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Hestia | 6 comments I'm looking for a teen/YA book, probably published in the 70s or 80s about a girl who's studying ballet pretty intently with a couple of friends. (This could also have been a short book series, two or three books, and I'm conflating the details.)

The girl wants to dance professionally, particularly the role of the sugar plum fairy. Her main teacher (a man) is very hard on her and her dancing. Her friend, who I think was named either Lupe or Pilar, develops anorexia. Another friend drops out for some other reason. (She grows too big to be a ballerina?)

At one point she has a serious boyfriend, but he doesn't understand why she has to work so hard all of the time. I think it is also stated outright that many of the male dancers are gay -- pretty good for an 80s book!

At the end, I don't think she makes it into a dance company, but she gets to dance the dance of the sugar plum fairy for a class of students, One girl in the class, with thick glasses, stands out to her. The implication being she will be a teacher, maybe?

I have been doing sporadic book searches on this one for a while. I would be so appreciative if anyone remembered anything more about it.

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Hestia | 6 comments I'm not sure, but I ordered a copy through interlibrary loan, so I will find out soon -- thanks so much!

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Kimber (kimberlibri) | 158 comments I know this isn't your book but the similarities are amazing - Tiny Pretty Things

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Hestia | 6 comments Kimber wrote: "I know this isn't your book but the similarities are amazing - Tiny Pretty Things"

I ran across that one many times when I was looking -- I'll have to read it. Thank you.

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Holly (hollylovesbooks) | 761 comments I think that's Maggie Adams, Dancer. A reviewer on Goodreads says:

I loved the story of Maggie Adams, struggling to become a dancer despite opposition from family and boyfriend. We also see how hard it is when two of Maggie's friends fall by the wayside. One of them lacks the physical ability, while the other succumbs to an eating disorder.

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Hestia | 6 comments I think this is it! Thanks so much -- I really appreciate it.

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