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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Rhabharry | 2 comments Watched the Final Programme film for the first time the other
Thought is was alright better than I expected not enough music liked how Frank was done

Are there other interpretations out there

Searched on the youtube and found not much

The end of this i's quite something

message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 77 comments Mod
Where did you find The Final Programme? From time to time, I've looked for that on various streaming services with no luck.

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex Rhabharry | 2 comments yeah I couldnt find it online streamed
I bought the DVD a few days ago

message 4: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 77 comments Mod
Thanks for letting me know. That's the only option I saw, too.

message 5: by Lemec (new)

Lemec | 251 comments Mod
There was a petition once for a nice Blu ray version of The Final Programme. It was never made.

There is the rare Region one DVD and somewhat recently a Region two UK DVD that may have had produced more copies.

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