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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
The entrance into the castle. Throughout the day and a lot of the night there is often always people walking in or out. A high traffic area.
(Note: The fact that this is a high traffic area means that anyone could possibly jump in to role playing while two others are already there, without having to ask for permission. The entrance and the corridors are the only places where this is allowed.)

message 2: by Wʀɛռ (new)

Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Noelle practically sprinted into the castle, a bag of coins clutched tightly to her chest, and her mind far more frazzled than it had been in years. She didn't know what her excuse was going to be for forgetting to buy the flour, but Noelle was usually pretty good at thinking on the fly. Hopefully no one questioned her story too much because Noelle did not want to have to explain that she didn't buy the flour because she barely managed to get her money back after being robbed and she was too afraid to continue shopping around in the markets.

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