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Adriano Bulla (adriano_bulla) | 105 comments Mod
Dear All,

Please feel free to post blogs and articles on Literature in this folder.

You can open a new topic for your blog(s) if you wish, and update it when you have new posts.

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Adriano Bulla (adriano_bulla) | 105 comments Mod
Here's one on the Literary Avant Garde: https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Opin...

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David James (goodreadscomdavid_james) | 32 comments --Laurence Sterne, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

Thus speaks Corporal Trim in Book 5, Chapter 9 of Sterne’s eccentric novel, one which when young I could have cheerfully thrown out of the window. Later I realised that the book was a masterpiece, humorously embracing philosophy, obstetrics, siege warfare, buttonholes, noses, names and chambermaids, but above all language and its meaning in sundry contexts. It was the first anti-novel I had read, an exercise in multiple send-up of whatever it touches on, the spiritual father of James Joyce’s Ulysees. The hero is not born until Chapter Three and his life story in the traditional sense is never told. The chapters, some in Latin (with translation) are short, long or even blank to allow for meditation. Promises are not kept, but one is always conscious of Tristram, the narrator, trying his best to create order out of the chaos he finds in the world. Character completely effaces plot, and one warms to even the more austere figures like Mr Shandy, devoted to philosophy, as well as the simpler ones such as Uncle Toby, his brother with whom he disputes and who knows no more than his horse, but who is obsessed by warfare and the pursuit, in his mind at least, of the Widow Wadman. Corporal Trim who in the epigraph is speaking in part to Susannah, the chambermaid, is another warm and sympathetic soul. The narrative appears to be randomly constructed, based as it is on the association of ideas, but it is in fact kept tethered by Tristram’s peregrinating consciousness and his determination to be, as far as is humanly possible, inclusive.

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