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message 1: by Joann (new)

Joann Kinlaw (joannkinlaw) | 1 comments Illustrated books are a great source to teach children about the particular subject. As pictures leave a positive n deep impact on the brain of the child. Its increase their recall memory. It’s a human psychology that we love visuality. When we see picture or portrait , we are trying to figure out it n try to learn what the portrait want to convey us.
Illustration speaks itself n children love to watch them.Children love listening to stories and by illustrated storybooks they can match what they hear to what they watch about the story and understand the real contexts of the story. Illustration helps in developing children visual literacy and appreciation of art.
Children can learn different kind of expression like happiness,sadness,weeping, crying,joyness and many more. By the illustrated storybooks they can develop a art of imagination.
Teacher and parents both find the illustrated books very helping in teaching children as it a quick way to make them understand about something.
My conclusion about the above topic is that yes illustration leave a profound impact on the children's learning . research also stated the same. Joann Kinlaw

message 2: by E.C. (new)

E.C. Kraeft (goodreadscomeckraeft) | 7 comments Well written. I agree with everything you wrote, Joann. When children begin to read, they read the illustrations first before the words. And if a parent is guiding their little reader with questions and statements about those illustrations, then the impact can be more powerful.

message 3: by Brian (new)

Brian Sooy (brian_sooy) | 3 comments I just published a children's story, and when I first created the story I told it to my kids without pictures— at bedtime, when their imaginations could do the work.

I must say though, that the feedback I get from the print edition is that readers love the illustrations I commissioned. They have also been invaluable in re-purposing for social media, helping to create interest and familiarity with the character and story.

message 4: by Wallace (new)

Wallace Kamens (wkamens) | 1 comments Looks like several of us have illustrations in common with our books. I’d love to exchange ideas with you—particularly those who have incorporated Photoshop (or similar brands) to discuss the tools you employ.

The pictures I’ve devised for my book have been laborious in the making—but beautiful (I believe) in their end result. One for instance has a forest in the background with hundreds of green trees, and it is a book dedicated to the autumn season. So I had to paint each tree individually to accommodate that end. I’d love to discuss an easier way.

I’m new to this site and warmly embrace dialogue.

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