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The Mad Ship (Liveship Traders, #2)
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2016 - ARCHIVED > The Mad Ship -Chapter 26-30

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Sarah | 52 comments I don't like Reyn. I don't know why.

For the first time I honestly feel like I like Malta and care about what happens to her.

Wintrow seems strange. I don't understand why he would suddenly admire Kennit. But that was maybe jzst what Kennit wanted to see and there ara other reasons why Wintrow spoke.

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John | 219 comments Kennit couldn't have asked for a better result than what he saw from Wintrow and his performance at Divvytown, both in acquitting himself well in a knife fight, and speaking so stirringly on Kennit's behalf. This demonstrates how Kennit's subtle manipulations have undone much of Wintrow's most sacred beliefs and harnessed them to the enhancement of Kennit's legend.

Kennit's program to turn his captive into his acolyte began with taking advantage of Kyle's cruel treatment of Wintrow. Wintrow was so in need of kindness and humane treatment that his normal wariness was being undermined from the start. Vivacia needed little convincing as she was under Kennit's charms from the moment they met; and this in turn influenced Wintrow from his closeness to her.

Etta was encouraged to get close to the boy as well with the reading lessons, and then the knife training( Kennit would have had them closer still as he wanted Wintrow to father a child by her, which would have accomplished three things: One, the child would have bonded Wintrow even more to Etta, and by extension, Kennit; secondly, the child would give Kennit another Vestrit on board for Vivacia, in the event Wintrow would get killed or have a falling out with Kennit; thirdly, it might get Etta out of Kennit's hair as her love for him is wholly unreciprocated, and he is clearly tiring of her).

Finally, Wintrow's rule-based religious leanings toward the teachings of Sa, which have made him skeptical of the motives behind Kennit's altruism, have yielded to a more utilitarian interpretation that if Kennit's means lead to good ends, then maybe Kennit is an instrument of Sa, regardless of his true intentions.

Wintrow's attachment and adoption of the methods of Kennit are a good example of Stockholm syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where captives start to identify with their captors, and seek to do their bidding.

Michelle (topaz6) | 26 comments Samantha wrote: "."

Samantha, I'm starting to agree. I think his biggest problem (along with Cerwin's) is that he can't seem to see Malta as an equal human, he just sees her as either a prize to be wooed to his side, or he sees her as a frightened child who needs to be coddled. Malta has shown from the start that she is neither, and that she has her own ambitions and goals, something that Bingtown is trying more and more to push down in women.

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Abner | 90 comments Kennit's plan was elaborate but I don't really fin plausible that Wintrow would fall in love with Etta that easily, much less how is he gonna get him to get her pregnant?. idk lets see where this goes, they seem to be getting closer, but I think they will need to get Wintrow drunk or something.

Now amber is starting to talk in riddles as a fortune teller, reminds you of someone? sure why not...

At this point I can't clearly see what Hobb has planned for the Paragon/Vivacia/Brahsen/Althea/Wintrow/Kennit bash that's about to happen (and that is a good thing), I hope there's some epic battle but the outcome I feel its going to be bitter sweet (this is the 2nd book in the trilogy after all) I'm guessing ship of destiny will be for a quest of revenge. Also I'm really curious what role will Malta play in the outcome since she appears to have a good connection with the dragon in the log, after all she said Malta is gonna die is just a matter to choose the method of her death (I'm paraphrasing), maybe the dragon needs to take a life to be reborn and she
will take Malta's.

I must say that Jani played Reyn so hard, she was willing to give him all he asked but it was important that he took the decision and she looked like she was resisting to his demands, is not the same if she offered all this stuff for him to forget about the log. Finally I think Reyn is good with "magic" because he has some skill/wit.

I agree the whole Divytown ordeal will greatly benefit Kennit, From this point on he seems to have Wintrow dancing on the palm of his hand, except loosing his leg, everything is turning out how he wanted it.

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