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2016 - ARCHIVED > The Mad Ship -Chapter 21-25

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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 52 comments I just love how everything in the Paragon Stiryline falls into place. Althea and Brashen are finally friends again and Paragon found his self-worth. I just loved that last scene.
Finally Althea said no to Grag. I always feel for these (mostly male) characters. It's not like they are bad oeople just that they never seem to undestand what is importand to their love interest. They say they don't want an "ordinary" woman and at the same time they don't understand the freedom their love interest needs.

I am not to mich of a fan of Vavacias storyline at the moment. I think Kennit is a bit to scheming and Wintrow and Vivacia are to ignorant for thier own good.

The developement I liked the most at the moment was Malta's. If her character continues to go in that direction I might even end up liking her.

Serilla's character also interests me more and more.

Now we finally know the connection between serpents, dragons and liveships and also why liveships know the way up the Rain river without charts. I am not surprised that the serpents turn into dragons, I thought that since halfway through the last book, but I think its interesting that wizardwood basically is won from a cocoon.

message 2: by John (last edited Aug 08, 2016 12:48PM) (new)

John | 219 comments Let's see if fixing up Paragon and taking that ship to go look for Vivacia makes any sense. So Brashen and Amber walk over to the Vestrit estate and announce that they are going to try and talk the Ludlucks into selling them Paragon( which apparently Amber can afford owing to all the money she has squirreled away in the somehow super-lucrative wooden jewelry industry).

Amazingly, the Vestrits have ready cash available to kick in as well, given that they haven't had liveship income for a while; and fell behind in their payments to their previous creditor, Barbara Festrew back when they still had Vivacia!

What has to be done next is repairing and refitting a liveship that has been sitting dormant on the beach for many years and relaunching him, all without Paragon's permission, and with his active and often aggressive resistance, which causes great distress to the workers who often quit and have to be replaced.

As this further enhances Paragon's reputation as an emotionally unstable homicidal "Mad Ship", only the dregs of humanity will apply for jobs serving as sailors on the crew( Oh, and these crew members can also expect to undergo combat training as they almost certainly will be trying, against impossible odds, to take a pirate liveship in pitch battle against well trained and experienced sea pirates, a mission that would be termed suicidal at best).

Obviously, this is the last desperate option, and common sense didn't prevail when choosing it! Lay off the cindin, Brashen!

message 3: by Abner (last edited Aug 10, 2016 11:34AM) (new)

Abner | 90 comments "The sharp lines of Amber's face when she pulls her hair back are not feminine" if that is not a BIG hint I don't know what is and I will loose all faith in Hobb.

We might as well call Kennit the liveship whisperer, to make Vivacia basically fall in love with him and make her jealous just to control and dominate her, the only poor soul were is Etta that has given false love and hope that Kennit will make her the one and only, his Queen. Kennit is already a liveship captain, and the liveship captains are always married to their ship first.

At last chp 24 deliversss!!!! So the dragons cocooned ready for their rebirth but people (Rain Wilds folk) though they where just logs of magical wood and carved them into liveships and killed their souls in the process, only the memories survived and they put new memories in for each captain that dies on deck, now the interesting thing is that Malta has a connection with the log (dragon) that Reyn discovered. So I'm guessing they are going to awake a full and healthy dragon from this log or something similar, this chapter was awesome!!!

With the paragon sailing now I see his attitude getting better I think he has a feeling of needing to redeem himself that hasn't awoken completely yet but I'm already waiting for it, I hope he does good things in the battles to come.

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