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The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2278 comments Mod
Have a special someone that you would like to dance with? Then do it here! This is a roleplay of sorts. You can also try and find that special someone, here, if you haven't already!

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((Rp with Maple. Shes sad she has no love life))

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((Only I forgot I said Im done rping for the night xD))

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((Ok now rp with Maple xD))

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((DANCE WITH MAPLE!!!!! XD Im a bit crazy rn...))

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((XD Okay okay XD))

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Maple walked into to the.... Uh prom and drank punch.

((XD I am really sleep deprived right now. O.0 dont know what to do with myself.))

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Komiko sat at a table watching everyone. She shrugged at the thought of talking to some random people. She started to eat a cupcake because why not.

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Maple saw Koco and ran over to her. She smiled really big. "Let's party!!" She hollered. She grabbed Koco wrist and dragged her onto the dance floor. She started to dance all crazy like.

((Oh my wow. I bet I sound so stupid right now.))

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Komiko widened her eyes. "But my cupcake..." She shrugged it off and started to dance. She laughed at how dreamboat was dancing.

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Music: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MlQzQXE...

Loki and I: *dances together*

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((Im Dreamboat:D))

"We'll party all night looooong!!" Maple hollered. She started to pester the D.J with requests of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row Row Row Your Boat, and the ABC's while laughing a lot. He actually played them, so Maple sang a long. Her voice is good. ((Good enough that she gets to travel out of country her Freshman year with her school's top choir!!!!))

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Komiko danced and danced and laughed even more as the songs came on. She asked dreamboat to go and sing something with the mic.

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Maple nodded and saluted at Koco. She took the mik and started singing random words to the tune of Mary had a little lamb. She sang three verses of random words then bowed and strutted over to Koco.

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Komiko cheered when dreamboat finished. "Yeah!!!!!!" She yelled across the room.

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"You got it! An anchor it is!" Maple shouted. She walked back onto the stage. She pointed at a person in the audience that she didn't know and said, "This ones for you Bill." Then she sang random words to the itsy bitsy spider

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Loki and I were still dancing to the waltz music.

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Komiko jumped around from to much sugar and ran on stage. "I'm the queen of the world!!!" She screamed at everyone.

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"No!!!" Maple screamed, outraged. "I am monarch of the world so you can NOT be queen." She folded her arms with a humph and then burst out laughing.

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"KNEEL BEFORE ME!" Loki yelled over the music.

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Komiko laughed with her as people eyed them. "We're both rulers!!!!" She screamed at everyone again.

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"NO! YOU KNEEL YOUR LITTLE TUSH BEFORE ME!!!! WHY IS NOBODY KNEELING?!?!?!? I SAID TO KNEEL!!!!!!!!" Maple screamed into the mik, fury in her eyes. Then she dropped the mik and walked off stage pouting.

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"I SAID, KNEEL!" Loki hollered.

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Maple walked up to Loki and put her finger on his chest. She put her face less than an inch from his. "Please, kneel for me?" She asked sweetly, giving him puppy dog eyes.

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Komiko grabbed the mic. "NEVERRR!!!!" She then went to the dj and played some rebellion/inception music.

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King Loki phased on his Asgardian attire with the horned helmet and his Jotun form appeared. "Are you trying to challenge me, mortal?!" Loki asked.

I was Loki's Queen and somebody just made Loki angry.

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Komiko looked at him. "I AMMMM!!!" She screamed and jumped off the stage.

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"No." Maple said. She clasped her hands together and looked at King Loki with pleading puppy dog eyes. "Pretty please.... It would make me Soooo happy!" She grabbed him into a big hug and started crying.

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"Fine." Loki said, kneeling. He was a KING after all!

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Komiko grinned and stood next to dreamboat laughing like a maniac

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"Oh! You're too kind but I couldn't marry you. Im not ready for a commitment yet." Maple said. She started laughing and began running around in circles.

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"I'm already married to my beautiful Queen Shine." Loki said.

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Maple didn't hear or care. That was SO funny. She ran over to Koco. "Did you see Loki propose to me?!" She exclaimed.

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"AARRGGH!" Loki growled, storming off to dance with me.

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Komiko grinned. She heard what Loki said and pretended she didn't. "Yeah I did!"

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Maple gave an exaggerated sigh and put the back pf her hand against her forehead and started to fake cry. "I had to tell him I wasn't ready for a commitment." She started crying loudly and hugged Koco.

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Komiko hugged her back. "How sad!!" She responded loudly also.

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Maple nodded. "MY HEART WILL NEVER MEAND FROM THIS TRAGIC WOUND!!!!!!!!" Her crying turned into laughing and she was soon rolling around on the floor.

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"SUCH A TRAGEDY!!!!!" She laughed and hugged her stomach because it hurt from the laughter.

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"THOR! I NEED YOU!" Loki screamed.

Thor flew down, making his grand enterance.

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"Bwahshahahaha!" Maple laughed. She was getting stared at but didn't notice.

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Komiko laughed as Thor came in. "AHAHAHHAHA" She stuck her tongue out at people who stared.

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Maple suddenly got up and started slow dancing with a stranger, completely serious and not laughing.

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Komiko stood there alone and watched as dreamboat left. "Nooooooooo!" She fell to her knees dramatically.

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Maple dashed off to a different person and slow danced with everyone in turn. Then she slow danced with Koco. ((And by slow dancing I mean doing a normal, fast dnce just in slow motion))

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Komiko cheered and slow danced. She then ran off and grabbed a bunch of cupcakes. "HAHAHahhahahahHAhaha"

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Maple gathered 16 cupcakes and gathered them into a near 4x4 square on the ground. She sat down in front of it then suddenly smashed her face into them. "I LOVE COOKIES!!!!!!!" She hollered. She started eating the cupcakes with no hands.

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