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message 1: by Adriano (new)

Adriano Bulla (adriano_bulla) | 105 comments Mod
Dear All,

I think it is important to have a folder for Avant Garde and Fringe Literature to discuss and support texts and authors that break the mould and push Literature to new heights of beauty.

Please use this thread for general discussions and posts, and open a new topic for specific authors or texts.

message 2: by David (new)

David James (goodreadscomdavid_james) | 32 comments A glance at a very dfferent novel, what one might call ‘pulp material,’ is useful to get one’s sense of perspective. After all, it’s what most readers are attracted to these days. I can’t imagine too many rushing out to buy Tristram Shandy, whereas 25 years ago, GF Newman was hot stuff, as was Barbara Taylor Bradford, so bad in my opinion, but so popular. Newman is tough, where Bradford is fussily effeminate, more geared to the Romantic novel. Blockbusters I can’t handle; I need the 160 - 180 page novel, delicately crafted, balanced, like the work of Anita Brookner. Anyway in July of 1988, I dipped into sub-literature, just to get the flavour, beginning with the rather corny explanation that ‘Such thoughts began to etch into his confidence.’ What thoughts, I wonder. Was he thinking or merely dreaming?

message 3: by David (new)

David James (goodreadscomdavid_james) | 32 comments We are supposedly in the mind of a tough, stop-at-nothing King of Soho Vice, manager of The Firm and co-operator with Sneed, the bent CID Chief. Our man, called The Man, Manso is being held, or will be held on a Rap for murder, or something near. But he knows that Sneed and his brief, one Du Rose (de la Rose?) will get him off with one month. For Our Man, The Man, Manso is a whizz, and will not be called a ‘slag’ without taking his revenge, and he can buy out or outmanoeuvre lawyers, justices, offices of the law, judges, attorneys, you name it. Or can he? This is the set-up as Manso waits in a narrow cell for the charge he and his men will shrug off. Nevertheless he’s uneasy, big and tough and unscrupulous though he is. Thus You Nice Bastard, a nasty, pulp novel, one of a Terry Snead series, which includes Sir, You Bastard and You Flash Bastard by Your favourite novelist, GF Newman.

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