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The corridors that run throughout the entire castle. They can seem like a labyrinth sometimes, and it isn’t hard to get lost on occasion. Be careful, you never know who might pass by at anytime or who might be lurking around any corner trying to eavesdrop.
(Note: The fact that anyone could walk by at any time means that anyone could possibly jump in to role playing while two others are already there, without having to ask for permission. The entrance and the corridors are the only places where this is allowed.)

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments It had been a week. A full week since she had met Kael (Kael, that was his name.) She had told her sisters the abbreviated version (so she didn't mention the punching), and she had received scorn and shock in return.

"You didn't," Raina had cried when Maeve told her what she had said to the prince. "Dammit Mae, you're such an idiot! I'm sure you caught him in a bad mood, I've heard from everyone that he's the nicest!"

"He was probably just Kaz in disguise," Margot had offered. Maeve had been particularly shocked; Margot wasn't one to add to petty gossip, but she supposed even the non-believers had to gossip about the royal family, especially when their big sister was involved.

"You need to go back now and apologize!" Raina had insisted.

So there she was, waiting in the corridor for the prince to appear. She had asked a servant, one with big brown eyes and a kind smile, and she had sweetly pointed her towards the room where Kael had been last.

You're such a goddamn stalker, she thought bitterly, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently. Lord, what is taking that asshole so long? She had no desire to apologize, rather, she was only there to catch a glimpse of him and then, hopefully, slip away unnoticed. She only wanted to see how bad his nose was; she smirked at the mental image that appeared in her head. If she was lucky, it would have swollen to the size of a large tangerine.

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Kael left the king's chief advisor's office, a slight smile playing at his lips. For once, the old cougar had actually listened to his suggestions; as a result, his spirits were lifted. In addition to that, the final evidence of his damaged nose had vanished (now that had been an awkward conversation to have with the nurse - "walked into a door", yeah, right.), meaning that he no longer had to dread the inquisitive looks people had given him. Besides, he hadn't seen that girl around the castle for the last week, meaning that there was a chance that he would never have to encounter her again.

He stepped into the corridor and caught a glimpse of exactly the girl he was hoping to avoid.

Well, speak of the devil... In this case literally, since she's practically the devil.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Crap, Maeve thought sullenly, glancing out a nearby window to avoid eye-contact with the prince. His nose is fine. Her spirits diminished, and she wondered how, exactly, she would be able to get out of this one.

Say you're sorry! Raina's voice echoed through her head like a shot in the night. Jeez, her little sister was persistent. There was no way in Hell he was getting an apology, so she shoved the voice away.

She could ignore him. She was good at that. Or she could run, but that would look too cowardly. Instead, she settled on confrontation. After all, that's what she did best.

"Your nose looks a lot better," she commented, glancing over her shoulder before turning away from the window.

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Kael's eyes narrowed at her, his former good mood rapidly diminishing as he crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at her, making no move to close the significant distance between them.

"Yeah, no thanks to you." He replied, annoyed. After all, it was a hundred percent her fault that he had been walking around the castle for a week with a bruised nose that obviously screamed yeah, I got punched in the face. Even though he was hoping that it had made him look tough, people didn't want a tough king who got into fights - especially not with girls.

So, he was in no mood to talk to her. Or ever see her again, for that matter.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve smirked, watching as his good mood quite visibly diminished. She had that effect on people, especially the assholes she chose to resort to violence with. Instead of rising to the bait and rekindle their previous argument, she decided to go down a different track. She was feeling rather spirited, after all. A little less so, since his nose had returned to normal, but the roar to fight was pulsing in her ears.

"So," she responded casually, leaning against the wall, "I heard some rumors buzzing around, you know. Thanks to me, your sex appeal has gone up. Girls tend to like a tougher man rather than a friendly one. Too bad it still doesn't apply to you, considering the person who punched you was a girl and you're too much of an asshole to be much of a man."

((Are we attempting civility or is it going to be another brawl?))

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((well I'm down for another brawl if you are lol XD))

Kael scoffed. "Too much of an asshole to defend myself by punching the girl who attacked me right to hell? Where you belong." he added, dismissing any attempt at civility; it was obvious that she was incapable of being civil, anyway. And besides, he had been keeping all the anger towards her pent-up all week, and he knew that the mere sight of her smug face was enough to make his temper snap. "And besides, darling, I don't know if you got the memo, but guys generally aren't into violent girls, so after punching me your sex appeal went down by one hundred. And that's considering that it was already at zero after the first time you opened your mouth."

Kael knew he was being petty, but it felt so good to be able to lash out at her, as he could be as vicious as he liked, yet he knew he wouldn't hurt her feelings. Since she was obviously incapable of feeling anything. It suddenly occured to Kael that he still didn't know her name, but he knew he was way too proud to ask.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((Let's do it! But just was a warning, Maeve's in a weird mood, idk why I'm writing her this way xD))

Maeve grinned at the hostility in his tone; she was quite up for another argument, especially after silently fuming at her mother for the past week. ("Don't you dare talk to me that way, Maeve Maddox," her mother had snapped when she had eventually blown out her frustration, "go argue with the men in the city, it's what you do best")

She wasn't surprised at the petty anger in his voice; she expected nothing less, despite her sisters' assurances that her previous encounter with him was a "one-time-thing". She was the kind of person who brought out the worst in people. She kept the distance between them; though she wouldn't mind punching him again, she figured he would really execute her and she didn't need that stress in her life. Instead she raised an eyebrow and examined her fingernails, feigning a bored expression. Perhaps it would rile him up a little more. "Honey, you know nothing about my sex appeal. Contrary to your opinion, I can be quite charming when I want to be." She grinned wickedly. "Besides, no one in the castle's going to know I'm a little rambunctious with my actions. It's not like you're going to announce that it was, in a fact, a girl that punched you."

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((don't worry lol this will be fun XD))

Kael snorted, though it was merely half amusement and half anger. "So what you're saying is that you're constantly having to decline marriage proposals from all kinds of local and foreign nobility?"

Actually, now that Kael looked at her, she wasn't exactly unattractive - it was merely that she was so loudmouthed and provoking that he strongly doubted any men wanted her hand in marriage.

Besides, he knew that even if people found out that a girl had punched him, he would still have a healthy amount of girls who admired him - thanks to his looks and status. So that was one thing he wasn't worried about.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments "Being a duchess's daughter helps, yes," Maeve shot back, irritated. A duchess who is slowly losing her status and respect in the kingdom, and is only kept in the palace out of pity, but a duchess nonetheless. "Not all of us are fortunate to have gold-digging, power-hungry women, or men in my case, chasing after us."

She gave him a once over, and added, "oh, and in your case, it's only the gold-digging woman. Not to burst your ego, but no woman would go after you for looks alone." Which was a blatant lie. The prince was handsome. She had eyes, after all, and ears for that matter. She knew all about the gossip concerning the eldest prince, who had yet to choose his bride, but obtaining one would be easy in his case. She just wanted to kick his ego down a few pegs. And for her, attractiveness came more from the mind rather than the look. From the conversations she's had with the prince, he wasn't exactly smart.

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So she's the daughter of a duchess... Kael noted the information, as it might help him figure out who she was; he was definitely too proud to ask her, or to inquire around the castle (that would also raise suspicion, as people would begin gossiping... and he really didn't want to deal with that at the moment).

Her second remark didn't hurt, exactly, as his ego was healthy enough to survive such a blow, but obviously it wasn't something he liked to hear. Or found easy to believe. With that thought in mind, he raised an eyebrow at her and said, "So, you don't find me at all attractive?" He asked, leaning against the wall in a way he knew made girls swoon over him. He knew he was playing with fire, but he refused to believe that there was a girl who didn't think he was at all handsome. Perhaps it was arrogance, perhaps he was merely being stubborn, but he found himself wanting to prove some sort of sick point to both her and himself.

This isn't going to end well...

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Oh shit. Maeve didn't like where this was going, at all, but her pounding heart said otherwise. She, however, was made of stronger stuff; had she been any other girl, she would have melted into a pile of limbs. So she played her best poker face and raised an eyebrow, forcing an amused, sarcastic smile to play on her lips. "Oh hun," she began, forcing a patronizing tone, "I know it's hard to believe, seeing as you've probably never been out of these four walls, but there are plenty of attractive young men, more attractive than someone like you. And as a bonus, they're a lot more fun to be around."

Lies, all of them, she wailed internally. She wasn't stupid, she knew her sister's gossiped for a reason. Prince Kael was unbearably handsome; she had never met anyone else in the kingdom that matched him in looks alone. But, she had met smarter and sweeter men. And at the end of the day, she thought stubbornly, strengthening her resolve, that's all that matters.

To turn the tables a bit more and put the ball rolling in her court (she didn't quite like the power he had in this conversation), she added dismissively, "besides, your nose is still a bit crooked." Another lie; the nurse had managed to set it nose perfectly. There was no indication, nor reminder, that he had ever been punched.

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Kael resisted the urge to touch his nose and make sure she was lying (he was fairly certain his nose was straight, as he had spent longer than he liked to admit examining his face every morning for the past week), but her remark about the handsomer and smarter men took him off-guard. It was true; he rarely left the castle, meaning that he didn't really know whether the town's residents were better looking than him. Nonetheless, he had been told how good looking he was by a variety of people (ranging from his mother, to the girls he occasionally spent time with when he felt like it, to the elderly noblewoman who doted about his 'georgeously handsome face that would charm the socks off any woman'), so he wasn't exactly insecure... In fact, he knew that he was pretty arrogant, but many kings were, and it usually seemed to work out well for them.

Instead, he ignored her comment, and walked across the corridor towards her. As he was in a far better mood than the last time they had met, he was also able to control his temper better than before. Smirking down at her (oh, how he loved being tall), he folded his arms and said, "I've been told that I'm wonderful company."

It had occured to him on multiple occasions that he couldn't really be faulted for being so arrogant; any healthy guy would develop an ego when people were consistently telling them how good looking, intelligent, charming, witty, talented, and friendly they were (the list went on... for a while. Kael doubted there was a single compliment that had never been used on him; whether because the person genuinely meant it, or because they were merely trying to get into his good graces, was a different question.) Besides, out of the seven deadly sins, pride had always been the most appealing to him.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Lord have mercy, Maeve thought darkly, glaring up at him (damn the height difference!), if this boy comes any closer, forgive me, but I might just break his nose. Or axphysiate. That was probably more likely, considering he was just. right. there. Her hormones we're going haywire and she cursed herself for being so predictable. She had overlooked his prettiness the day they had met, considering everything was red when she looked at him, but now?

No. This is the guy that you argued with for a straight hour last week. He's a selfish asshole and you hate those. You will not do this to yourself.

Her lips curled up into a smirk as her mind strengthened against him, and she patted him gently on the shoulder. "How pitiful. Who told you that, your mother? Or the kiss-asses in this kingdom who knew that if they said anything else, they would have their heads cut off?"

((I freakin' love him XD))

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((haha thanks XD and I can't handle how amazing Maeve's comebacks are :'D she's seriously so awesome))

Kael gently took hold of her wrist when she patted his shoulder, smirking. "While my mother does indeed tell me how wonderfully charming I am, and I assure you that my life is filled with false compliments from the people hoping to get into my good graces for when I become king, it isn't only those that I'm referring to." He allowed his thumb to caress her soft skin, watching her face carefully for any sign that he was affecting her. "How about you - do you receive compliments on... your ability to punch royalty?" he lowered his voice slightly, his tone not matching the implications of his statement and the disguised insult. As curious as he was about whether he would be able to seduce a girl like this, he couldn't resist the jab; after all, he was still extremely angry with her - perhaps he even hated her. He wasn't quite sure.

Although he had to admit that she was attractive, something that struck him suddenly. He was so close to her and his hand was on her wrist, which he still hadn't let go. The prospect of making her admit she was attracted to him was becoming more and more appealing.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Oh no. Oh no, no no this was bad, so very bad, and yet, Maeve couldn't deny that it didn't feel all that bad, kind of soothing actually, and her entire body was tingling, and it definitely-

No. No. He's playing you, dammit Maeve, woman the hell up and kick his ass to the floor!

Or, another voice argued at the back of her mind, the one that lived for manipulation, the one that danced on the line between safety and danger, or, you can turn the tables on him. Show him what you're made of. You're not going to take crap from this guy!

Oh. The realization came to her wickedly as the plan formulated in her mind; she'd much rather go with that idea.

She stepped closer to him, determined to keep her gaze on his eyes (Don't yield, don't melt, dammit Maeve you're stronger than that) and, giving him the most flirtatious smile she possessed in her arsenal, the one that danced between charming and danger, she interlaced her fingers with his, bringing their interlocked fingers to her mouth to brush her lips against the back of his hand. (Don't break now). She had understood the jab he had thrown in but she resisted the urge to bite back; she had much bigger things to accomplish and getting him bothered was one of them. And she was 99% sure that screaming in his face, after coming this far, would not help accomplish that goal.

"Don't test me, love," she started, lips curving into a smirk and her voice pitched lower for what she was hoping would have some kind of effect, "I've been told I'm very good at what I do." Her statement was filled with suggestion and her face was still suggestive, but on the inside, her heart was stuttering, beating madly and she thanked some Higher Power that she had the ability to control her facial temperature, especially under his gaze.

She breathed out slowly and everything came to a stuttering halt when she realized she was still holding his hand. And rubbing circles into it, like she had any right to do so. It was kind of nice, how her hand fit perfectly in his, but she tightened her resolve and pulled away, stepping back and rearranging her features into what she hoped was a cool, suave mask. "Unfortunately, my dear Prince, you're not my type. I'm not the kind of girl who goes for arrogant, selfish assholes." Although for him, she might have made an exception, if she hadn't seen the uglier side of him a week ago. The side where he threatened to execute her for speaking her mind. Granted, she had been a little rude, and if it wasn't for her pride, she would have melted all over him. And besides, she was quite sure he hated her. The feeling was mutual, it was. Her heart was still pounding hard in her chest and in her ears. She took a careful breath in attempt to soothe her rushing heart.

Her lips were tingling. Damn it.

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Kael blinked as she stepped back, though he crossed his arms confidently to hide that his pulse had quickened both at her gesture and that damn smile. He was surprised (and slightly impressed, he had to admit) at how quickly she had been able to turn the tables on him; and she still hadn't cracked. It was strange, as most girls would be reduced to a giggling, stuttering mess by now - many of them even before he had turned on the charm. And she was still in the right frame of mind to insult him. It was confusing, to say the least.

"Luckily, I'm not the type to go for conceited girls who believe they have any right to preach about the things they themselves are guilty of." he retorted, his eyes narrowing at her as he found himself unable to let the bait drop. He was also eager to argue rather than continue along the same route as before, as he was slightly worried at how much her simple gestures had made his head spin, and not in a bad way. It was unfortunate that her awful personality was disguised in an attractive body; it was too confusing for his poor hormones.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments And there he was. The asshole she knew and loathed. Maeve grinned sarcastically as her pounding heart came back a regular, acceptable pace. This, she could do. This, she was a lot more comfortable with.

"Oh you wound me," she snapped right back, hand over her heart for dramatic effect. She could feel her eyes snapping fire as she met his gaze and the flare to argue increased with every word, "don't be hypocritical, I beg you. If I keep finding faults in your character, I might just have to execute myself before seeing someone like you become king."

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Kael's gaze narrowed at her, though his lips formed a smirk as he looked down at her in a way he had already realised she hated. "Please, go ahead - you'll save me the trouble of having to give the order myself." He knew he would never actually get her executed, but it gave him a wonderful sense of power that he had the option of doing so. He had never been so grateful that he was heir in his life. "However, unfortunately for you, I will become king, and you will regret your words." Because he was going to be an amazing king (hopefully), not because he would have his opposers executed. But she didn't know which he was referring to. Kael could already feel the anticipation of a fight; he had never realised how fun arguing with someone was (except when he was being punched, that was). He had never argued with anyone except for her, anyway, so he didn't have anything to compare it to. Usually, he was an extremely charismatic and level headed person, she just seemed to bring out the worst in him.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve glared up at him, tilting her chin up confidently as she held his condescending gaze with her angry one. "Hate to break it to you, but you're going to be a shit King," she began lowly, crossing her arms, "and I still don't think you realize who you're talking to. I never regret anything I do." It wasn't a total truth, but it also wasn't a total lie. Instead of elaborating, she allowed a corner of her mouth to tilt up into a half-smirk. "All I'm saying," she began dismissively, tapping her fingers against her folded arm, "is that the Moon Kingdom is going to suffer and you're going to be the shortest ruler to ever sit on the throne. Do you know anything about life outside these four walls?"

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For the first time, Kael was actually slightly hurt by her words. So far, she had only attacked things that he wasn't self conscious about in the least (his looks and personality, primarily), but now she was playing directly into his insecurities. However, instead of backing off, he became twice as vicious. "Better a shitty king than an irrelevant nobody. Think I haven't noticed that you're wearing last year's style of gown?" He wasn't a fashion expert, but even he could tell that the dress obviously wasn't the newest or fanciest. "There's no need to lash out at me merely because you're insecure about your status." He said harshly, his eyes flashing with anger. He had always been the type of person that only became truly vindictive once he was actually insulted.

And now, he wasn't going to let her win the argument.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Oh no he did not. A flash of pure, raw anger sliced through Maeve's body and she allowed her hands to curl into tight fists, keeping them behind her back so that he wouldn't see them shaking. She didn't mind the dress insult; God knew she didn't give a damn about the latest styles and fashions. Her mother knew that as well, especially after Maeve had tore through the last three dresses she had bought her. But the play at her status, as though she was lesser than him, that struck a nerve.

She took a step forward, her aura darkening considerably. "I didn't think you were so materialistic," she said darkly, "and honestly, unlike like you, I couldn't give a flying crap as to what's 'new' or 'in season'. Thankfully, the men I date look beyond the outside, and contrary to your belief, I've been told that I'm very intelligent." It was true; her father had almost cried tears of joy when she expressed her love for maths, sciences, history, and reading at a young age, and he had spent many years training her intellectual capacity before he passed. "I may be lower in status, but that only means I see things you don't and I doubt you're going to fix them when you're the king. They're only going to get worse when your father steps down, but your head is so damn inflated with your ego and your inability to listen to reason. Good luck when the citizens of the Moon Kingdom finally have enough. Believe me, I will be there to say 'I told you so'."

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It was obvious that he had struck a nerve, as, for the first time during their arguing, she seemed truly furious. Because her insults were making him absolutely livid (to the point that he felt hot all over and seconds away from punching another wall), he continued along the same line. After all, if she was able to make him this angry, it was only fair if he did the same to her.

"It's a fact of life, darling." He spat the last word as an insult. "Successful nobles, especially royals, have it better than the struggling ones. It's more about how society views people like me, versus how they view people like you. I didn't make it up, so don't go crying to me about it." He stepped even closer, so that she was trapped between him and the wall. He wouldn't let her get away with insulting everything he was worried about - he was so angry that his blood was practically boiling. He needed to let out this anger somehow; the only thing that made him feel better was lashing out at her.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments You know, a voice in the back of her head began conversationally, you can always punch him in the nose. But this time, let's try breaking it. That'll bring his ego down a few notches.

Maeve shoved the notion away; though it was appealing, she wanted to win this one through her words rather than her actions. Except, for once, her mind was buzzing and she was seeing red. Her fists were clenched so hard, she could feel her fingernails digging into her palms, hard enough to pierce through and draw blood. "Honey, the next time I come crying to you would be the day Hell freezes over. And you're missing my point. Successful nobles, like you, can go about their days with their heads in their asses because they think everything is fine in the kingdom. It's the struggling ones that see the truth."

He was too close to her; she could feel the wall pressing against her back, but she crossed her arms and invaded his air space. She would not let him win this battle. "This kingdom is struggling. There's an old proverb that says: a kingdom can only be successful if its citizens are treated well by their king. And as someone who roams the city everyday, disguised as a commoner, most of the citizens here aren't too pleased with the way your father is running this city. And you'll only make it worse. Because you think that your voice is the only one that matters, you stubborn asshole. You're going to be a selfish king who will forsake his people when they need him most. Even if society is on your side." She could feel herself shaking, rage building up in her body, but she forced it down as best as she could.

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Kael's hands were shaking from rage - he could barely refrain from resorting to physical violence. The only things that were stopping him were, well, his entire upbringing and mentality - and the fact that he'd only be proving her point.

Instead, he made use of the many years of experience he had in disguising his emotions, and smirked down at her, despite the fact that he knew his eyes were practically shooting daggers. "I'm only going to say this once." he said through gritted teeth. "I'm not nearly as selfish, egocentric and thoughtless as you believe I am. My arrogance, I'll admit, is debatable, but having a healthy ego never stopped a king from ruling well. I care about the voice of my people, and I spend days and nights coming up with strategies to help them once I rule." It was true, and he truly believed that his ideas were going to help the population and benefit the kingdom - which was why he was so angry that he was clenching and unclenching his fists to keep some measure of control. The smirk had slipped off his face and was replaced with an angry snarl. "You. Don't. Know. Anything. About. Me. Or. My. Ideas." he spat, emphasising each word. He moved his hand to the wall, so that he was caging her in. "You don't know that I came up with twelve different strategies to generate employment. You don't know that I have plans to make an alliance with the Sun Kingdom that would grant our people more freedom to learn and travel. You know nothing." He drew his eyes up and down her body mockingly. "All you are is a hypocritical, spoiled little girl, who thinks she's so cool that she has the guts to talk back to the future king. You're the one with your head up your ass - if you removed it occasionally, you might actually realise that not everyone corresponds with your immediate judgement of them." His tone was harsh and he stared straight into her eyes, daring her to contradict his statement. "Punch me again if you like. The fact that you dared to do that will never make you or your statements any more valuable."

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments For the first time in their argument, Maeve wondered if she had misjudged him. She dismissed the notion immediately; after all, she had been, admittedly, brash and rude, but it still didn't change the truth to most of her words. After all, she could list the faults she had with him, and most of them would hold truth. It was laughable, she thought darkly, how quickly she could yield when she was caged in. She had noticed his hand went to the wall, shrinking the space between them and she felt slightly terrified at the lack of space she had. Not that she would run; she was too proud, and too hell-bent on being right, to flee.

So instead, she tilted her head, forcing her gaze to meet his angry one. She had touched a nerve, and a rather large one at that. He was shaking in his rage. "Let me make myself clear," she began slowly, her words enunciated by her anger, "I'm a stubborn person who's words can come across as rude. I get that. I'm like that with everyone, and an arrogant Prince isn't in my book of exceptions. But I don't insult just for the sake of arguing because honestly, I couldn't waste my breath. If I find a fault in your character, you can be damned sure I'll be brutally honest about it. I call it like I see it, and to my immense relief, I didn't see the charming side that many girls immediately swoon over. I didn't see a reflected image of who you act like when people are around. I saw your true colors and trust me, they weren't very appealing. I acted brashly and rudely the night we met, but you were no better. That's one reason I couldn't see you as a good king; there will always be rude people who will call you out for your faults. I'm sure the people of the Sun Kingdom, the ones you plan on 'uniting' with ours, will be just as rude and crass as I am. And if you plan on executing every single person that expresses their opinion, then you're going to have a problem with your people. Just
because I'm the first girl that didn't bow her head and plead for your attention when we meant, doesn't mean I'll be the last."

"And as for your 'ideas', how do you know anything about anything if you've never left this castle? If you've been taken care of your entire life? You act like you're ideas are just fine and grand, but if you don't take some kind of action, they're not going to be effective. For now, all these ideas are just what they're called: ideas. You don't do anything to make them a reality, nor does anyone in your family, and it's sickening. If you really want to prove you're going to be a great king, you're going to have to prove you're a great Prince. And the opinions of the people you charm your way to don't count. Just because you've been told that you're going to be great, doesn't mean you will if the only person that told you so was your own mother."

After a brief pause, she added, quite reluctantly, "I'm not going to punch you. I can win an argument without my fists and it wouldn't do to damage the face of someone so arrogant. After all, it seems you care more of your appearance than your power as future King."

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((omg savage XD crap idek what to say to that, she's too good lol))

Kael flinched at her insults, cursing himself immediately for allowing her to see how much her words affected him. The blinding rage in his system was making it difficult for him to formulate a coherent response, especially as he realised that she was right. He had rarely been out of the castle and his interactions with the kingdom's people had been infrequent. Though that wasn't completely his fault, as his tutors and family all seemed to value his, while advanced and extensive, theoretical education from textbooks more than actually talking to the people. For all he knew, his plans could be completely impractical or even impossible.

He didn't really want any of this. He didn't even know why he was defending himself so much (it was probably his damn pride) - he didn't want to be king. He had never wanted his crown, and had always slacked off on his duties as heir to rather amuse himself with his friends. He didn't want to have the responsibility of deciding the lives of so many people, and he knew that he was completely out of his depth.

The anger in his system dissolved, turning into tired blankness. He stepped back and looked away from her. His ego wouldn't allow for him to admit that she was right, so instead he said, "I don't want your life lessons. You're lucky that I'm not the type of person who would truly make you face the consequences of your words - you can be sure that many of the lords living in the castle wouldn't be so forgiving, especially if you aren't of high status." he added, despite the fact that he was disgusted with himself for the petty jab. He gave her one last dark glare, then began walking along the corridor, his former good mood vanished. He turned around in the last moment, unable to stop himself from adding, "Oh, and for the record: I probably won't be a great king. If there was a way to give up the throne without bringing shame upon myself and my family, I would do it. Trust me, I've looked into the matter."

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Maeve immediately felt the fight leave her body and the anger turned to shame. She wasn't heartless, after all, she knew very well when she had hurt someone's pride. She hadn't expected him to give up, or to agree. Nor has she expected the feeling of pity at his words. Never before had she felt so wrong for being right.

She sagged against the wall, too confused and tired to even rise to the last jab he sent in her direction. His last words, however, brought her energy back up, and not in the negative way. Instead, she rose from the wall and called after him, "you can change that, you know. You could be a great one, you're just not trying." Her tone was challenging, but not malicious. "You have the throne, don't you? You can't give it away. And you have this power, power the people of the Moon Kingdom can only dream about. They deserve to have a king that will give them a voice."

Maeve Maddox, a voice warned, the one that begged her to be rebellious and crass and rude at all times, you've won this argument. Don't you dare say it.

Shoving her pride, and the voice away, she added, "I get that you hate me. But I know my way around the city, if you ever need a guide. And I have the connections; you can hear the complaints of the Moon Kingdom from a commoner's perspective. It might inspire you to do something worthwhile. All you have to do is swallow your pride and ask." Unable to look him in the eye, she turned on her heel and fled the corridor.

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((haha no it was exactly what Kael needs: someone to kick his ass and tell it how it is XD maybe he's going to be a better heir now lol))

Kael watched her go in confusion, a flurry of emotions flowing through him. He rubbed his eyes and wondered what the hell had just happened - and how, for the first time while they had spoken, she had given him real advice that was surprisingly insightful. Her words had cut deeply enough that he had actually taken the criticism to heart, other than all the other times he had dismissed the court's concern at his slacking off on his duties. Perhaps all hope of him being a decent king was not lost. Though he knew he wouldn't be asking her for help any time soon; she had hurt his pride too much for that. Perhaps, however, it was time for him to venture into the town.

As he walked down the corridor, lost in thought, he fleetingly realised that he still didn't know her name.

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Celestiea walked by rather fast, head down and not paying attention to her surroundings.

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Kaz strode through the corridors, head down, staring at the floor, his hands clasped behind his back as usual. He turned a corner, only to find he somehow seemed to miscalculate where the wall stopped as he ran into something. Then he looked up, recognise that it was not the wall, but a person. He paused. Celestiea, he realised.

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Celestiea looked up coldly at the person who had bumped into her. It was Kaz. Her heart jumped strangely, but her mood put it down. "Hello, Prince Kaz." She said frostily.

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Kaz raised an eyebrow slightly at her, a little taken aback by her frosty tone. It seemed much different to her usual demeanour. She seemed to be in a bad mood. He didn't answer, but held her gaze.

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Celestiea looked away first. "I hope you've had a nice day." Her tone kept the biting edge, but she really didn't care. She just wanted to get away from people. Was that really too much to ask? "I need to be getting about mine, though." She tried to edge past him without even sparing him a glance.

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Celestiea definitely seemed to be in a bad mood, Kaz decided. He glanced after her as she edged past him, then for some reason, he spoke. "Something wrong?" He asked in his usual, neutral tone. It was certainly strange she hadn't immediately started to annoy him upon seeing him.

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"No." She said scathingly, which was at odds with her response. "It's none of your concern." Some part of her was happy he had responded, but her mood was too foul for her to care. "Now, I should get going."

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Kaz eyed her. No it wasn't any of his concern, but her behaviour seemed much too abnormal. Something really seemed to be bothering her. Instead though, he changed his tactic slightly. "Going where?" He asked.

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"As I said, none of your concern." She replied, though her dress should have given him hint enough. It was shorter, with less layers and colored a dark green, and the sleeves were barely there. She was headed for the courtyard, or perhaps to the woods. She often found solace there.

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Kaz still didn't move, or take his eyes off her, he just narrowed them. He knew it was blunt, but sometimes bluntness was necessary. "The Duke go at you for still not killing me yet?"

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"Why would he do that." Celestiea asked sharply, though he had struck the truth. Of course, she would never admit it. "Father would never resort to violence. He simply needs medical attention. In fact, I should deliver some medications to him. So if you would kindly move out of the way, I can get going."

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Kaz shrugged, realising he'd obviously struck a nerve. He stepped out of her path and started walking along. "Whatever. But then again, you never truly know someone, no matter how much you think you do." He said. He of all people, knew that bitter truth.

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"You can say that again." Celestiea muttered under her breath as she brushed past him, turning the corner and purposefully whipping him in the face with her hair.

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Kaz recoiled, shaking his head and blowing her hair out of his face. He glared at her. "Was that really necessary?" He asked, annoyed, though his tone was still fairly neutral.

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"Yes." Celestiea said curtly. "Why not." She was clutching a leather book in her hands, her diary. It was covered with dirt, since she had taken to burying it so people could never find it.

((Perhaps Kaz follow her by secret?))

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((Yeah maybe...))

Kaz frowned. "Because I really didn't find it to be." He replied. He noticed the particularly dirty book she clutched in her hands, and it just immediately made him think of himself. His appearance was exceedingly dirty and ragged right now, he'd been out sparring with some of the more reckless, younger guards, wanting a rough session. They'd all been knocked to the ground and into the dirt numerous times. Contrary to what one might think though, Kaz had actually fared the best out of all of them. At least he wasn't bleeding, though he'd probably come out with a few bruises. He'd been on his way to his chambers to change, before anyone else saw him.

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"You might want to take a bath." Celestiea commented, taking in his ragged appearance. "Training go well, I expect?" She needed to distract him, so he wouldn't be suspicious. "Men have all the fun."

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Kaz eyed her queerly. "Yes." Was all he said, meaning yes training had gone fine, and yes, he was going to clean himself up. He shrugged at her last comment. As far as he was concerned, anyone could train or fight or do whatever the hell they wanted, regardless of gender. Though he knew some others didn't have those same views. He didn't know why, it just seemed idiotic to him.

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"Well, then I guess we should say good bye." She said, walking away.

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Kaz watched her walk away, narrowing his eyes at her. He narrowed his eyes after her, suspicion stirring. Celestiea was definitely acting differently, and why did she seem to want to get somewhere so urgently. So, not giving himself time to wonder why or reject the thought, he followed her silently.

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((So, to the forest?))

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