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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Children's book- thick treasury of stories. Received book in early 1980s, but may have been published earlier. Some illustrations color and some in B&W.

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message 1: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna | 6 comments It's a thick, square book that's a treasury of all different stories. Some have color illustrations and some have black and white. Here are the stories I remember:

Blackberry Jam

The Magic Porridge Pot

Jonathan Jon Has a Lazy Day

The Teddy Bears' Picnic

Some story about a giant turnip

A story about a couple that was granted 3 wishes and the man wishes a sausage would grow from the end of the his wife's nose and it does

Some kind of Chinese folktale

A story with a man who had a super long mustache

Something about a magic paintbrush

A story with a bunch of birds, a large net and an airplane

A story with cars that had faces and talked. One of them was dirty and needed a wash.

A story about a bunch if sailors

Does ANYONE know what I'm talking about?? I loved this book so much and no longer have it, but really want to find a copy. I have googled like crazy, but don't remember the book title.

message 2: by Kimber (last edited Jul 26, 2016 10:59AM) (new)

Kimber (kimberlibri) | 158 comments Arghh. It must be a compilation or anthology of fairy tales because I immediately was familiar with the 'sausage on the nose' tale [that's a [author:Charles Perrault|35760] tale] and the 'giant turnip' tale [Grimm Brothers, taken from Tolstoy] although i don't remember the exact specifics. I'm still in the midst of tracking down a childhood book of fairy tales that i loved and it's not an easy task but don't give up. It helps if you concentrate on one story, remember the illustrations and find the illustrator. They'll have a list of every contribution done. It's a messy job but a great way to kill some time.

message 3: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna | 6 comments I can remember some of the illustrations and they were all by the same illustrastor (or at least you can tell that all the color illustrations were done by the same person and same with the black and white ones. I've googled different story titles and looked at all the image results, but none were from this book.

For example, when I google "Blackberry Jam" story, I get a couple images from a book called Mr. McGee and the Blackberry Jam," and the rest are all pics of blackberries and jars of blackberry jam. So frustrating! Any suggestions?

message 4: by Adrianna (last edited Jul 26, 2016 01:54PM) (new)

Adrianna | 6 comments Just wanted to add that I also remember a story about a hedgehog and a hare as well as another story that involved a mouse, whose name (I think) was Cuthbert. Also, some adaptation of Thumbling/Tom Thumb.

message 5: by Kimber (new)

Kimber (kimberlibri) | 158 comments There is a Brother's Grimm about a hedgehog and a hare. I think Perrault also did a Tom Thumb version in his fairy tales. All i can tell you is to 'google' fairy tale before your descriptives and keep looking. I trolled through Cinderella [mainly Disney] illustrations for a year or so before stumbling on an illustration I remembered in a blog and that led to the 1955 version of Cinderella from a Little Golden Book I had as a kid. Same with a cassette version of The Little Mermaid. When you see the illustration you'll know.

message 6: by Kimber (new)

Kimber (kimberlibri) | 158 comments Is this the Blackberry jam story?

message 7: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna | 6 comments No, the one in this book is about an old lady who lives in or near the woods and gets up early every day to pick all the blackberry bushes clean. The animals in the woods beg her to leave some blackberries for them, but she won't and takes them all for herself to make jam. One night while she sleeps, the animals sneak into her pantry and steal all of her other food, leaving her with ONLY blackberry jam to eat. In the end, the woman gets so sick of blackberry jam that she never picks another berry.

message 8: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40674 comments Mod
Adrianna, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

message 9: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna | 6 comments Still looking!

message 10: by Amber (Daisymau) (new)

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1435 comments Is this one of the short stories?
The Magic Porridge Pot by Paul Galdone

message 11: by Adrianna (new)

Adrianna | 6 comments Yes, that is one of the stories, except it was by a different author/illustrator in the book I had.

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