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How Many Books have you read in 2016

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message 1: by Faroukh (new)

Faroukh Naseem (theguywiththebook) | 121 comments Mod
I was hoping to read more but right now on my 18th book.

Target is 52, ugh!

message 2: by Agewen (new)

Agewen Stifford | 10 comments I have read 6-10 new books so far, and then I reread my collection. My target is 30 btw. I read as much as I can, since it's still semester holiday

oh, also a book is still on its way to my home!

message 3: by Julienne (new)

Julienne Reads (juliennereads) | 2 comments my target is 30 and I'm still on my 17th one.
School has been tough lately but I hope I'd reach my goal!

message 4: by Chandra (new)

Chandra Claypool (WhereTheReaderGrows) (wherethereadergrows) Right now I'm at 77 out of my goal of 80!

message 5: by Charlott (new)

Charlott (halfjill) I read 121 so far - and I do not even know how that happened :D

message 6: by Diana (new)

Diana (itsartemis) | 5 comments So far I have read 32 and my goal is 40, I am very happy with my progress!

message 7: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (matinee) | 74 comments I'm about to finish my 70th today, and my goal is 85. I'm going to be curious how many more titles I'm able to finish thanks to audiobooks, since hard copies account for 55 of those 70 selections (which, btw, still puts me ahead of this time last year)

message 8: by Josselyn (new)

Josselyn Radillo (jossradillo) | 6 comments my main goal is to read 100

message 9: by Lili's (new)

Lili's Bookshelf | 31 comments I'm about halfway done with my 62nd book of the year :) my goal is 90

Manzar (lostpagesofbook) Rzayeva (lostpagesofbook) | 2 comments Goal is 40 and I've read 21

message 11: by Faroukh (new)

Faroukh Naseem (theguywiththebook) | 121 comments Mod
Current count is 22 now :D

message 12: by Pinky Aragorn, (new)

Pinky Aragorn, King of Gondor | 5 comments Currently 23

message 13: by Pinky Aragorn, (new)

Pinky Aragorn, King of Gondor | 5 comments Ohhh counted wrong ... Currently 29

message 14: by penneminreads (new)

penneminreads | 96 comments I just finished my 29th book, and I'm currently 3 books behind schedule. My goal this year is to read 52 books :)

message 15: by Rachel (new)

Rachel  (minusfigures) 42 :) currently reading 43 44 ( Hallucinations - Oliver Sacks; The Well of Loneliness- Radclyffe Hall) and eyeing up 45 (Anagrams - Lorrie Moore)

I really like reading :) #statingtheobvious

message 16: by Frances (new)

Frances (frances-reads) | 12 comments I'm 21/35! We can do thizzzzz

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel  (minusfigures) We can!

message 18: by Marianna (new)

Marianna Rainolter (mariannarain) My goal is 150 and yesterday I finished my 93th book ;) I am one book behind the scheduled but I'm happy because I've also read 1000-pages-books so it's fine :)

message 19: by tiara (new)

tiara reads❀ (tiarareads444) Just 16/36... I am dissapointed, but... maybe I can get these 20 more by the end of the year.

Charnell (Reviews from a Bookworm) (reviewsfromabookworm) | 6 comments My goal is 100, and I am currently on my 94th so I should definitely hit it this year, if I could reach 150 I would be really happy, but don't see that happening

message 21: by Pinky Aragorn, (new)

Pinky Aragorn, King of Gondor | 5 comments 31,done .... Goal is 50

message 22: by M. (new)

M. (mindlessmartyrr) 163/250 so far.

message 23: by Carolyne (new)

Carolyne | 3 comments Set my goal for 50 and I'm currently at 73 so far.

message 24: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (mrsreadsbooks) 96/150 so far

message 25: by bookateatime (new)

bookateatime | 5 comments Hit the magical 52/52 today and continue! Live - love - read!

message 26: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (matinee) | 74 comments Today I started 81 and 82 (hard copy and audiobook). I'm sorta stoked because I read eighty-two all of last year!

message 27: by Swati (new)

Swati | 5 comments My goal was 70 books and I hit that mid-june, so I changed my goal to 100 books, and so far I'm at 86 books :)

message 28: by Sissy Lu (new)

Sissy Lu {Book Savvy Reviews} I"m at 94..almost 95 [halfway through a book] goal is 150 and I'm currently behind... I am planning to devour some books when my kiddo starts school.

Laura ( Latteandbookz ) (latteandbookz) My goal is 50 and I'm at 43 :) so I'm quite happy about that.

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