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Heroes & Lovers (Sam Jenkins Mysteries #3)
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John (intuit) | 478 comments There are two Book Cover of Wayne Zurl's "Heroes and Lovers" posted on his Profile - Please consolidate the multiple editions of the same book under one book cover. Please also add the publications date to the listing so his books appear in their publication date order. Please note that several of his Sam Perkins series do include the series number and/or publication date.

Please add the Sam Perkins series 1 through 5

message 2: by Dobby (last edited Jul 26, 2016 01:01PM) (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 4636 comments Working on it. See

ETA: I have added the following as primary editions in the Sam Jenkins Mysteries series:

#1—A New Prospect
#2—A Leprechaun's Lament
#3—Heroes & Lovers
#4—Pigeon River Blues
#5—A Touch of Morning Calm

I have also added some—but not all—of the non-primary works. Right now they are in no particular order and they are unnumbered. I have requested assistance with this in the Serieses! folder, as I am unable to complete the task at this time.

John (intuit) | 478 comments Thanks for your effort. Can you flip the order of #2 and #3 on the profile.

Will all five covers ultimately show up under the Sam Jenkins mystery series listing?

I'll work on setting up an order for the other short stories.

John (intuit) | 478 comments I suggest that you list The Sam Perkins Novellas/ Short Stories in the order that follows. I also suggest that they are positioned to follow the 5 Full Length books in the Sam Perkins mystery series.

From New York to the Smokies: (Sam Jenkins Mysteries) 4-16-2015 176 pages
Sam Jenkins Novellette Mysteries Collection #2 - 11-7-2014
Graceland on Wheels - 6-5-2014
Alvis in the Building - 6-5-2014
The Swan Tattoo - 4-21-2014 27 pages
Nothing Fitz - 12-4-2013 37 pages
Heaven's Gate - 6-23-2013 22 pages
Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves - 4-7-2013 35 pages
Sam Jenkins Novelette Mysteries #1- 4-27-2013 230 Pages
The Burglers Did It - 2-16-2013 34 pages
Hurricane Blow Up - 12=7-2012
The Great Smokie Bank Job - 7-28-2012 32 pages
Fate of a Floozy - 1-21-2012 37 pages
Renacting a Murder -1-1-2012
V is For Vitamin - 8-22-2011 30 pages
Murder in a Wish-Book House - 6-26-2011
Serpents and Scoundrels - 1-30-112011
By the Horns of a Cow - 12-26-2010
Scrap Metal & Murder - 9-17-2010 - 50 pages
Murder in Knoxville - 4-24-2010
Bullets off Broadway - 10-1-2010 - 35 pages
A Labor Day Murder -11-21-2009 - 28 pages

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