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A forest that is EAST of the other one. The two are not connected.

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Serena ran through the forest, she was breathing heavily...Sango, her half white/half black stuffed bear trailing after her. "Hurry Sango! They are catching up with us!!" she yelled to Sango even though no one was chasing them. Serena was hallucinating again, this time it was that people were chasing her..not just any people..her parents. Serena started to run faster, her hands covering her ears "Stop! Mom, Dad! Go away! I'm sorry!!" she yelled at no one.

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Aki heard a noise and turned around to see a young looking girl running away from something. She watched as she did and saw nothing. "Hmm..Interesting.." She was brewing up her newest love potion and pink clouds were all around her. "I hope this one works, i've been working on it for a while now." She muttered to herself. The noises got louder and Aki saw her getting closer.

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"Sango!! Come on! They are going to catch us!" she said to the bear, who rolled her eyes in response. Serena stopped and turned around "They...aren't there.." she mumbled to herself looking down "I'm sorry Sango.." the bear nodded in response. Serena dusted off her skirt and sighed, she slumped down into the ground below.

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Aki noticed the girl realize nothing was there. "I should go see if everything's ok shouldn't I.." Suddenly, the potion failed from lack of being stirred and a huge cloud of pink, purple, and red flooded the area. Aki started to cough and it got worse.

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Serena suddenly heard coughing "Is someone there??" she asked, afraid. She grabbed Sango and hugged her tightly before getting up. She breathed in "Hello?" and started to look around.

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Aki stopped coughing and the colored clouds went away. "Dangit!" She muttered. Aki looked up and waved at the girl. "Hello!~" She called out with a smile. She wiped off her dress.

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Serena's eyes widened "H-Hello! My name is Serena!" she said happily as she waved. Sango hid behind Serena's legs for safety. They sky got a bit brighter because Serena was happy.

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"Hold on!" Aki said to her. She ran over and grinned. "My names Aki! I'm a witch that uses love spells and stuff."

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Serena smiled "I'm a witch too!!" She said happily. "This is Sango! She is a witch too" said Serena, pointing at the animal hiding behind her.

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Aki smiled and crouched down. "Hello!!" She stood up again and looked at her hair ties. "They're so cute!!" She squealed. Aki was one for cute things and those were uber adorable to her.

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol))

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Serena smiled "Thank you!!" She said happily. Serena looked around "do you come here often?" She asked. "This is my first time coming here!"

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Aki nodded. "Yeah, my home is near here so I go here and look at the scenery and everything else." She smiled at the girl. "That's nice!"

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Serena smiled "Thats cool! My home isn't even close to here.." she said, knowing that she hadn't been there in many years.

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"Wow, what brings you here then?" She asked kindly. Aki ran her hands through her hair.

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Serena dusted off her skirt again, "A hallucination of my parents!" she said, unaware of how crazy she sounded.

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Aki nodded and thought for a moment. Maybe another witch did it..? "Interesting.." She said.

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"I get them all the time! Just part of being cursed I guess" she said, rocking on the balls of her feet. Sango still hid behind her legs though, not wanting to make any witch enemies.

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She tilted her head in confusion. "Cursed?" She asked curiously. Aki looked at Sango and smiled but then back at Serena.

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"I was cursed when I was a child...about 400 years ago..the curse made me so I couldn't die. Of course we had no idea until my father tried to have me killed" she said "I went mad dealing with the fact that I couldn't I started hallucinating a lot!".

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"'m sorry." Aki said to her with a serious look. She didn't know she was this old and couldn't die.

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Serena smiled "Its fine! How old are you? I am 437" she said, stretching a bit.

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Aki nodded and then laughed. "I'm very old.." She then thought for a moment. "I'm about 600 something years old.." She winked. "But I look 19!"

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"You are! Wow!" she said "Sango is about 500 years old" she said pointing at the bear.

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Aki widened her eyes. "Really?!" She had never met someone close to her age. "Amazing!"

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"She is a witch too!!" said Serena "What kind of magic do you use?" she asked.

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"I use love spells and potions! Not the best for fighting though." She shrugged. "Unless..I make one that can stop the opponent in the name of love..." She said with a mischievous grin. "What about you two?"

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"I use Curses, weather control, mind control and shapeshifting!" she said "Sango can't use magic when she is in this body. I am working on a way to break her curse!"

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"Oh wow, awesome!" She looked at Sango again. "What did she look like before she was in that body?" She asked curiously.

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"I don't know..." she said "Sango was given to me as a present, no one knew that she was alive"

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"Ohh..Does she talk?" Aki was very interested in these two. She leaned against a tree and looked around.

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"No, we communicate by reading minds.." she said sadly "When I said mind control, I could also read the mind."

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"Sounds cool." She thought for a moment. "I mean by reading minds...Not that she can't talk." She sighed at herself.

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"She will be able to soon! When I undo her curse!" she said happily, hoping that she could acctually do it

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Aki grinned. "Good!!" She looked at Sango still behind her leg. "Is she still afraid?" She asked.

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Serena bent down "Are you Oh.." said Serena "She is just wary of other witches by myself"

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Aki nodded. "That makes sense." She frowned. "There are a lot of horrible ones out there."

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Kairi ran through the woods, she was getting closer.

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Arata caught up with her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Kairi.." He said out of breath. "Wait."

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Kairi whipped around "Arata?! What are you doing..why did you follow me?!" She asked.

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"I'm not gonna let you go alone!" He said taking his hand off her shoulder.

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"Arata, please..go back home..I don't want anything to happen to you.." She said sadly.

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"I'll be fine. I'm worried about you though." He said to her.

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"She could cuss you too..or kill you right on the spot! I don't want that to happen" she cried.

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Arata sighed. "I'll hide in a tree..or something.." He said.

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"Arata please, I need to do this. I need to find her.." She said as she looked down.

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"Just let me help you! I don't want you to have to do this alone!" He said to her.

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"I don't want you to die!" She said. "I care about you a lot! I would rather it was me than you!!"

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"None of us will die!" He said to her. "I'll make sure of it!"

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