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A large room with several tables and chairs, yet it is still respectably spacey. The royals and nobles often dine together for meals here, but the servants stay away.

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Marlina was seated at the main dining table the royals usually sat at, though they didn't sit altogether all that much. Their parents were often busy, as was Kael, her oldest brother, and well, Kaz barely ever talked to anyone so normally they all ate at separate times. Marlina helped herself to the assortment of breakfast foods on the table, putting them on her plate. She wasn't a huge eater though.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments Soren entered the dining room. He had his head buried in his book and he hadn't noticed his sister until he reached the dining table and took his usual seat. He glanced at her and a smiled a little, "Good Morning", He greeted her and tore his eyes of the page he had been reading and closed the book as he began piling his plate with food.

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Marlina looked up and noticed her youngest brother Soren walk in. As he greeted her she smiled widely at him. "Morning Soren. How are you?" She asked him pleasantly. She noticed the book he had. "What are you reading?" She hadn't talked with Soren in a fair bit, though she was probably the closest with him as he was the closest to her in age pretty much.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments Soren glanced over at her to see her smiling at him which he returned with a grin. "I've been well - How're you Mar?", He said and began eating his food. He swallowed his food before he answered her question, glancing towards his book. "Oh it's about viking warriors", He explained and glanced back over at her with a small smile.

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Marlina sniffed a little with amusement when Soren addressed her by a nickname. "That's good. I've been well too." She replied with a smile. "And sounds interesting." Like Soren, she also shared an eager interest in reading. It was her favourite past time. She took a bite of her food.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments "It really is", He nodded his head and sipped at his juice. "So any plans for today? Anything new?", He asked curiously - Soren hadn't seen Marlina in a few days and for some reason he felt the need to avoid his siblings for a few days.

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Marlina chewed her food and swallowed before speaking, always making sure she was polite since she was the oldest princess. "Hmm, not really." She said. "I think I might go for a ride later though." She looked at him. "Haven't really seen you around in the last few days. Have you been cooped up in your room again?" She asked with a small smile at her brother.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments Soren glanced at her briefly, "U-uh", He shrugged. Soren hadn't really thought his siblings would notice his absence and he took another gulp of his juice. "I guess", He said and placed his glass back on the table. "I've trying to get out but uh I-I've just been sitting in the gardens", He said and bit into a bright red apple.

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Marlina nodded to him. "Well the gardens are nice. At least you've been getting some fresh air I suppose." She said cheerfully. She started cutting the stems off of some strawberries she'd put on her plate and ate one. "Have you talked to Kael lately?" She asked after she'd swallowed what she was eating.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments Soren chewed slowly and shook his head. "No I haven't", He said after he had swallowed the apple. "How has everyone been? I haven't had a chance to really speak with anyone", He admitted and glanced up at her, biting into his apple again.

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Marlina thought for a moment. "Well Kael seems to be getting bored out of his brains from meetings. Alianna has been considerably quiet lately. And Kaz is well, Kaz. Not much change there." She said. "And mother and father have been really busy."

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments Soren slumped back in his seat. He really was hoping for something interesting. "Hmph guess I didn't miss out on anything", He said and rubbed his thumb along the shine of the apple. "I feel slightly bad for Kael though I'm glad I'm not in his shoes", He said with a small laugh. It was true - Soren was glad he wasn't his eldest brother... He couldn't handle that sort of stress.

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"No not really." Marlina replied. She laughed ever so slightly at Soren's words. "Yes I see you clearly are. I agree. Kael has it tough." She agreed. Although she had to admit, she was slightly fascinated by some of the things they seemed to discuss at the meetings. She liked to know what was going on in the kingdom. She'd probably like to talk to Kael about it.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments ((Is it alright if I make Marlina Soren's like closest sibling that he speaks with!? It doesnt have to be reciprocated if you don't want it to XD))

Soren tossed the apple in the air and caught it before he straightened up and glanced at his sister. "So that ride you were talking about - can I join?", He asked her and looked down at his food which he hovered over, deciding what to eat first.

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((Yeah sure of course. Makes sense cuz they're the closest in age))

Marlina turned her head to look at him, a slow smile spreading across her face. "Of course." She said enthusiastically. "I'd love to have you along. Some company would be great. Everyone always seems to just want to be alone around here..." She said a little absently. Not that she minded being alone either, she often just enjoyed some time to herself, but occasionally it could get a little dull. Except for Kael, all her siblings seemed to just always want to be alone a lot.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments A small smile pulled at Soren's lips and he looked over at her. He was glad that she was alright with him tagging along - he missed talking with Marlina. She was right about everyone always being alone around here and she was right, that's what he liked most. "Great - it'll get me out of here", He said and motions towards the walls of the palace.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments ((:D))

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Marlina noticed his gesture and smiled. "Yes it certainly will." She said. She finished up with her meal quickly and glanced back up at Soren. "So would you like to go now then?" She asked. She had planned to go later, but if Soren was tagging along she was glad to go now. It would be nice to spend some time with him.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments Soren shrugged. "Only if you want to really", He smiled slightly and looked as she finished her meal. He quickly eyed his own plate and finished of the mountain of food.

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"Of course I want to." Marlina replied with a kind smile. Spending some time with her brother sounded very nice. Marlina chuckled softly to herself as she watched Soren scoff down the rest of his food. "No need to rush, I'm patient." She told him. She didn't want him to choke. She tapped her fingers rhythmically on the table as she waited.

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments Soren rolled his eyes at Marlina with a small chuckle and pushed away his empty plate, wiping his mouth with a napkin. He watched her from where she was but turned his attention to his book which he picked up quickly and ran his hand along the cover. "Alright let's go", He said to her and stood up from his seat, waiting for Marlina to follow.

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Marlina stood up as well at Soren's words, smiling at him and giving a small nod. "Okay." She said. She eyed his book. "Do you want to go put your book back in your room or...?" She inquired. "I can go down and get the horses ready."

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments "Alright I'll meet you at the stables then", He told her with a small smile and tapped his fingers along the spin of the book as he ducked out of the dining area and towards his room.

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"Sure." Marlina called after her brother as he walked off. She headed in the other direction and walked out the door, going to the courtyard and the castle stables. She had seen outside from her room and it was a beautiful day. She was eager to get out in it.

((I'll start it at the stables and we can continue tomorrow?))

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gabby  (gablikescake) | 29 comments ((Rightio! We'll start the Hogwarts one now tho and continue tmrw ;) ))

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((Yep, it's just so I don't forget ;) ))

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