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The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod
This is where members can put the characters that they don't want.

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod
These belonged to Rachel so if you have any questions then message her about them.

1.) Name: Helia Nownst
2.) Of what kingdom: Kingdom of the Crimson Burn
3.) Lineage- royal family, nobility,middle class,commoner: Royal, (possible daughter of the King?)
4.) Any powers?: Controls light, teleports
5.) Crimson Burn or Dread Forest: Crimson Burn
6.) Family.....optional: Father is the king
7.) Age: 522
8.) Talents: Is very angelic and graceful. She always shows her sweet side, but beneath her skin is a demon waiting to be unleashed (literally) .... Her power to transform light is not something to underestimate
9.) Siblings: None

1.) Name: Maltra Kein
2.) Of what kingdom: Kingdom of the Dread Forest
3.) Lineage- royal family, nobility,middle class,commoner: Nobility, but treated better thanks to working for being so close to the queen
4.) Any powers?: The powers he has are unknown to everyone EXCEPT the queen. He has the power to turn into a dragon (but he rarely does so unless needed) and has the power to manipulate fire. However, he prefers to use weapons (which he is the master at) than using flames (also which he has mastered)
5.) Crimson Burn or Dread Forest: Dread Forest
6.) Family.....optional: Son of a soldier but became the queen's personal assassin/guard
7.) Age: 689
8.) Job: Queen's assassin/personal guard
9.) Talents: He knows how to use every weapon imaginable, but prefers to use a cursed blade he was given from his father. The blade is a beautiful small sword that is cursed to kill the person the owner wishes to kill no matter what. Even if he didn't have this blade, he would still be very good at his job
10.) Siblings: A younger sister that died from fever
Appearance: description/
His eyes are a stunning purple that could paralyze anyone, even if he just glares at them. Maltra has wings that form when he is traveling, but can also shoot feathers out like arrows, and make a GREAT shield and weapon. They are powerful and disappear when his feat touch the ground. They are spiritual wings, so you can't touch them or rip them off of him. His wings: He has pale skin, since he doesn't go outside unless he is sent on a mission or the queen goes outside as well. His face is very handsome, rather on the thin side. Permanent shadows and bags are under his eyes, since he never gets a blink of sleep. His black thick clothing helps melt him into the darkness. A big black and smooth jacket covers his black t-shirt. Over the t-shirt but under the jacket is a bandolier that holds explosives of all kinds. Some, even, that are almost impossible to imagine. In the inside of his pockets are many knives, daggers, and many (MANY) poisons. He has a belt that holds more daggers, knives, and his special cursed sword given to him by his father. It's a glowing blue sword that lights his path when all is dark, and the sword is cursed to kill the person the owner wishes to kill no matter what. He has thick black pants that hold hidden weapons, and big black boots that go below the knee that hold even more weapons. Over his handsome hands (yes, he has gorgeous hands) are black gloves. If you are close enough to him, you notice he smells like ashes.
12.) Personality: Maltra is a hushed person that prefers not to talk. In fact, it is rare for him to start conversations. He sticks to his queen's side at all times unless she has sent him on a mission to kill. He will accidentally sleep at times, but thanks to being a light sleeper, he quickly awakes after a few minutes. He is constantly worried about the queen, but doesn't show that the queen is his weakness. Yes, he loves her. That's right. I said it. He wants no one to know his weaknesses, so he stays mysterious and like I said, very hush hush. He doesn't reveal much emotion, but if you pay enough attention to him, you may notice the spot of light in the corner of his pupils revealing something here and there. If he is not privately with the queen, then you will most likely see him with a straight face and nothing but tiredness expressed on his face. He is not the social type, and when he is not speaking, you know he is listening and watching every move you make.
13.) History: Maltra's father was in the royal guard. His father said Maltra's mother was a fire controller, and when she met a dragon and was very nice to her, the dragon blessed her with the power to turn into a dragon. He kept his powers hidden, though found joy in training himself. He was taught everything a royal guard should know, but he never felt truly attached. Somewhere in his early 100's, his father died, and ran away from the castle and joined a guild of assassins. For the next 300 years he learned the art of assassins, and became the greatest assassin known to everyone. (He never used his fire powers, so no one knew he could control fire/turn into a dragon btw) In time he left the guild, claiming they were all too weak. He became a loner assassin, and when the queen's assassin was murdered by the Crimson Burn's assassin, the queen requested for THE BEST assassin. Guards all around hunted for Maltra, and he avoided them for a full 5 years. However, when they did find them, he reluctantly came to the castle once more. He found out the castle would be his home, and the amount of pay he would get would be extraordinary. He accepted, and after years of slowly becoming closer to the queen, he soon became her personal guard that stayed at her side at all times. He knows more about her than anyone else, and would die for her without hesitation.

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod
As belong to Rachel:

1.) Name: Kurcher Hentum
2.) Of what kingdom: Born in Dread Foresr
3.) Lineage- royal family, nobility,middle class,commoner: A dangerous commoner
4.) Any powers?: Has the power of ice and can turn into an ice demon.
5.) Crimson Burn or Dread Forest: Though born in Dread Forest, he mostly sides with Crimson Burn. However, he will side with Dread Forest if he gets a good pay.
6.) Family.....optional: Maltra is his cousin
7.) Age: 569
8.) Talents: Unlike Maltra, who hides his powers and keeps them a secret, Kurcher is VERY open with his powers, and many people know him as, "The Iced Arrow" He can make anything in this air (as long as it's made of ice) and has a living ice demon living inside of him. He lets the demon control only when fighting.
9.) Siblings: None
10.) Love Interest: He is Helia's current boyfriend (oooohh)
11.) Appearance: Being Maltra's cousin, the only thing they have in common is purple eyes. Maltra had light purple eyes, but Kurcher has dark purple eyes. He has black messy hair and also wears a black cloak. While Maltra has many weapons, Kurcher only has one; his bow and arrows. He is the master shooter, and all assassins know not to mess with him. (Can't find a picture though :(( )
12.) Personality: Kurcher loves having fun, and though he is on Crimson Burn's side, he likes to visit and try to talk his cousin into going on a killing spree with him. He knows he's good looking and knows he is one of the most powerful assassins, and he uses it to his advantage all the time. He loves Helia more than anything, but flirts with girls anyway just because he can.

1.) Name: Heathen Brursk
2.) Of what kingdom: Born in Crimson Burn
3.) Lineage- royal family, nobility,middle class,commoner: A commoner you've never seen before
4.) Any powers?: Can make an EXACT COPY of anyone or anything, is a VERY good spy
5.) Crimson Burn or Dread Forest: Though born in Crimson Burn, his mother ran away and placed him at the door of a commoner. Apparently his mother wasn't supposed to have him, so she got rid of him. (Mother is most likely dead, but he doesn't know)
6.) Family.....optional: True family is unknown, adopted family still alive and he lives with them still and cares very much about them. No brother or sister.
7.) Age: 601
8.) Talents: Heathen belongs to the Guild of Knowledge, where they trade pieces of things they know for cash. They are willing to risk their lives just to get one little secret. Members of the guild have a tattoo of a blue falcon on their thigh (the blue falcon is their symbol) Heathen, being a member of this guild, is VERY good at spying, since he can shapeshift and all.
9.) Siblings: None
10.) Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/aOKPol
This is what he normally looks like/chooses to look like, he doesn't change into someone else unless needed to be.
12.) Personality: Heathen is a very curious guy. The reason he is in the Guild of Knowledge is because he needs the money, and is obssessed with gaining as much knowledge as possible. If you say you have a secret, he NEEDS to know it. He will hold you at knife point in order to know what is going on in your brain. He rarely travels to gain knowledge about Crimson Burn, but if Crimson Burn needed someone to capture and question *cough* he would be the person you would want. However, he can be very tricky since he can make an EXACT copy of someone as long as he just touches them. He can also turn into things from his mind, but it has never been necessary.

1.) Name: Malice Venit
2.) Of what kingdom: Dread Forest
3.) Lineage- royal family, nobility,middle class,commoner: A poor commoner
4.) Any powers?: He is a shifter, and turns into a blue jay. That's his only powers, but has many trinkets and objects that have powers
5.) Crimson Burn or Dread Forest: He is a traveler. He prefers Dread Forest, but he travels selling trinkets and objects.
6.) Family.....optional: Unknown
7.) Age: 580
8.)talents: Very good at communication with others and is very polite.
9.) Siblings: Unknown
10.) Appearance: Has dyed handsome but messy light purple hair and beautifully stunning blue ocean colored eyes. He has pale skin and brown freckles. In his hair is a blue jay feather that represents the animal he can shift into. He wears raggedy brown scratched up clothing and a scrappy traveling cloak that he never dares to take off. He always carries a traveling bag that is bewitched to hold more things.

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 2192 comments Mod

1.) Name: Rashan Griven
2.) Of what kingdom: Dread Forest
3.) Lineage- royal family, nobility,middle class,commoner: Apprentice
4.) Any powers?: Many rumors if he has powers or not... Hasn't been proven yet ;)
5.) Crimson Burn or Dread Forest: Dread Forest, though sometimes it's hard to tell where his loyalties lie since he's a confusing person
6.) Family.....optional: Three siblings, mother died after having last child, father still alive
7.) Age: 604
8.)talents: Very agile, thinks before he acts, is a quick thinker, very good with every weapon, but his specialties are with knives, daggers, and darts
9.) Siblings: Three, but they all died in an explosion
10.) Appearance: Pitch black hair that is never tidy. He either is in his butler uniform, but if not he is in dark raggedy clothing with dark boots and black traveling cloak that hides his many weapons. He wears a permanent black mask made of metal that helps him breathe. His left eye is normal and is a light gray color, while his right eye is a robotic red eye that can see very well and very far away and can do things other eyes can't. His right hand was replaced by a robotic hand, and his whole left leg was replaced by a robotic one.
11.) History: Father was a very important spy for Dread Forest, and Crimson Burn found out about him. They exploded his house. The father barely escaped, the father got Rashan out. The bottom half of his face had been horribly blown off (sorta) his eye blown up, his hand was missing, and a whole leg had been blown off. The father was weak and dragged the unconscious Rashan to a hospital. They said he needed robotic parts or else he would've died without that kind of support. The father gave them permission to add robotic parts. Rashan got used to the mask and parts immediately, and started training as a spy by his father. The father got deathly sick, and soon died from it. Maltra was walking down the town in the rain to retrieve weapons, and right in the middle of the street was Rashan, tears running down his only real eye. Maltra grabbed him and dragged him to the palace. Rashan started telling everything that happened, everything he's been through. Maltra was silent for a full two minutes after Rashan told his story. Maltra simply said, "Would you like to be my apprentice?" He trained with Maltra for a long time, and when Maltra and Aelin got a long very well, it was Rashan going out and doing the killing. When he's not training or going out, he's a butler in the palace. A very strange looking butler too... And unless he's a butler, training, or going out, he's hiding in the palace somewhere watching everything that's happening. He doesn't talk to anyone unless they talk to him, or he needs to talk to someone.

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