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2016 - ARCHIVED > The Mad Ship - Chapter 36-End

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message 1: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn Cryderman I absolutely loved this ending. It was so fulfilling to see the dragon finally released of the wizard wood. Hobb has such an amazing way of weaving animals into her stories with as much character development as the humans. I was initially really confused about how the serpents were related but their story arc turned into one of my favorites.

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 52 comments I loved that ending and I am almost 100% sure I know who Amber is, at least I would be disappointed if she isn't who I think she is, and I am really curious to see how this trilogy will tie in with the others.

My favourite part of the ending was probably the way Malta treated the Satrap. It was just so satisfying. And I also loved the moment when she realised that she sounded like Ronica.

I like Reyn a lot more than at the beginning but I'm still not to much of a fan.

I just want Althea and Brashen together but it looks like that will take some time (probably most of the next book, and I am not going to consider that that might not be the case)

The only bad thing I wills say about this book is that I wanted more chapters from Altheas and Brashens point of view otherwise I have no complaints.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (saruhlewis) I had completely spaced that Amber could be someone else until I read a few other reviews and then I was like "OH! OHH!" Can't wait to find out, I already want to re-read to see what I missed.

I've only read the Assassin's Apprentice trilogy before this, as I'm reading them in order. But so far the Liveship Traders is my absolute favorite. I'm obsessed with the Rain Wilder's, and I really want to learn ALL THE THINGS about them. I'm really curious about Reyns family, and their history.

My feelings on Malta are starting to change. I absolutely loathed her, and couldn't stand her POV chapters. Then the next thing I knew I was looking forward to them. Hobb is such a skillful writer.

I'm actually a little sad to be starting Ship of Destiny because I don't want to leave this story line!

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (topaz6) | 26 comments I can't believe Malta's turnaround as a character, I'm so glad that she learned what is important and started to act for her family.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I enjoyed this one, though not as much as Ship of Magic. However, I can say that I see this book is going to be an extraordinary set up for a fantastic end to this series.

My favorite parts of this book were Wintrow taking a stand for Kennit at Divytown. Wintrow freeing the serpent on the island, followed by Etta and Kennit fighting like demons to save Wintrow from The Others and the storm. I cannot wait to see what Kennit, Etta, Socor, Wintrow, and the other members of the pirate crew will accomplish in Divytown.

I am so excited to see what Paragon, Amber, Brashen, and Althea are going to accomplish together. I was whooping and cheering for Althea when she kicked that bastard's ass for trying to rape her. I am also very pleased to see Brashen coming out of his drug-induced stupor and self-hatred to take control of a liveship.

And oh dear God, dare I say that I started to like Malta in the end?! What a spitfire taking on that flatulent little boob (The Satrap). The freeing of the dragon at the end and her decision to turn around to save Malta and Reyn was a WONDERFUL way to end the story.

Just as John promised - there was a ridiculous amount of action at the end and it made all of the drier parts in the middle of the book totally worth it.

I think the culmination of this series is going to be incredible. I am so interested to see how all the stories come together and how Bingtown and Divytown liberate themselves from Jamalia and the Calcedian people. I want to know what happened to Ronica, I want to see what becomes of the despicable Kyle Haven, and I want to know how Vivacia and Paragon's stories turn out. Finally, I CANNOT wait to learn how the liveships, serpents, and dragons are all related. This series is so darn good.

message 6: by Ben (new)

Ben | 13 comments just an observation but did the ending seem to take forever for Tintaglia to "hatch" and Ryen & Selden to be rescued? (BTW I can relate a lot to Wintrow and Selden)

message 7: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (topaz6) | 26 comments Does anyone else think Amber is the Fool from Farseers?

And Malta's fit at the Satrap was so satisfying, not just because I need someone to put him in his place after all he's done and all he's neglected, but also seeing Malta realize how she used to behave.

message 8: by Amy (new)

Amy Richey That ending was amazing. The book moved slower for me in the middle (partly because I was too busy to read much at a time). But these last few chapters sure did go by quick. I still think that she could edit these books down a bit more, some parts seem to be a little more descriptive than necessary (yes I agree the hatching scene was one of those scenes)

Finding out the whole truth with the serpents, dragons, and liveships was wonderful. The pieces all fit together so well now.

The growth of all the characters, some I grew to love others I simply understand better (all the the Satrap who is still and ass). Super curious to find out how Amber ties in with everything, she is one of my favorites for sure.

message 9: by John (last edited Aug 13, 2016 07:26PM) (new)

John | 219 comments Before we get to this super spectacular action climax ending, you need kids in peril! So Malta needs to get the dragon released to ostensibly help with rescuing her father( or so she hopes. Honestly, this dragon gives off this Mephistophelian overtone that makes me think he will renege or do something with deleterious consequences if she ever gets out).

She needs Selden to go with her to the ruins, because he has been there and she hasn't. Once there Malta, in yet another completely unprecedented personality transformation, turns into Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and really gets her hands dirty trying to work the mechanical devices that will open up the wizardwood "log" to sunlight( It's very hard to imagine the Malta of Chapter 15, who was like a hothouse flower in the early summer, getting herself and her clothes muddy and filthy like this; but you wouldn't think twice about Althea doing this if she were available. But she isn't so....... .

Then the earthquake hits and she is separated from Selden. At some point Malta runs into the Satrap and gets an earful from him( Seriously, I hate to defend him on any count , but he definitely has a legitimate grievance against the Rain Wilders for effectively keeping him hostage, even if they believe they are doing it for his own safety; he is the Satrap of Jamaillia, he is supposed to have the ultimate say in whether he wants to leave or not.).

Reyn comes to look for Malta and finds Selden( two more gripes I have with Reyn: he should have taken Selden to safety outside of the unstable ruins before resuming the search for Malta; and he apparently had been drinking heavily the night before ( and on several previous nights) over his problems with Malta. This guy is just not emotionally mature!).

After everybody gets trapped, the twin cliffhanger ending might have seemed unsatisfying had not the newly released dragon announced her intentions at the end of the book to rescue them. This sets up a lot of momentum for Ship of Destiny.

message 10: by Abner (new)

Abner | 90 comments Malta getting into the city shows that she has some cojones but I think this is a higher calling more than common sense, just like Wintrow and she who remembers.

I really like the connection she made with the Farseer trilogy, with the statues and Verity's dragons, they weren't real dragons just like Paragon was telling "Amber". Amber seems to have a little too much of an experience with this carvings-come-to-life and Paragon was a serpent ready to become a dragon right before they chopped him up and turned him into a liveship killing his soul in the process. If i understood correctly dragons lay eggs on the beach (this dragons are more like turtles mixed with butterflies and salmon) and then serpents hatch, they go to sea to feed and grow and the they come upriver in the Rain Wild river to cocoon and become dragons, they need a serpent who remembers to guide them to their cocooning place and a dragon to watch over the cocoons (so nobody chops the up to build liveships). They have both now, so I'm guessing Hobb will chronicle this on the Rain Wilds Chronicles in detail.

We found out the others are "prophets" because they stole the serpents memories and they extrapolate and tell people "prophecies". Kind of weird. I've always been more interested in the magical/fantastic aspect of Fantasy books and much less in characters and character growth, this trilogy is def more character driven than I would have liked (this is imo, nothing wrong with this). Now Hobb's skill to riddle and hide the clues for her magic systems is one of the bests I've read. That being said I do care about the characters and they have to be believable for the story to have strong roots for the magic to make ANY sense in this world. Also I enjoyed A LOT the was she worked her social structure and social struggles of the women in the book, I see the ending of this trilogy being a great step into women rights of this area in particular (in the Six Duchies they at least don't treat their women as bad I think, there's scumbags everywhere though).

Character Observations:

Kennit: Basically everything is going according to plan. Except he lost his leg and relied on Etta more than he though he would, now is a matter of how to slip a Viagra in Wintrow's drink so he can impregnate Etta (relax is a joke!).

Wintrow: He;s changed almost in every way and not in the way he wanted but the circumstances and Kennit's manipulation has made him see the world in a different light thus changing he's personality in the process (Kennit says everything he does is for the good of the people and Vivacia and Wintrow believe him, we know it can't be that simple).

Brashen: He is in his final form, he is a fully capable captain, the only thing he needs to do is ask for Althea to marry him and he is complete.

Althea: I think she is capable of being a good liveship captain, she only needs her opportunity to prove it. She still needs a little of personal growth but she will get there, she can start her own trader family with Brashen (not because she can't do it alone but she will need heirs....).

Paragon: I can't predict how he will behave in the battles to come.

Malta: Started hating her, now I'm in the middle, she has grown a lot, she had a very narrow view of the world that has expanded because of her circumstances and she is starting to be useful and really important for the story line, I hope I come to love her in the end of the trilogy.

Final observations on Amber for this book:
1. She wants to guide Althea on her fate.
2. Shes not from Bingtown.
3. She is a master wood worker/carver.
4. She has honey skin and golden eyes.
5. Amber is not her real name, so we are dealing with someone who changed her identity.
6. Amber was an actress.
7. She says "my curiosity has always been greater than my wisdom" that brings back memories of someone...
8. She wears gloves, all the time.
9. The sharp lines of her face are not feminine (per Brashen's opinion)
10. It's not the first time shes been called a fool and likely not the last.

(I don't wanna say more, so I don't stir everyone's observations on her)

message 11: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (topaz6) | 26 comments Are there going to be discussions for Ship of Destiny?

message 12: by Abner (new)

Abner | 90 comments Michelle wrote: "Are there going to be discussions for Ship of Destiny?"

Yes, Samantha said she will put them up today/tomorrow :D

message 13: by Amy (new)

Amy Welham Such a great book! I really like how Malta has developed as a character and how she didn't take any rubbish from the Satrap. Keffria has also really done well without Kyle constantly criticising her. I so pleased the Dragon is free! I need to know what's happening with Wintrow. I am eager for Wintrow and Amber to cross paths. 1 book left, I don't want to leave these characters!

message 14: by Anita Reads (new)

Anita Reads | 22 comments I finally finished this book.
I've decided considering the length of all these books, to work on finishing a book a month, so I'll just keep being a bit behind.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book, and I like where the story is headed. I love the storyline from Amber, Paragon, Althea and Brashen, but I'm also really enjoying the perspectives from the Vivacia.

That ending though! =0

message 15: by Gina (new)

Gina (bookishgina) gahh so good!! I know I'm super far behind but love love love!! Malta has grown so much I actually care for her now! so intense! can't wait to start book 3 on monday!

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