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message 1: by Hans (new)

Hans | 7 comments As I was helping with the romance topic tag project I came across this issue:
Jane Wilde has written two books:
but Lexi Summers seems to have also written them...
Descriptions describe same characters. I thought perhaps the author had changed their name, but the dates are all overlapping.
Jane's editions are no longer available on Amazon, but don't want to request deletes, as people have added/rated/reviewed them.
Jane's other books are sill available on Amazon, so it doesn't seem like an author name change?

Anyway, fairly new librarian, so thought I'd flag up for advice. Seems that there needs to be some joining, but I cannot find anything more than prima facie evidence they are the same author/books.

message 2: by Emy (new)

Emy (emypt) | 5036 comments Firstly, and most importantly, out of print doesn't mean we delete a book record, rated or unrated. Current status on Amazon (or any other publisher or vendor site) is irrelevant to whether we have a record on Goodreads as Goodreads is (ideally) a database of all book titles as published.

With regards to this author:
"Jane Wilde is a bestselling author with multiple pen names. She loves to write billionaire romance, best friend romance, new adult romance, and any set of characters where a coming of age story and steamy scenes work in harmony to further a delicious saga."
That suggests that Lexi Summers is one of her pseudonyms. In which case we need to work out which name the book was published under first. Once that has been uncovered the process is:

1. All later editions get AuthorName1 in the primary author slot, and the name on that edition in the secondary slot. Repeat for every edition published under a name NOT AuthorName1.
2. Add a Librarian Note (top of record) to subsequent editions to indicate that this is a new edition of the work originally published as OriginalTitle1 by AuthorName1.
3. Combine all editions of the work (need to be on the page for AuthorName1.

message 3: by Krazykiwi (last edited Jul 26, 2016 07:03AM) (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments This is pretty common with romances and non-fiction aimed at KU borrows. No you aren't going mad, yes, they are doing this on purpose, and no, we probably can't ever keep up with them, but it's kind of fun to try.

All these names are pen-names anyway. Many of them aren't even single people (they are author groups using multiple pen-names - we know this because authors have said as much when requesting edits.) A lot of them will be books re-issued under multiple names, multiple titles, and even reissued with only the publisher on the cover.

Figure out which one was published first, and add that author name as primary author to all the editions, then combine.

If none of them was first (I've seen books released on the same day under as many as four pen names), just pick one and make that primary. I usually use the one that has the most books on it, but I guess it's pretty arbitrary.

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