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message 1: by Tara (new)

Tara Bates | 195 comments Mod
Another week!! How are we all doing? I'm still slowly getting through a couple of books but I keep going back and forth so haven't finished any.

message 2: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (kiik) Finished Challenger Deep today, which I absolutely loved. I listened to the audiobook, which was very well done. The way Shusterman captures the MC's schizophrenic experience is so well-written and captivating. I definitely recommend it.

message 3: by Clare (new)

Clare (-clare-) Nothing to report again i'm afraid. I have started my book set in Europe though so maybe next week.

message 4: by Charline (new)

Charline (charline84) | 80 comments I finished Reasons to Stay Alive for my self improvement book prompt, but it would also work for the book about mental illness prompt too. I'd really recommend it for anyone who has suffered mental illness or knows anyone who has. And it was actually really enlightening and hopeful, lots of good tips.

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