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John Pirillo (johnpirillo) | 51 comments Vortex: Symbol of the Third Golden Eagle

Free for 24 hours only starting July 29th!

They were tired of just writing. They wanted to do more.

They will!

Jules Verne and Alexander Dumas are recruited by Napoleon Bonaparte to find a mystical symbol that will bring the world to its knees if found by France's enemies. They are followed by a mysterious mad man who intends to take the symbol for himself and use the power to destroy all armies worldwide! Murdering hundreds of thousands of men and women in the process, if not millions.

Alex and Jules were writers, not soldiers, but now they must be more than both!

Adventure with them to places no sane man would want to go.

message 2: by John (new)

John Pirillo (johnpirillo) | 51 comments This is a fun series I decided to write because I love the two authors and I always thought they would make a great team...sort of like Holmes and Watson, but not of solving crimes, but solving mysteries and going on adventures.

I love the Victorian era so their characters were a smart choice for me and a fun one. It allows me to combine science fiction, fantasy and magic all in one big booming adventure.

Hope you all get a chance to grab a copy.


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