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Ravenpaw/claw~Raise a Glass to Freedom (ravenpawclaw) | 14 comments This is my story that I am gonna write in a moment. Well, probably tomorrow. Sorry if it sucks! But it is a Harry Potter fan fiction all about Severus Snape's life. If you don't want spoilers of the regular series then don't read it! Cause it will spoil some stuff. A lot of stuff really. So here it is! Or will be...

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Alex Rushmer | 12 comments I can't wait for it! I love Severus Snape. :-)

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Omg!!!! I'm literally the biggest Harry Potter fangirl can't wait!!!!! *squeals crazily*

Ravenpaw/claw~Raise a Glass to Freedom (ravenpawclaw) | 14 comments Okay warning. It is gonna take a lot longer than I thought to write and start. Because I need to read the books to find more about him and stuff. Then I have to type it out for you and all...so be prepared for a long wait in between updates. Sorry:-(
But it'll all come in good time! ;)

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Amanda I'm working on the Harry Potter Chronicles Part 2 and it's taking forever.

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