. You had better start showing me some respect unless you want to be tried for treason." Again, he couldn't resist using his power to gain a one-up over her. He had never been so grateful that he was heir to the throne.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments It was 7:44 PM and Maeve was seconds away from losing it completely.

That little bastard was smirking. Smirking. And if that wasn't enough, he was doing it arrogantly. If there was one thing she couldn't stand in a man, even more than a fake sense of charm, it was arrogance. She pushed her hair away from her face, licking her lips once before stepping towards him, completely ready to slaughter him with some verbal abuse. "I'm so scared," she began sarcastically, words dripping with ice, "but you know what, let's be hypothetical. Execute me, for all I care. God knows I would rather be dead than live under some tyrannical asshole like you, a man--no-- boy who abuses his power over a girl who speaks her mind. Once the reason gets out for why you executed me, there'll be hell to pay. Props to you for having the shortest reign over the Moon Kingdom." She was furious; how can any man have such a big ego? Especially a man with so much potential power?

The world really was a giant ball of misfortunes.

Still, her anger didn't dissipate (but her voice was very well near gone because of the constant screaming. She hadn't screamed this much since Raina threw her journal in the river, four years ago.) She pressed her knuckles against her thighs to prevent her fists from swinging out to sock the prince in the nose. She wasn't one to resort to violence (okay, maybe she was if the situation called for it), but she had enough sense not to punch a prince, much less the future king. He, however, was getting on her last nerve.

((Hypothetically, how pissed off do you think he'd be if she did punch him? xD))

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((do it omg!! he'd be SO pissed off but he'd also probably think he deserved it and they would hate each other soo much *even more drama lolz*))

Kael only managed to focefully keep his smirk intact, but he was determined to show that she wasn't getting to him. Even though she was. He stepped closer to her, as it was a well-known intimitation tactic he had learned ages ago. Staring straight into her eyes, he said, slowly and clearly, "Everybody loves me." When they weren't calling him an irresponsible and unreliable heir, that was. "I've got the entire kingdom wrapped around my finger. Everybody knows I'm a charming, truthful man, and if I told them that a traitorous noble verbally attacked me and insulted both me and my reign, nobody will dispute that. It's my word against yours, darling." Kael was sure that his expression was reflecting the smugness he was feeling. It was true that could barely see straight because he was so angry, but he was also feeling victorious in their little battle.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Okay. Maeve was done, so very done. She could feel the rage shooting through her body, tingling down to her toes. That bastard prince was still smirking. And his words were so damn condescending, a mere show of power to get her to bend to his will. Little did he know that Maeve Maddox bent for no one.

Lord, forgive me. Margot, Raina, I'm so sorry for leaving you two with our crazy-ass mother, but I swear I was executed for a good cause. Don't believe in anything your "king" tells you. See you girls in Hell.

She cracked her knuckles behind her back before reaching up to unhook her earrings, tossing them onto a nearby bench. All she saw was red rage, flaring up in her eyes, and a glimpse of the prince's smirk before she pulled her fist back.

Keep your thumb on the outside of your fist. Ready, aim...

Without a second's hesitation, Maeve Maddox punched the future king straight in the nose.

I am most definitely going to Hell.

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((this is priceless. XD))

Kael didn't notice her crack her knuckles or remove her earrings. He was too wrapped up in congratulating himself for being such an amazing debator (well, calling what they had been doing 'debating' was a stretch).

Suddenly, without warning, he saw a blur of a fist and then his nose felt like it was on fire. His vision blurred as his hands flew to his face and he let out a yelp of surprise.

She had punched him?!

He could barely think on top of the pain, and he clutched his nose, thanking the heavens that it wasn't broken. He didn't want to deal with having a crooked nose for the rest of his life; it might be arrogant, but he didn't want his face marred at such a young age.

"What the hell?" he demanded, straightening up and glaring at the girl - who was obviously out of her mind.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((Oh yes, he's definitely not forgiving her any time soon xD))

"Damn," Maeve muttered, shaking the tingles out of her hand before reaching over to grab her earrings, eyes never leaving his face. She could feel the smug smile playing across her lips as she examined his nose. "It didn't break. Must've misjudged the aim, what a damn shame."

She felt considerably better, the shock of what she had just done not quite sinking in just yet. The anger was still there, of course, since his face was still in her direct line of vision, but at least his smirk had disappeared. She relished the look of surprise and replayed the yelp he had uttered when her fist had connected with his nose. Definitely worth it.

"Obviously," she began her explanation, sticking her earrings back in their rightful place, "my words weren't getting into your thick skull, and I didn't want to waste any more of my breath on your arrogant ass. Consider yourself blessed; a fortune teller once told me these hands were lucky." She was high on the adrenaline, a dangerous thing for someone like her because it made her a little more cocky and a little less cold.

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Kael was still clutching his nose and staring at her in complete shock at what had happened. He had never been punched before - and especially not by a lady. Though an obnoxious witch was a more appropriate word for her. "You're absolutely crazy." he stated, thinking that no one who wasn't insane could ever punch the future king. "And the reason your idiotic message wasn't registering with me was because it's exactly that: idiotic. And resorting to physical violence just because someone disagrees with you is barbaric, and makes you even worse than your opinion of me." He didn't know what he would have done if she had actually broken his nose. He had never hit a girl in his life, and wasn't planning to, but her infuriatingly smug face was peeling away his self-control. He had honestly never hated anyone as much as he hated her. He couldn't believe her nerve, and he couldn't believe that he had been punched by a girl. He hoped nobody would find out about this - it would be incredibly embarassing for his reputation. Though it would do far more damage to hers; a thought that comforted him somewhat.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Yes, crazy! You're absolutely crazy! I did not raise you to be this barbaric, Maeve Maddox!

Maeve shoved her mother's monologuing away with a wave of her hand, still riding high on the adrenaline rush. That's what it was, the rush of the adrenaline, that compelled her to give the prince a condescending pat on the shoulder, so she complied. "Oh honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. And I think I'd rather be crazy than be a total asshole. My message wasn't idiotic, you just possess the mindset of a three year old and can't comprehend that my words hold truth."

She contemplated her next words, then settled on, "nothing, not even homocide, is worse than my opinion for you. You're the most selfish, self-absorbed, pig-headed asshole I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. Take full offense."

Oh, you've done it now. Maeve was good at finding herself in trouble, but she supposed punching a future king had its consequences, more drastic than any other argument she had worked her way out of (and, with her, there were many. She's broken more noses than she'd like to admit). He looked livid, so livid that she was quite positive he would reach over and return the favor by punching her in the nose. She was being slightly infuriating, she'll admit (she had that effect on people), but if he did punch her, she would send him flying to the craters in the moon.

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Kael barely even flinched at her insults, though his eyes darkened with each one that she threw at him. His nose was still in terrible pain, but his anger and the adrenaline from their fight was stronger than it. "Well, guess what. I think you're a obnoxious, stuck-up, hypocritical loudmouth, and believe me when I say that I've never been so tempted to banish someone from the kingdom." He was breathing heavily, partly from the shock of nearly having his nose broken, but also because he was so angry, and he was two seconds away from grabbing the girl and following in her footsteps by resorting to physical violence.

I will not punch a girl. I will not punch a girl. Even though she is obviously an incarnate of the devil. Just think of what your mother would say.

He clenched his fists and stepped back slightly, because standing so close was seriously testing his self-control. "And you can take your life lessons and shove them up your ass." he finished, crossing his arms and glowering at her. He might not be able to punch her, but it was nearly as satisfying to imagine doing so.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve raised an eyebrow at the barrage of insults. If the situation had called for it (or if she was talking to someone who didn't look like he was about to take her head off), she would have clapped. So the prince has a mouth on him, who knew? Giving him a very smug smirk, she crossed her arms, watching as the distance between them widened as he took a step back. "Wow, your Highness, I didn't think you had it in you. Unfortunately, all those words and phrases are quite overused when it comes to me. It may come as no surprise to you, but you're not the first man I've pissed off."

She took a step forward, the sarcasm sliding off her face as her voice pitched down to a darker tone, "but I'm going to tell you one thing," she began in a threatening hiss, grabbing him by the collar and quite literally yanking him down to her height. She wondered briefly if he would strangle her, judging by the murderous look in his eyes, but she abstained from letting him go. She needed to get her point across. "Banish me from the kingdom and I'll send your sorry ass straight to Hell. I may be a hypocritical, obnoxious bitch, but I'm not going to forsake my sisters to my devil of a mother for your ass." Letting him go and shoving him away, all in one stride, she turned on her heel, preparing her grand, dramatic exit.

"Oh," she added, glancing back over her shoulder, "I'd advise you to get your nose checked out. It looks rather swollen." She shot him a malicious grin from across the courtyard, not quite making her exit. Though she would have loved to leave it at that, she wanted to see his reaction when he erupted.

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It came as no surprise to Kael that he wasn't the first person the girl had gotten into a fight with. He was so furious with her that he could barely see straight, and he hadn't known that it was possible to hate this much. When she finally released him and began to walk away, he was still stewing in anger.

Instead of replying to her remark, he shot her a particularly vulgar hand gesture that would have probably made his mother cry, deciding that any attempt at maturity during this conversation had been shot to hell as soon as she had decided to punch him in the nose. Though she was probably right - his nose did hurt like crazy.

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((Alma, should Marlina meet Kael on the way? Also that was hilarious! XD))

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((Ok, this is amazing. I absolutely LOVED it!))

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve returned his hand gesture with a smug smirk and a mock curtsey, deciding that those gestures would anger him more than a returned vulgar one. She was still angry, furious actually, to the point where she couldn't see straight, but she was also strangely giddy. It wasn't a foreign feeling; she felt that way after every reckless thing she did, which shot her adrenaline out the roof. Never before, however, did she feel that way after an argument.

Oh Crown Prince, she thought wickedly as she slipped out of the courtyard, you're in for a hell of a ride.

((thanks! cx))

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((Thanks guys XD and sure, Kael can run into Marlina, but beware - he's in a foul mood lol :D))

Kael slammed his fist into the nearest wall as soon as she was gone, cursing. He immediately regretted his decision, as now, in addition to his nose hurting, his knuckles were also bruised.

"Damn Demon-Woman." He muttered, nursing his hand. He couldn't bear spending another second in the stupid courtyard. He needed to go riding to blow off some steam.

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((Where should they meet then? Stables? Since he mentioned riding?))

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((good idea! can you post first, please? :P))

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((Sorry Alma just saw this! I am posting now XD))

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((awesome! I've replied :D))

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