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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Once your character is finished move them here for approval before moving onto the next step.

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Basic Information

Full name: Iris Faith Oakwood
Nickname: Iris
Gender: female
Date of birth: 2/16/2004
Nationality: American
Blood status: half-blood


(first one)
Hair colour: blonde with blueish-green-purple highlights
Hair style: down or braided
Eye colour: deep blue
Skin tone: fair
Height: 41.7"
Weight: 83lb
Clothing style:


Other distiguishing features:
she is very short and normal weight


Traits: kind, sweet, gentle, but can be a little rash sometimes... She doesn't really know who she is and has some issues with herself. She is a little insucure. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life and she feels like she should. She hides her insecurities and saved the crying for when she is all alone.
people (just not bullies)
*cough, Fred (George's kid) cough cough*
teaching and tutoring
people who hate what she likes
people who likes what she dislikes
Good at:
anything school
calming people down
girl talk (to her god friends)
Bad at:
anything that involves sports
being mean to someone she likes
being nice to someone she dislikes
*cough Fred cough cough*
working on schoolwork
*Fred getting a girlfriend besides her*
loved ones dying
being trapped
Self failure
People teasing her
Bugs (most)
*to date Fred Weasley*
to become Prefect and Head Girl, and later, Headmistress or headmaster if possible

Father: John Ian Oakwood
Mother: May Jean Oakwood
Sibling: Lillian (lily) Grace Oakwood
Paternal grandparents: Steve Shawn Oakwood and Ellen Mary Oakwood
Maternal grandparents: Sarah May Champion and John Greg Champion
Uncles: David Chapion (mother's) Clyde Oakwood (father's)
Aunts: Jolene Champion (mother's) Suzy Oakwood (father's)
Cousins: Luke, Molly, Noah Champion (mothers side) Natalie Oakwood (father's side)
Pet: gray and white kitten (uses family owl)
Other noteworthy relatives: none
Family home:
Social standing: (idk what this means)


School: Ilvermorny
Best Class: DADA (and later Magical Creatures)
Worst Class: History of Magic
Quidditch: (if applies)

her father is a half blood who never got his letter, her mother is a witch, and they both knew about these things when they got married. Iris showed magic from a very young age. she is a metamorphagis. she has been homeschooled because of it. her only friend is Destiny Shine (open but i may make her soon)

when she was three, she found out about this wizarding world, when she was at church her hair turned deep red when this jerk, Kevin, teased her about her freckles and pinched-nose (what the heck Kevin? these features have dissapeared now) she was taken home and told about magic. at first she thought it was a joke but her parents showed her. she believes them now (duh). she was home schooled until she got/gets her letter. she can also train and tame animals, she has a specialty with them.

Extra Information
she is a metamorphagis
(ball outfit)

Quotes: Miricals can happen
Knowledge is power
Theme Song: I don't know my name by Grace VanderWaal
Food: fudge
Drink: root beer
Color: blue
Animal: dolphin
Flower: Iris (duh)
Season: Spring and summer (probably Spring though because there arent as many bugs
Animagus: (if applies)n/a
Patronus: (If applies. minimum of a 4th year to be able to preform a patronus) (will be Dolphin in 4th year)

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 39 comments Basics

Full name: Mint Blumen
Nickname: Her best friends call her Rabbit
Gender: Female
Date of birth: October 30th, 3:33 a.m, 1989
Nationality: American
Blood status: Muggle-born


Hair colour: Dirty-blonde
Hair style: Her hair falls to her shoulders, and she normally ties it into a sloppy bun.
Eye colour: One of her eyes is covered with a scar, rendering it pale and blind. The other is shockingly bright green, speckled with gold.
Skin tone: Extremely pale
Height: 5"4
Weight: 130 lbs.
Clothing style: Mint normally wears simple tee-shirts, old jeans and Nikes.
Accessories: A strange ring with engraved ruins, small silver hoops.
Other distinguishing features: Extreme cheekbones, thin lips, very skinny.


Traits: Intelligence, alert, suspicious, fast
Likes: Music, being alone, good food
Dislikes: Loud noises, people, bright lights
Good at: Singing/rapping, making people laugh, potions
Bad at: Human interaction, physical
Hobbies: Drawing, singing, swimming
Fears: Heights, water, dogs
Ambition: Staying clean, and enlightening the next generation


Father: Jesse Smith (status unknown)
Mother: May "Maybae" Blumen (status unknown)
Sibling: Tyme Raina Blumen (deceased)
Paternal grandparents: Lucille Dupree, Quinn Smith
Maternal grandparents: Lester Blumen, Andrea Gray
Uncles: N/a
Aunts: Janelle Blumen-James
Cousins: Kristina Blumen-James
Pet: A short-eared owl named Aliza
Other noteworthy relatives: N/a
Family home: Detroit, Michigan
Social standing: Orginaly below the poverty line, but currently middle-class


School: She wasn't educated until she was 20, and was taken into Ilvermorny
Best Class: Potions
Worst Class: Charms
Quidditch: N/a


Childhood: Mint was born to two muggles in a trailer park on the outskirts of Detroitc her father walked out on her when she was a baby, and she was raised in extreme poverty. Mint was an unusual case, in the fact that her magic didn't show itself until she was much older , so she grew up without the knowledge. Her mother had Muanchaussen's by Proxy and took this disorder out on Mint by crushing pills into her and her twin sister, Tyme's food. When the two kids turned eleven, Mint's mom left them out in front of a old, decaying manor and left. The two raised each other, until they were sold into the child sex ring. There, Mint lost her eye and Tyme was killed. Mint was subjected to terrible abuse for years at the hands of Jimmy, the man who "bought" her.
Teenage years: When Mint was fourteen, she escaped from Jimmy's house and started living in a empty warehouse. Mint started using meth as a means to cope with the abuse and her sister's death. She became addicted quickly, and spent five years in a desperate haze. When she was nineteen, Mint checked herself into rehab and sobered up,. The left the center, and was found by a scout for Ilvermorny. You see, her powers had just began to awaken after getting clean, and the MACUSA took her to Ilvermorny to the fact that a untrained, and unstable individual could threaten the safety of the wizarding community.
Adult years: Mint was trained by the headmaster herself, and showed herself to be an amazing student. With no place to go, she moved into Ilvermorny and practiced her talent, potion brewing. After the death of Aster Silvertree, the former potions teacher, Mint stepped up to the job and currently has been teaching for three years.

Extra Information

Quotes: "Look in my eyes. Do you see a human behind them? I'm not a monster."
Theme Song: Gangsta - Kat Dahlia
Food: Apple pie
Drink: Spiked pumpkin juice
Color: Black
Animal: Rabbit
Flower: Fireweed
Season: Winter
Animagus: N/a
Patronus: A rabbit

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Jazzy? Is she approved?

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it says she is

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 39 comments Basic Information

Full name: Mitchell Parker-White
Nickname: Mitch
Gender: Male
Date of birth: September 17th, 5:21 p.m
Nationality: American
Blood status: Half-blood


Hair colour: Black
Hair style: He keeps his hair in a buzz cut
Eye colour: Brown
Skin tone: Dark olive
Height: 5"7
Weight: 130 lbs.
Clothing style: He dresses simple and natty.
Accessories: A small silver watch
Other distinguishing features: A scar on the back of his neck from when a friend cut his hair as a toddler.


Traits: Naturally anxious, intelligence, kind, hopeless romantic
Likes: The outdoors, sweets, talking with people, movies, laughter, animals
Dislikes: Deep water, small talk
Good at: School, winning people over
Bad at: Lying, talking to girls
Hobbies: Quidditch
Fears: Being left behind, the death of his parents, birds, needles
Ambition: Becoming the Transfiguration teacher.


Father: Andre Parker
Mother: Serena White
Sibling: Jillian Parker-White
Paternal grandparents: Justin Parker, Elaine Dupree
Maternal grandparents: Andrew Risinhovour-White, Marjorie Risinhovour-Whitw
Uncles: N/a
Aunts: Anne White
Cousins: N/a
Pet: A black cat named Mischa
Other noteworthy relatives: N/a
Family home: Baltimore, Maryland
Social standing: Wealthy


School: Ilvermorny
Best Class: Transfiguration
Worst Class: Alchemy
Quidditch: Beater


Childhood: Mitch was born into a wealthy family in the Baltimore hills. He was raised by one of the kindest women on earth, his mother, and his father, a soft-hearted but rarely present investment banker. As a kid, his powers were embraced by both his parents and the staff of the manor they lived in. Nothing really happened in his childhood, save exotic vacations and struggles with anxiety and depression (and a few crushes).
Teenage years: Mitch received his letter to Ilvermorny at the usual age, and found himself at place amongst at his fellow students. He's currently in his 5th year, competing in Quidditch, chasing girls and battling his anxiety.

Extra Information

Quotes: "Time is cruel, but life is beautiful.
Theme Song: The Wolf - Mumford and Sons
Food: Pork chops
Drink: Pumpkin juice
Color: Red
Animal: Lizards
Flower: Sunflower
Season: Spring
Patronus: A Komodo dragon.

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Good. You can move him to house sorting

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Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 39 comments Basic Information

Full name: Nathan James-Nelson
Nickname: Nate
Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 4th, 9:10 a.m. 2003
Nationality: Canadian
Blood status: Half-blood


Hair colour: Brown
Hair style: Short and spiky
Eye colour: Grey-green
Skin tone: Light olive
Height: 5"6
Weight: 133 lbs.
Clothing style: Simple and childish
Accessories: N/a
Other distinguishing features: N/a


Traits: Kind, inherently trusting, friendly, social
Likes: People, crowds, pies, making friends
Dislikes: Being alone, bullies
Good at: Talking, making people laugh
Bad at: Writing poetry, acting
Hobbies: Sketching, drawing comics
Fears: The dark, dogs, heights, small spaces
Ambition: Becoming a artist


Father: William Nelson
Mother: Yarinda James-Nelson
Sibling: Beatrice James-Nelson
Paternal grandparents:
Maternal grandparents:
Uncles: Stephan Bateman-Nelson
Aunts: N/a
Pet: A toad names Snickers
Family home: Vancouver, Canada
Social standing: Middle class


School: Ilvermorny
Best Class: Care of Magical Creatures/Charms
Worst Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Quidditch: Not yet, but when he's old enough, he'll apply to make his mom proud


Childhood: Nate was born in Vancouver to a no-maj comic-book artist and a witch who designs racing brooms. His young childhood was extremely happy, and his magic was strangely strong for his age. That caused his parents to not enroll him in normal schools, and homeschooled him instead. Finally, he received his Ilvermorny letter and was sent to the school.

Extra Information

Quotes: "Set the bar low so you can exceed it."
Food: Steak
Drink: Club soda
Color: Orange
Animal: Deer
Flower: Dandelions
Season: Summer
Animagus: N/a
Patronus: N/a

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Approved. You may move it to house sorting

Him and Jazzy would totally hit it off! We need to rp them together xD

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Meka Basic Information

Full name: Lilian May Smith
Nickname: Lily
Gender: Female
Date of birth: May 17, 2001
Nationality: American
Blood status: Muggle Born


Hair color: Brown
Hair style: long curly
Eye color: Blue
Skin tone: Light tan
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 95
Clothing style:
Other distinguishing features: None..


Traits: Tends to bite finger nails and hair when bored. She is always tapping her foot her fingers to songs.
Likes: She likes the snow and breaking a few rules here and there.
Dislikes: Dressing fancy and dancing in front of other people
Good at: Skateboarding , Biking, and Snowboarding.
Bad at: Making conversation fitting in with other people.
Hobbies: Flying around on her broom stick, skateboarding, and reading.
Fears: Big Spiders and Pink Dresses.
Ambition: To become an Auror and/or a Pro Skateboarder.


Father: Dr. Martin Smith
Mother: Dr. Sara July Smith
Sibling: (Brother) August Smith
Paternal grandparents: Grandfather-(Dead) Martin Dean Smith, Grandmother-(Dead) Lillian Smith
Maternal grandparents: Grandfather-(Dead) Scott Brown, Grandmother- May Brown.
Uncles: None
Aunt: Julie Smith
Cousins: None
Pet: Athena
Other noteworthy relatives: none
Family home: Salt Lake, Utah
Social standing: ??


School: Ilvermony
Best Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration
Worst Class: Divination
Quidditch: She plays a seeker


Lily was born in Salt Lake city, and was named after her grandmother. Even from the beginning she was very different from the rest of her family. At age 5 when Lily started kindergarten she was of to a slow start. Nothing made sense to her. As she got older she was always slitty below average, and this mad her parents angry. How could she ever become a doctor if she didn't get school work done. This drove Lily to get out of the house at her every chase. And at age 10 she found something she was good at. She was walking home from school, when passing the skate park some had lost control of there skateboard. And as fate wanted it came right towards her feet. That was the first day she ever rode a skateboard, but wasn't the last. After that she spent ever spare moment with her new friends. Just a few days after she turned 11 she wanted to try a new trick. All of her friends told her that it was a bad idea, and they were right. It was the highest spot in the skate park, and she went for it. what would've ended up as a horrible accident didn't. Instead of crashing she bounced. No one that witnessed it could ever explain what happened that day. It was 3 months later when she got her letter from Ilvermony. She was so excited and confused at the same time. Her first year of School at Ilvermony was great, she took off and did amazing. She had finally found her true home. When the school year got over she was dreading going back home. When she did arrive home her parents acted very proud of her. Although her brother avoided speaking to her at every moment and and fun of her as much as possible. She told her skater friends about it and they said it was because he was jealous, and it made perfect sense to her. Her parents hardly ever acted proud of her and her brother, and her brother was mad that they were proud of her because she went to a really weird school to study magic. So it made no sense to him.

Teenage years:
Her life went on as usual through the years, she never had much friends at school but she was ok with that (it was better than none). As the years passed she learned more about the wizard world and how different it was from her life back at home. The more she learned the more she didn't want to leave....

Extra Information

Skateboarding was everything to us growing up. It changes the way you see the world: you spend all day looking for ditches.
-Harmony Korine
Food: Pizza and chocolate frogs
Drink: Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer
Color: Blue and purple
Animal: Wolf
Flower: Tiger Lily
Season: Winter
Animagus: (not yet...)
Patronus: Wolf

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Meka thanks

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) Full name: Silver Ora Smith

Nickname: SOS

Gender: Female

Date of birth: Dec. 24

Nationality: U.S.A

Blood status: Pure-blood


Hair colour: White in the dark, silver in the light and moonlight

Hair style: short, girl

Eye colour: left eye is silver, right eye is black

Skin tone: pale

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 105

Clothing style: Comfortable, easy to move in

Accessories: a heart locket necklace from her mom. And a silver watch from her dad.

Other distinguishing features: she has a scar. 2" above the left eye, through it, and it ends 2" above the upper lip.

Personality: When she was younger than 7 she was the happiest child on the planet. She had money, toys, and parents who loved.
She was always a worrier and get parents helped her. But when she started to show powers her parents became worried about her. Then Harry kept asking for Silver. Silver became even more worried about everything. After her parents died she couldn't bear their deaths. She blamed herself every day. When Harry was arrested, she did her best not to see him and punch the living daylights out of him. Now 13 and in charge of a gang. She oftens makes hard decisions and tries to cheer up herself and others. She has done a lot of negotiating between gangs. But she never allows her people to kill. She knows to well the consequences. But every death of her own she blames herself for the death. She does all the good things in her parents name, in a way to ease the pain, grief, and sadness.

Traits: selfless, brave, stubborn

Likes: singing, training, learning

Dislikes: opera, losing, boredom

Good at: learning, fighting (magic and physical)

Bad at: staying in one place, taking too much problems,

Hobbies: Singing, reading, training

Fears: heights, depths, people dying because of her

Ambition: stopping the Dark Side


Father: John Smith-50-dead

Mother: Sarah Smith-49-dead

Sibling: none

Paternal grandparents: John Smith-dead and Scarlet Smith-dead

Maternal grandparents: Britteny Angles-dead and Simon Angles-dead

Uncles: none



Pet: a black owl named Night

Other noteworthy relatives: nope! Lol

Family home: Smith Manor

Social standing: Was a high standing, and still is, but now is a beggar


School: home schooled

Best Class: Gym and history and tech

Worst Class: different languages,

Quidditch: (if applies) seeker or chaser

History: She was born into a rich family. Mother, Sarah Smith, was married to her father, John Smith. They were in charge of a boosting company called Smith Inc. She was homeschooled till the age of 7 and she would get straight As. Her parents had a life long best friend named Harry Jones. His company was going downhill for a while now but the Smiths didn't help him. When he found out that Silver had abilities he wanted her himself. The ability was being an animagas. And he didn't know what she could do! He thought Silver would boost his company and he would be able to get back at her parents for not helping. But every time he asked her parents said no. So one night after her birthday turning 7, she woke up and found her parents dead on the floor with this carved into the necks. 'Silver is mine - Stalker'. 3 days later the police caught Harry, they put him in prison for his lifetime. she went into Foster Care. Every home she went to she was abused till she left the system at the age of 10. She now lives on the street in charge of a group of kids called Silvernight. She owns the company and the cash goes to her savings account. She has left trusted people in charge till she gets old enough to run it. But she only uses cash to survive, but she knows no amount of cash will get her family back and the reason she left that life is because it would be a daily reminder of her parents. At age 11 she got her letter and was super excited. She came here and was able to pay whatever she needed because of her parents wealth. Not only in the Muggle world but in the Wizardin world too. She loves it here.

Extra Information

Quotes: "Death? Too busy. Torture? What type? Murder? Get out before I murder you."

Theme Song: Superman by Ivory Layne, Run Boy Run

Food: Candy

Drink: Soda

Color: black and silver

Animal: wolf

Flower: Rose

Season: winter

Animagus: (if applies) black wolf

Patronus: (If applies. minimum of a 4th year to be able to preform a patronus) when able: wolf

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Never explained how she fits into Ilvermorny

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Alex (alex1320) | 2 comments Full name: Hermenegilda Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Gender: female
Date of birth: May 23, 2005
Blood status: pureblood


Hair colour: black with purple tips
Hair style: long, wavy
Eye colour: black
Skin tone: tanned
Height: 120 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Clothing style: like 11-year old girl nothing unusual
Other distinguishing features:


Traits: introvertic, shy
Likes: books, studying, quidditch
Good at: school subjects
Bad at: meeting new people
Hobbies: books, quidditch
Fears: spiders
Ambition: don't know yet


Father: Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Mother: Kunegunda Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Paternal grandparents: Zdzisława, Szczepan
Maternal grandparents: Ziuta, Hipolit
Other noteworthy relatives:-
Family home: they are travelling
Social standing:


School: Ilvermorny
Best Class:
Worst Class:
Quidditch: wants to the team


Childhood: grow up in wizard family, her parents are diplomatics and have to travel a lot, don't live in one place for longer, have seen almost whole world, starting school
Teenage years:-
Adult years:-
Elderly years:-

Extra Information

Theme Song: -
Food: chocolate
Drink: hot chocolate
Color: black
Animal: -
Flower: snowdrop
Season: winter
Animagus: -
I've addad some history and family members. I hope now it's all right.

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family was never filled in and more detail to personality and history would be appreciated

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Basic Information

Full name: Martha Bertha Delath
Nickname: Professor Delath
Gender: female
Date of birth: 4/8/1989
Blood status: muggle-born


Hair color: brown
Hair style: puffy, down
Eye color: pale blue
Skin tone: fair
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Weight: 129.4 lb.
Clothing style:


Other distiguishing features:
Her puffy hair makes her stand out, and her colorful wardrobe doesn't help her either


Traits: peppy, (she says "single!") funny, a little insecure sometimes...

Colorful-well, anything colorful
Nice people
Books (a lot)

Mean people
People who hate books

Good at:
Reading (a lot)

Searching for fitting husbands (not creepily or anything)

Being forever alone
The world becoming dark and dull

to find a husband and have kids
To make the world colorful and happy


Father: Shane John Delath
Mother: Delilah Molly Delath
Sibling: Lilith Molly Delath
Paternal grandparents: n/a
Maternal grandparents: n/a
Uncles: n/a
Aunts: n/a
Pet: gray and white cat, Shiria
Other noteworthy relatives: none
Family home: Ilvermorny, though her family lives in London


School: Ilvermorny
Teaches: Defense Agaisnt the Dark Arts
Head of: Pukwudgie


Childhood: she lived a normal life, and was very close to her sister, Lilith. She got her letter and her parents were very shocked but let her go. She made some good friends in some other houses and got placed in Ravenclaw. She new Luna and was good friends with her even though their years were apart. Colin Creevy clearly liked her but she found him annoying. The same with Dennis. She always knew she wanted to teach, and this was reassured when she went to Hogwarts. She wanted to teach defense against the dark arts.
Teenage years:
She came to love a boy a year after her named Cadmus Frier. They dated for the rest of their Hogwarts life. When they left, he went to work for the remaining death eaters, who were still trying to wreck havoc wherever they could. So she ditched him. She hasn't been able to find a stable boyfriend yet.
Adult years: she never regretted leaving Cadmus, and moved to America. She decided to follow her dreams and teach at Ilvermorny. She decided the Pukwudgie head was also part of her destiny. Now she reached at Ilvermorny and is looking for a husband.
Elderly years: n/a

Extra Information

Quotes: being happy never goes out of style
Theme song: happy, Ferrell Williams
Food: ice cream and taffy
Drink: fruit punch
Color: rainbow
Animal: unicorn and house elves
Flower: all of them?
Season: spring
Animagus: (if applies) none
Patronus: (If applies. minimum of a 4th year to be able to preform a patronus) unicorn

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Martha is approved

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Lauren (lauren651) | 7 comments Full name: Ofelia Roy
Nickname: -
Gender: female
Date of birth: May 1, 2000
Nationality: American
Blood status: Mudblood


Hair colour: dirty blonde
Hair style: in a messy bun or pony tail
Eye colour: blue
Skin tone: white
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 140
Clothing style: casual
Accessories: expensive watch and bracelets on her left wrist. She has a nose stud on her left nostril, her cartilage pierced on her right ear, and two holes on each earlobe. She also wears a signature necklace of the sun which represents perseverance.
Other distinguishing features:


Traits: She's stubborn, can be a little thick in social situations, hardworking, and is extremely loyal
Likes: reading, studying, knitting, walking, and running
Dislikes: waiting, feeling unprepared, rumors, bullying
Good at: school (but only because she works twice as hard as everyone else: not naturally intelligent), setting goals and meeting them, eye contact
Bad at: compromising, cooking, most sports, small talk
Hobbies: reading and knitting
Fears: dark, and things she can't see
Ambition: to become a professional healer


Father: Denton Roy
Mother: Libi Howard
Sibling: Briallen Roy
Paternal grandparents: Amara and Scottie Roy
Maternal grandparents: Blaise and David Howard
Uncles: Norbert Howard and Jeremias Howard
Aunts: Evelin Howard, Monica Roy
Cousins: -
Pet: -
Other noteworthy relatives:-
Family home: parents are divorced: mother took her maiden name. Lived with her mother until she was 11. Spends all of her vacations at school.
Social standing: Upper middle class


School: Ilvermorney
Best Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Class: Theory of Magic
Quidditch: (if applies) -


Childhood: wonderfully blissful. Got along wonderfully with her sister
Teenage years: feels rejected by both parents after the divorce. Is the only one in her family to practice magic and has therefore been cut off and labeled a freak.
Adult years: -
Elderly years: -

Extra Information

Quotes: "Not everyone likes me... but not everyone matters" -Jennifer Lawrence
Theme Song: Fighter -Christina Aguilera
Food: -
Drink: -
Color: -
Animal: -
Flower: -
Season: -
Animagus: (if applies) -
Patronus: (If applies. minimum of a 4th year to be able to preform a patronus) dog

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Amanda Basic Information
Full name: William Donner
Nickname: Liam
Gender: Male
Date of birth: December 2
Nationality: English
Blood status: pureblood



Hair colour: ginger
Hair style: cut short but longer around his ears
Eye colour: emerald
Skin tone: pasty white
Height: 6' foot
Weight: 149 lbs
Clothing style: simple black robes
Accessories: his wand
Other distinguishing features: freckles and dimples


Traits: adventurous, moody is known to experince extreme mood swings, introverted, simple, reserved with his students, impulsive
Likes: animals, Wizards chess, puzzles, herbology
Dislikes: people, Pukwudgies, muggle technology
Good at: taking care of animals, distinguishing magical animals, brewing tonics and cures
Bad at: making friends, divination,
Hobbies: gardening, animals
Fears: death, small spaces
Ambition: to work at Hogwarts(achievied)


Father: Steven Donner(Wampus)
Mother: Cecil Donner(Horned Serpeng)
Sibling: none
Paternal grandparents: Bill and Susan Donner(both Wampus)
Maternal grandparents: Carole and David Donner(both Pukwudgies)
Pet: pretty much every animal ever to hard to name them all
Other noteworthy relatives:none
Family home: he lives in a cottage near Ilvermony
Social standing: middle class


Job: Care of Magical Creatures teacher and Thunderbird head
Previous house: Thunderbird


Childhood: brought up in a loving non purist Pureblood home
Teenage years: all six at Ilvermony
Adult years: teacher at Ilvermony
Elderly years: N/A

Extra Information

Quotes: "We can judge a man by the treatment of his animals"
Theme Song:
Food: anything except meat he's a vegetarian
Drink: butter beer
Color: evergreen
Animal: hippogriff but he loves them all
Flower: Ivy vines
Season: spring
Animagus: (if applies)
Patronus: Falcon

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Approved. You can skip step three and go to step four

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Amanda Thanks

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 70 comments Basic Information

Full name: Chase Nickolas Finch
Gender: Male
Date of birth: June 7th
Age: 16
Nationality: European
Blood status: Pureblood


Hair colour: Dirty Blonde
Hair style: Cropped
Eye colour: Brown
Skin tone: Normal
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 Lbs
Clothing style: Light and comfortable
Accessories: A ring he wears so he won't forget about his cousin Fawn.


Chase is a very daring boy. Once he sets his mind to something he is determined to that thing. He has more courage in him than one would expect him to have. He's brave enough to break up any fight he sees. But there's also a softer more laid back side to Chase as well. A sweeter side that his cousin loves.

Traits: Sweet, Laid back, Determined, Courageous and very Brave.
Likes: Adventures, people (especially Fawn) and animals
Dislikes: Bullies and being alone.
Good at: Navigating his way into sticky situations and getting out of them
Bad at: Thinking about situations before running into them and just staying out of those situations.
Hobbies: Reading, Walking/Hiking, and Adventuring
Fears: Being the only one left in his family.
Ambition: For now to just,become the greatest wizard he can become.


Father: Harold Gavin Finch
Mother: Penny Charleston
Sibling: N/A
Uncles: Davis Jean Stewart
Aunts: Holly Rose Finch
Cousins: Fawn Finch (but she's like a sister to him)
Pet: His sneaky tabby cat Crimson.
Family home:
Social standing: Upper Middle Class


School: Ilvermorny
Best Class: History of Magic
Worst Class: Theory of Magic


Chase had an easy going childhood. He grew up around his cousin Fawn. He adored watching his parents do magic. When they told him that one day he would get to practice magic he was thrilled. When his letter and Fawn's letter arrived they met up. As soon as they looked at the different envelope styles they knew that they were going to different schools. A week later before they left to embark on their separate journeys they met. Each had a small box in hand addressed to the other. Their faces lit up as they opened their gifts. Chase had given Fawn a beautiful necklace with a bunny charm. She had given him a ring that had "Cousins Forever" inscribed on the inside. They put on their gifts and shared a long see you later hug. On every break from school they've had they have picked up from where they left off.

Extra Information

Quotes: "Live life to the fullest and don't look back."
Theme Song: Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Food: Anything sweet
Drink: Strawberry Iced Lemonade
Color: Burnt Orange
Animal: Fox
Flower: Hibiscus
Season: Spring and Summer
Animagus: (if applies)
Patronus: Stag

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Approved. You can skip step 3 and go to Step 4.

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 70 comments Yay! But why skip the House sorting?

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Yeah... Why?

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We individually sort and give wands to students

Move him to step 3...

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I skipped step three for Lacey's last character because he was a teacher. Students go through all the steps

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 70 comments That's what I thought.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 7 comments Basic Information

Full name: Mercedes Elizabeth Cole
Nickname: Cedes
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 04/22/2002
Nationality: Greek/American
Blood status: Pureblood


Hair colour: Dark Brown
Hair style: Parted on the right hand side
Eye colour: Green
Skin tone: Light tan
Height: 5’1
Weight: 125
Clothing style:

Other distinguishing features:


Personality: Mercedes can seem like a hard to get person she’s very headstrong and believes in doing good. She’s a protective person but she doesn’t have many friends because she’s a bit choosy. She doesn’t enjoy having a fake friend she rather has someone that speaks their mind they don’t care about the consequences. She can seem like an arrogant, rude, and heartless brat but she can be sweet and understanding. She refuses to speak about her life at home most of the time not because it seems bad but because she feels guilty about her life at home.
Good at: Listening, Helping, and protecting.
Bad at: Really standing up to someone who scares her, and expressing her actual feelings.
Hobbies: Sketching, Writing, swimming, dancing, and reading.


Father: Antonio Cole (Slytherin)
Mother: Annalise Morgan Cole (Gryffindor, Deceased)
Sibling: Rivers Cole (deceased twin brother.)
Paternal grandparents: Hans and Katrina Cole (Slytherin.)
Maternal grandparents: Daisy and Jerry Morgan (Wampus)
Uncles: Dominic Castillo(Horned Serpent), Race Thompson (Thunderbird)and Jake Cole (Horned Serpent)
Aunts: Marianna Castillo (Thunderbird) Celeste Thompson(thunderbird)
Cousins: Jade and Kevin Castillo (5 and 6), and Terrence Thompson (Thunderbird, 18)
Pet: Siberian Husky, the grey kitten, and a white barn owl.
Other noteworthy relatives:
Family home: Used to be Athens now Upstate New York.
Social standing: Upperclass


School: IIvermorny
Best Class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Worst Class: Potions
Quidditch: (if applies)


Childhood: She was born as a twin and raised in Greece until she was five after her brother passed away her family moved to London for a few years before moving officially to New York City.
Teenage years:

Extra Information

Quotes: “We always have to remember there is always light in the darkest of places.”
Theme Song: "Leave It All To Rest" by Linkin Park
Food: Chicken Ceaser Salad
Drink: Water
Color: Lavender Purple
Animal: Dog
Flower: Lilly
Season: Spring
Animagus: (if applies)
Patronus: (If applies. minimum of a 4th year to be able to perform a Patronus) A wolf

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Amanda Full name: Alexander Taylor
Nickname: Alec
Gender: Male
Date of birth: October 2
Nationality: American
Blood status: Pureblood


image: description

Hair colour: dark brown
Hair style: short, ear length
Eye colour: watery blue, almost grey
Skin tone: slightly tanned
Height: 5'3
Weight: 92 lbs
Clothing style: when he's not in school, simple 3/4 sleeved shirts and jeans. He always wears a rope necklace from home.
Accessories: none
Other distinguishing features: dimples


Traits: strong willed, protective, loyal, good friend, set in his ways, stubborn, takes pride in his work, wild, opinionated, active, his way is the only way, practical , talkative, friendly
Likes: people, Quiditch, animals, traveling, outdoors
Dislikes: school, stuck up people, reading, sitting still, being wrong
Good at: Quiditch, making friends, conversation, potions
Bad at: school, creative problem solving, debates, forgiveness
Hobbies: Quiditch, traveling, hiking, animals
Fears: death, isolation
Ambition: to be a professional beater


Father: Martin Taylor(Thunderbird)
Mother: Casey Taylor(Pukwudgie)
Sibling: Sarah Taylor(little sister)
Paternal grandparents: Lizzy Taylor(Thunderbird) Seth Taylor(Thunderbird)
Maternal grandparents: Sam Willox(Horned Serpent) Ella Willox(Pukwudgie)
Uncles: Ben Willox(Horned Serpent)
Aunts: none
Cousins: none
Pet: a common toad named Kira
Other noteworthy relatives: none
Family home: medium sized house in Rhode Island
Social standing: middle class


School: Ilvermony
Year: first
Best Class: potions
Worst Class: everything else
Quidditch: (if applies) is a beater


Childhood: Alec grew up in a loving Pureblood family. They're strictly against blood purity discrimination.
Teenage years: This is first year at Ilvermony. Both his parents are very excepting and will be delighted no matter where he's sorted. Their family has had members in every house except Wampus.
Adult years: N/A
Elderly years: N/A

Extra Information

Quotes: "Travel far enough and you'll find your true self"
Theme Song: ?
Food: pasta
Drink: water
Color: blue/grey
Animal: dogs
Flower: none
Season: winter
Animagus: (if applies)
Patronus: not preformed but a dolphin

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Amanda Thanks

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(My patronus is also a Dolphin!)

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Amanda Oh cool!!

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Yeah I love it

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Full name: Liza Jennifer Hogwright
Nickname: Liz
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 3/6/2000
Nationality: American
Blood status: Pureblood


Hair color: Ginger
Hair style: Frizzy ponytail
Eye color: Hazel
Skin tone: Pale/light tan
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 111 lbs.
Clothing style: Long sweaters and skinny jeans; boots
Accessories: Emerald green amulet passed down from grandmother
Other distinguishing features: Lightly freckled cheeks and high cheekbones


Traits: high-strung, slightly stubborn, quiet but easily persuades people, serious, intelligent
Likes: books, being alone, debating, searching through libraries, winning
Dislikes: losing, quidditch, aloof people, lack of seriousness
Good at: debating, winning people over, persuading, speaking
Bad at: games, accepting people, making friends instead of enemies (when she talks)
Hobbies: reading, researching, finding out how to better herself, talking with close friends
Fears: losing, becoming too self-absorbed, being forgotten
Ambition: to become a ruler or leader of a strong cause


Father: Marvin Hogwright (Horned Serpent)
Mother: Matilda Hogwright (Wampus)
Paternal grandparents: dead
Maternal grandparents: dead
Uncles: Simon Hogwright (Horned Serpent)
Aunts: Stacy Mariole (Pukwudgie), Kim Mariole (Thunderbird)
Cousins: Charles Hogwright
Pet: Berew the Grey Owl
Family home: Large house with huge estate
Social standing: first class


School: Ilvermorny
Best Class: Dueling
Worst Class: Divination


Childhood: Was influenced by Grandmother Ella until Ella died when Liza was 5. After that, Liza continued to enact the beliefs Ella taught her but spent more time with her parents.
Teenage years: Is a silent power in her year and the school, not to be messed with but not feared

Extra Information

Quotes: "Refrain your own opinions for now, and let me talk respectably"
Food: Arugula salad with blueberries
Drink: cold water
Color: Dark green
Animal: Grey owl
Flower: Lavendar
Season: Autumn
Patronus: Lioness

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Amanda Full name: Rosemary Smith
Nickname: Rose, Rosy
Gender: female
Date of birth: February 14
Nationality: American
Blood status: Halfblood


Picture: couldn't find a good one
Hair colour: dirty blonde
Hair style: down and frizzy
Eye colour: light green
Skin tone: pasty white
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130 lbs
Clothing style: jeans and plain colored t shirts. She always wears her frog vest over her shirts. Tennis shoes. Bright green robes for school, with her frog pin.
Accessories: frog pin, frog jewelry, if you haven't gotten the memo frog EVERYTHING
Other distinguishing features: light freckles in her checks
Age: 41


Traits: sweet, lovely voice, a little bit frazzled, disorganized, loves frogs, eccentric, quirky, commonly made fun of behind her back, sometimes referred to as "loony" or "crazy", kind, friendly, doesn't let the things people say about her affect her
Likes: teaching, frogs, singing, her students, her house
Dislikes: dark magic, rude people, frog haters
Good at: teaching, singing, not letting people get to her
Bad at: sports, outdoorsy things,
Hobbies: taking care of all her frogs, singing, teaching, knitting
Ambition: to teach at Ilvermony(achievied)


Father: Donald Smith( Thunderbird)
Mother: Betsey Smith(Thunderbird)
Sibling: Etahn and Evan(twin younger brothers, Wampus and HS)
Paternal grandparents: Ivone Smith(Pukwudgie)
Maternal grandparents: Regan and Rupert Cain(Pukwudgie and HS)
Aunts: none
Cousins: none
Pet: twelve toads ( Damon, Elliot, Bill, Carver, Chris, Selena, Missy, Willow, Harper, Stripes, Croaky, Harmony)
Other noteworthy relatives: none
Family home: originally from Colorado now lives on Ilvermorny grounds year round
Social standing: middle to low class


School: Ilvermorny
Job: Frog Choir teacher
Previous house: (I'll put her into house sorting and you can pick it)
Best Class: was music
Worst Class: transfiguration
Quidditch: (if applies) never played


Childhood: lived in a middle class family with a witch mother and a wizard father. Mother worked as a writer for the Daily Prophet and father was a barber. She grew up with the best of both worlds, living in the muggle and magical world.
Teenage years: received her letter and was sorted into (blank). She was never good at academics, just average. Her real passion was music.
Adult years: teaches frog choir at Ilvermorny
Elderly years: N/A

Extra Information

Quotes: " Being unique is better than being perfect,"
Theme Song: Mean by Taylor Swift
Food: salad
Drink: Sprite
Color: green
Animal: frog
Flower: lily pad
Season: spring
Animagus: (if applies)
Patronus: frog

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