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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Where all the horses are kept, for racing, hunting, and just leisurely riding. It can sometimes smell though.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments The smell of the stables, Freya realized, was a smell that, when inhaled, had the ability to take her pent up energy (and she did have a lot of it) and store it somewhere far, far away. She rolled her shoulders back, smiling brightly at the horses that peered curiously out of their stalls, until she reached her favorite one.

"Hello Eos!" she beamed, reaching out to run her hand down the brown horse's mane. "I have a surprise for you." She dug into her bag to produce a large red apple, cut down into sun shapes. She giggled when Eos lapped them up out of her hand.

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
((Want Nate to join her?))

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((Sure!))

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod

Nate was in the stables, tending to his horse, when he saw his sister Freya come in, feeding an apple to one of the horses. He ceased patting his horse's snout and called to her.
"Hey Freya, how are you?"

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments She spun on a heel, startled, which almost resulted in landing face first in the hay. She caught her balance--barely--and grinned when she saw her brother. "Nate!" she cheered, bounding over to him and latching onto his arm. "Hi hi! How are you?"

((I'm sorry, she's kind of a freak ^-^"))

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
((Its fine! XD He'd be used to it.))

Nate laughed a little as Freya latched onto her arm. "I'm fine thanks." He said. "Seeing Eos again are you?" He knew how fond his sister was of that particular horse.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments "Yes! Look look, he smells like apples and flowers!" Freya broke away from his arm and circled around him twice, thinking hard. Ecstatically, as the idea formed in her mind, she dragged him over to Eos's stall, watching closely as the horse turned her head to the Crown Prince.

"Smell him!" she ordered, attempting to reach up to push his head into the horses mane (but failed, ultimately, because he was so much taller than her). Instead, she managed only to pat him on the back before she retreated, reaching out instead to pat Eos on the nose.

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate gave her a bit of a bewildered look, but he glanced fondly at the horse.
"She does indeed." He agreed.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Freya let out a content breath, wiping her palms against her dress before turning back to her bewildered brother. "Do you think dinner is ready yet?"

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate glanced outside the stables. "No I don't think so. I think it'll be another hour." He replied.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Freya pouted, crossing her arms. "But I'm hungry!" she whined, briefly wondering if hay, the hay that Eos so fondly ate, would be any good in her mouth. She pondered this for a second before she brightened, reaching into her woven bag and extracting another container of sun-shaped apples.

"Do you want one, big brother?" she asked cheerfully, all traces of misery gone from her face as she bit down on two pieces at once.

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate shook his head. "No thanks Freya, I'm fine. I was planning to go for a short ride." He said. Nate was a very serious horse racer, probably one of the best in the sun kingdom, and he liked to practice often.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Freya beamed up at him, obviously impressed. "You're one of the best horse racers in the Sun Kingdom, aren't you brother?" She laughed before stuffing three more pieces of apples into her mouth, tossing one to Eos in the process, before refining herself quickly, straightening her back and swallowing her apples.

"Do you think, that is, may I watch for a little bit?" she asked hopefully. "Not the riding, but the 'preparing-the-horse' part?"

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate gave her a look and laughed good naturedly. "There isn't that much to see Freya. But if you want to watch saddling the horse then alright." He said with a shrug. He didn't have to as much preparation when he was just practicing casually, there was a little more before an official race though.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments "Oh good!" Freya smiled widely, patting Eos one last time on the head before storing the empty container back into her bag. "I promise I'll be quiet. You won't even be disturbed; I'll stand a good distance away." After a second thought she added, "Which horse are you going to use?"

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate started heading back over to his horse, regarding her with some surprise. "Oh well my horse of course. I don't use any other. Strider and I are permanent companions." He arrived back at Strider's stable, stroking the light brown stallion fondly on the snout.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Freya smiled, trailing after him carefully, before peering into Strider's stable. "But of course, that was a silly question. He's so cute!"

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate gave her an amused glance. 'Cute' wasn't exactly a word he'd use to describe the huge racing horse but oh well. He headed over and grabbed Strider's saddle, starting to saddle him, pulling the straps tight.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Freya giggled, watching with wide eyes.

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate finished saddling Strider and proceeded to put the reins on him, doing it quickly and efficiently. His horse obediently stayed still for him.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments "Brother," Freya began seriously, eyes still wide, "you're the most noblest of royals."

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate glanced at her and raised his eyebrows. "Uh, thanks first of all but... Where did that come from Freya?" He asked.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Freya grinned, toeing the ground shyly, "you know all those books Mother used to read? The ones where the princes and princesses ride horses? Ever since, I've decided I'm going to be a horseback rider, so I can be like a cool fairytale princess. And you look all royal riding a horse, just like the books." She smiled proudly at the answer she had formulated. "Anyways, you should go train. I think I'm going to go check if dinner's ready.

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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Nate smiled at her, then nodded. "Alright then." He mounted Strider and took his reins. "See you later then Freya." He said to her, before walking Strider out of the stables.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Freya smiled, throwing her hand up in the air to give a cheerful wave at his back. "Bye Nate! I'll see you when dinner comes around!" She dropped her hand, watching him disappear, before turning back towards the castle.

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