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Gender bias in publishing

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message 1: by Keith, Club Moderator (new)

Keith | 611 comments Mod
Came across the following article that discusses a recent hot topic in publishing: is there a gender bias against women authors? It listed an interesting stat: "the New York Review of Books covered 354 titles by men and 164 by women in 2015." I think I've commented on my own experience that it seems like it's easier to find male-authored books than female. For the last year and a half now, I make sure that at least 50% of the books I read are by female authors. I figure the pocketbook rules. Doing my small part. :)


message 2: by Cari, Club Moderator (new)

Cari (mambaitaliana) | 332 comments Mod
Hello Keith, Interesting read. Certainly a long way to go. We see this in film and music too. You are doing your part to "lean in" as Sheryl Sandberg would say.

message 3: by Keith, Club Moderator (new)

Keith | 611 comments Mod
Along the same lines, I joined Emma Watson's Goodreads Book Group (link below), which is dedicated to reading books specifically on Feminism and gender equality. They only read one book every two months, so it's easy from that perspective. But it's a very active group with lots of discussions, and may be of interest if you're not already a member. FYI


message 4: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (tanya712) | 240 comments I like Emma Watson's group.

message 5: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (tanya712) | 240 comments Sorry to highjack your feed but are you going to the Harry Potter event Saturday? Have you ever been to that store? They are doing an event at Temecula BN, want to make sure it's worth the drive.

message 6: by Keith, Club Moderator (new)

Keith | 611 comments Mod
I wanted to go, but a conflict came up so I'm ditching. I pre-ordered the book, so I'll just have to go back next week to pick it up. I don't have any special insight as to what they have planned, but I know it's a very active store from an events perspective, and they told me they initially sold out of books and had to re-order, so it sounds like it's popular.

message 7: by Tanya (new)

Tanya (tanya712) | 240 comments Ok, thanks. Sorry you won't be there but see you next Weds.

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