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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments All #ComedyBookWeek reviewers and bloggers use this topic to put your submissions pages/contact details here. Let this be a place authors can contact you!!!

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments My submissions page can be found under the 'About me' page on my website: www.happymeerkatreviews.wordpress.com.

For regular submissions (waiting time approx. 3-4 months): https://happymeerkatreviews.wordpress...

For #CBW submissions: https://happymeerkatreviews.wordpress...

Please read my submissions page before sending a request, it's not much but details a few things :). Looking forward to hearing from you ;)

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Lisa Shiroff | 11 comments Wow! You're fabulous, Meerkat! Thank you.

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Lisa wrote: "Wow! You're fabulous, Meerkat! Thank you."

:) Happy to help :D! Now all other bloggers do the same thing, put your contact details or a link to a page where authors can contact you here! Let's make this #CBW easy for all involved :)

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Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments My blog is The Page Turner Leave a comment or you can contact me a vicgoodwin@gmail.com.

Put #CBW in the subject so I can find it easier if you send an email. I would love to write a lot of reviews for posting during #CBW 2017.

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Hi guys,

I'm very sorry to do this but I won't be accepting submissions for CBW. Something's happened and I have my reasons, some of you know them, but it's something that I have to apologise for.
Sorry to those of you who I promised a review for, I've spoken to most of you but if I haven't yet, please contact me.
And if anyone wants to know why I'm not going to be doing CBW or anything about my reviews/ submissions either message here on Goodreads or hop on over to my website and find my email in the 'about' section. I'm happy to talk to people but I'd rather not air my personal business on a public forum.

I'm really sorry guys :(
Hope January goes well.

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Jan Hurst-Nicholson (janhurst-nicholson) | 2 comments Sorry to hear that. Hope things will work out for you.

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