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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments So to not clutter previous threads I thought I'd start a new topic welcoming any and all ideas for #ComedyBookWeek 2017. No matter what the idea whether it's a new type of award, advertising the week or well anything else let's get together and throw ideas out there so we can make #ComedyBookWeek 2017 (January) better and bigger than this year's has been!!

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Portia Porter | 41 comments Good call, Happy Kat!

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Shiroff | 11 comments Ah, yes, great idea. And I'll be happy to start . . . I might be the only one, but frankly, I was (and still am) not quite sure what I was to do or should have been doing or still yet need to do for #ComedyBookWeek. Even when I'm sober. Were there directions somewhere that I missed? Can we have directions somewhere next time? And please speak slowly. Ask. Portia. She's. Very. Good. With that . . . and. patient. with. me.

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Portia Porter | 41 comments That's. Because. Portia. Is. Slow.
Here in Ducklingburg, South Duck.

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Portia Porter | 41 comments Obviously, the sun has not yet hit the mark in Australia when Ana wakes up, but here's what I (think) I know.

If you have a blog, you get to read books and post about them. If you are an author without any blog, my suggestion would be that you could review fellow authors on commercial platforms like Amazon, GR, B&N, Smashwords, ets. Which we probably need to have a list of those.

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments There's 2 main roles in #CBW. One is blogging (reviewing books, holding interviews with authors, guest posts for authors, etc) the other is the role of comedy authors (sending out books for review to participating bloggers, being available for interviews, guest posts Q&As - if you want to and possibly reducing the price of your book for the special week).

Some people took on the role of both blogger and author but for the most part you are either an author looking to promote your book through #CBW or a blogger like me looking to help boost indie authors books and fame with the week (plus we get a free book to read in return so yay!)

On that note I did it! I created a submissions page for #CBW authors who want an review from me. Beware I have some rules, they are...Read the submissions page BEFORE filling in the form :) So if anyone wants a review for Januaury (and it won't appear before January as I have a backlog of reviews in the meantime to get through) go ahead and submit, or at least take a look if you are interested. It links off my submissions page on the main website https://happymeerkatreviews.wordpress...

Ooo and while you're there take a look at the layout I've added stuff to my widgets bar on the right twitter feed and stuff. Does it all look okay, readable?

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Ana told me she'd like there to be more awards so can anybody think of any. Perhaps more types of awards for bloggers and awards for authors too like funniest book this year or something. A fun awards system we can have some awards like not only best blogger for how many reviews but maybe some special outstanding effort award or some silly more funny awards, it is a #COMEDYbookWeek after all?

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Sorry just a question should there be a separate thread started for review submissions, a place all people taking reviews can be contact on? Just an idea?

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Portia Porter | 41 comments The Kat got it right on the nose!

A suggestion: what if there is a point for a blogger for referring a book to another blogger?

Kat, Ana has a page "for bloggers" where you sign in. Is that what you had in mind?

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J.J. Green | 5 comments I think more awards is a great idea that will increase interest and participation. What also entices readers is free and discounted books. A page of these showing the discount would work really well, and if it featured different books over the week there would be an incentive for readers to keep checking.

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Jackson Lear | 10 comments The sun is now up in Australia and it's a balmy 8 degrees in Melbourne. Brrr. I have a few ideas I'd like to throw into the pot.

For all permafree authors, we could group some of our like-minded books into box sets. I've seen some sets have 9 books from 9 authors, but I can't imagine many readers will get through all of those. That way, the authors can network and promote the hell out of their buddy because you're in the same boat. (Naturally, this can work for non-permafree as well, though the issue of dividing up royalties becomes a pain.)

If all the authors have a short bio (Twitter short, not high school exam short) on the site with the first one or two paragraphs of their book posted it can give readers and bloggers a taste of the style and what they're in for. Plus links to a bigger bio, their site, the box set they're in, etc.

We take all of the unusual questions asked during these past interviews, rank them, have a vote, and the top 10 most intriguing questions are answered by all authors and posted over 10 days on all of our sites / blogs. So, on day one, everyone answers question one. On day two, everyone answers question two. I suggest we do this well in advance so that all 10 are answered before #CBWJan begins.

8 degrees, bah. I have a chill right on my ankle, between my fuzzy monster slippers and jeans, and it doesn't go away even when I'm under a blanket. Bring on spring!

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Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments I like the comedy award aspect. I like a lot of these ideas.

A post announcing accepting books for reviews in advance of #CBW and have people submit their books. Write them when I read, holding the review for the January event.

Good ideas. I like to send people over to other reviewers.

I know I can do more than 1 review a day. I usually post a few things a day. People are used to my hyperactive posting.

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Vicki I don't know how you manage all those reviews. I am reading a lot these days but I simply can't read as speedily and review as fast as you :o!

I was thinking that I don't mind doing reviews and many of them but there were a lot of reviews for the same books. Shizzle Inc I think got reviewed the most during the week and of course any book can be reviewed more than once but it would be nice to see a wider range of books being reviewed. Not sure how to work that out yet but maybe when we get closer to the date we can have a list of books that want reviewing but haven't had any confirmation from reviewers yet, those books (if there are any) could be picked up by bloggers wanting to review an extra book....Did that make sense, it's 6am and I'm having trouble sleeping so I might have just blurted out nonsense there.

Portia, maybe in some sign up via Ana's website but I was thinking like even here. I have my submissions page and authors can currently contact me for both regular reviewing (3-4 month wait) and #CBW reviews which will be listed in January. I was thinking a webpage or even here where all bloggers submissions details or email addresses if they don't have such a page, would be displayed. A good first place for authors to go to find us #CBW reviewers :).

Btw I did already receive your emails and just haven't been able to reply yet (am typing this from my phone). Potia I got your email about your ARC I'll treat it as one and will contact you back soon via email and JJ I got your email too and will reply soon, I am definitely interested :) thank you.

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Jackson wrote: "Bring on spring!"

Ugh! We've just had in Britain what is classed as a heatwave which translates into humid , hot, humid, hot, humid,hot, no AC so hot and veeeerrry humid. Bring on the cold!! Well at least summer here lasts about a week!

To those people who adsked me to review books already, and who I spoke to during #CBW, would you still like me to review thebooks when I get round to them, about October/November or would you want me to save them for #CBW in January? Or heck would you want me to review ANOTHER book in January :o? Let me know...

Jackson your book's still not free in the UK, JJs is though, not sure why it works on her book but not yours

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Please forgive typos, typing on a phone is a nightmare!!!

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Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments Yes, I saw that there were other books that did not get covered in blogs. If they want a review, I will still do reviews for them.

If they want it held for the January #CBW, I can do that. I looked on the list to choose a book that I didn't see on the list.

I am willing to do a lot more for the event. I was doing NanoWriMo and didn't have time to do as many as I wanted to in July.

I just love putting out reviews for good books. I cat nap lol I don't sleep. Lots of reading and writing time lol.

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments We need a way to make more people especially readers aware of the event. Because of that I think the #CBW website might need a few cosmetic changes like a static front page. Please don't think I don't like the site I do and you've done a really great job Ana, but I can't help but be obsessed with getting things really perfect...I spent about 40 minutes yesterday rearranging the HTML to make sure the two badges on my website are in perfect line with each other!

message 18: by Vicki (new)

Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments I know what you mean about the badges LOL

I know Ana was in the final stretch when she started the website. I am sure now that it can relax she can make it awesome. We have to keep the buzz going until January.

Thehappymeerkat wrote: "We need a way to make more people especially readers aware of the event. Because of that I think the #CBW website might need a few cosmetic changes like a static front page. Please don't think I do..."

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Matthew | 28 comments This sounds great and I agree with a lot of the ideas. I think more books being reviewed would be great. There were a lot of books that joined late in the day or during the week so those were always going to be difficult to be read and reviewed during the week.

Could there be a cut off for reviews? This time we'll have months to promote it so for reviews would cutting it off a week before to give people time to read and review be a better idea? Or at least say that those books submitted after a certain date may not be read and reviewed in time but will be in the days and weeks after the event?

There are so many books that not all will get read and reviewed. I don't read much but any I do read I'll review online.

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Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments A cut off would be good. I know it is hard to say no. Obviously, I am a person that can't say no. But a deadline would be a good idea. I am getting a friend that reads to start a blog so she will be ready to participate in January. She wrote her first blog tonight :) We can all be Obi Juan's to new bloggers.

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Depending on how many book review requests I get I might have an earlier cut off point personally. I still have to honour and keep reviewing non comedy books I've been asked to but I can certainly take more than last time :). My emails not responding on my phone so those of you who've contacted me I'll reply later today when I get to my laptop :).

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Here's a question, should bloggers list the books they've been asked to review? Or should we just do that later when closer to the date.l to give review less books an extra chance?

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Btw what is this NanoWriMo? So many people talk about it yet I don't know what it is?

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Jackson Lear | 10 comments Thehappymeerkat wrote: "Btw what is this NanoWriMo? So many people talk about it yet I don't know what it is?"

NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month. It's an international (sshhh, they're Americans, everything is national) event where people try to write 50,000 words of a novel within 30 days. It's open to everyone who wants to participate. It's also a social thing where people in your city meet up and have something in common.

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Matthew | 28 comments I did NaNoWriMo in 2011. Had to write at lunch every day for a month then type it up at home in the evening. It definitely was a challenge, I was mentally exhausted at the end but I did it! :D

Could those books up for review be listed and at first have one person review them, when that book has a blog reviewer then it would open up as many as possible to get at least one review. If books do get more than one review, that's up to the reviewer, but could get get the books listed so officially people can chose one or however many they want and their name goes next to those books.

Doesn't mean somebody else can't review my book or Ana's etc but officially the list would mean more books get reviewed at least once rather than one book being picked, being reviewed 12 times and some books not even getting one?

Just an idea, not sure if people think that's a good idea or not.

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Oh, I have heard of National Novel Writing Month, just never heard of it referred to as NaNoWriMo, lol. Which month is this held in because I remember on the news a n the UK a few years back something about writing a novel in November... or is that another event?!

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments The list sounds good. Maybe not having any restrictions on multiple reviews but if bloggers names, or blog names, are listed next to the books we can see which books still need reviews and maybe like last time bloggers can also approach authors who've put their books on the list. Maybe if there are. reviewless books(and there probably will be as there's LOTS of books versus bloggers at the mo,) we can put a call out to bloggers asking if any of them can still fit in an extra book or something, like you just thinking aloud here. Good to get all ideas out here :)

message 28: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 28 comments Yes, exactly :) Nothing wrong with books getting multiple reviews, but it would be good to get as many reviewed as possible :)

message 29: by Thehappymeerkat (new)

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments We have to get all ideas on a list and then push them forward, I think with that list and maybe a separate list of participating bloggers (good free exposure in general btw- got a fantasy book review request from someone who read my #CBW reviews! :o) the site needs an overhaul. Not wanting to push Ana into overdrive but I still think it needs some adjusting....Anyway that's for later.

I think the banner should be the first and most important thing to get done. The banner would serve like a brand image and it needs to be something that's recognised and that people will see again and again, year after year and know what it is...I keep the same banner and avatar (which is part of my avatar) on multiple sites for about a year and I've now had people tell me they recognise me from around the net and I've even had book publisher's recently approach me for review saying they recognise me/my site and have google searched to find the address (I know - nuts :D!) but it means I or 'meerkat avatar' is getting famous (sort of) and with time #CBW could actually become a bigger and bigger thing. Just because it's started out as a collection of indie authors getting together doesn't mean it can't become BIG!

Yeah maybe I'm a little over excited and thinking way above the mark but I'd rather think crazy positive than be the negative ninny I was last year! :)

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Matthew | 28 comments Nothing wrong in thinking big, it got over 100 people in 3 weeks just to start with! :D

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Lisa Shiroff | 11 comments Vicki wrote: "Yes, I saw that there were other books that did not get covered in blogs. If they want a review, I will still do reviews for them.

If they want it held for the January #CBW, I can do that. I look..."

Vicki -- how should I contact you? I'd love to get a review!

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments And this is exactly why we need somewhere to put all these bloggers information. I'll start a new topic for that maybe. I'm on my phone again so will have to leave details of my webpage later though

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Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments You can contact me at vicgoodwin@gmail.com

Lisa wrote: "Vicki wrote: "Yes, I saw that there were other books that did not get covered in blogs. If they want a review, I will still do reviews for them.

If they want it held for the January #CBW, I can d..."

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Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments They have Camp NanoWriMo in April and July. I wrote 52,000 words in 22 days! lol Plus the CBW. So I was a little busy. The main event is in November. This is a child of the main event. I find it help me focus on my writing, working with a goal like that.

Thehappymeerkat wrote: "Oh, I have heard of National Novel Writing Month, just never heard of it referred to as NaNoWriMo, lol. Which month is this held in because I remember on the news a n the UK a few years back someth..."

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Vicki (vickigoodwin) | 46 comments I love getting excited about a project. The open list where you can see the uncommitted books will open up the field! I know ana did a wonderful job juggling all this. maybe we can help take a little off her plate for January with our brainstorming!

We need to think big. Look how 1st annual blossomed. Let me know when page is up. I will put my name in there.

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Vicki, in the meantime I've started a thread/topic for bloggers details, go add yours :):)

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments I check my spam folder each day, I've actually set it to never delte without my approval and can see how many comments are there. I've seen other bloggers posts in my spam before but never yours.
Any idea what you wrote in those particular comments. I've had something classed as spam when it's been a short 'hi long time no see' and usually spam when there's a link attached to my comment. I think akismet also seems to class something as spam if you're not posting a comment very often, but honestly I don't know more than that.
On some blogs my comments are always 'waiting for moderation' even though I comment on every post. It seems to be a silly wordpress thing.

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Do you mean regular comments but from people you've never heard of? I get lots of those these days and it could be the email address but more likely its the content of the actual message. The message left is a generic one and I think akismet finds anything generic as spam. Interesting thing about those comments is to type them into a search engine, think that person was speaking about your blog? You'll see hundreds of copycat comments on other blogs.

Strange thing about spam, I just don't get what is the point of pointless spam. If they're trying to direct you to a dodgy site or trying to get you to email them fair enough that makes sense as they'll get something out of you but why create spam that's simply 'your blog is really awesome, I will save it to my RSS feed'. Nice boost to your moral but what's the point!?

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Matthew | 28 comments Your messages on mine were in Spam, Vicki. Odd!

message 40: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 28 comments Nope, not at all. They looked fine to me. I didn't even know they were there until I noticed I had a few spam messages, but no, they looked okay to me. Not remotely spammy.

message 41: by Thehappymeerkat (new)

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Don't worry about it Vicki, like I said there's one blog I visit all the time and my comments are always waiting for moderation and in some cases my friend never replied to me so maybe I was seen as a spammer on that site. The inevitable result of having a computer system that carefully selects lots of spam and stops it being published is that some genuine comments get directed as spam too.

I once had a comment appear in my email telling me it needed moderation. I was out at the time and only got back to my laptop hours later (read the email on my phone). by the time I got back the comment moved from the moderation queue into spam...Silly WordPress! lol

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Vicki wrote: "I have been reading a few conspiracy blogs. "

They are all true!!!!

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Ok, we have gone waaaaay off topic here :p. So to bring back the normality and to make sure others don't feel alienated by the conversation...Ideas for #CBW 2017 are still welcome!!!

-So far good stuff, new banner (I think this should be decided after the people's choice award)
-Page with bloggers contacts
-Page with participating books (with reviewers names attached to individual books) Maybe the same page or different with author bios attached
-Possible Box set promotions and special discounts over the week with a page showing these to raise incentive to visit the website
-More awards (which I guess can be decided at a later date)
-Questions for authors to answer
-Cut of date for reviewers/ cut off date for contacting reviewers which is good a I don't really want to say no to someone and was disappointed myself that I didn't have time to review Maggie's book.

I think that's the list, anything else I missed out? The conversation went a little off topic after that! lol
Any more ideas? I hope all the adding pages and stuff won't tire Ana out! :o

message 44: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 28 comments That looks great so far! I don't have any further ideas right now but I'm sure there will be more :)

message 45: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Le Page (maggielepage) | 18 comments That list looks awesome!

message 46: by Ana (new)

Ana Spoke | 31 comments Mod
Hi, guys!

Sorry, I've crushed after the week finished - got a cold and did a little lie-down-Internet-detox. Just quickly scanned through this - awesome! I will write a post on the website in a day or so, and will summarise what has already been discussed here, and will invite comments from others (that are not on Goodreads).

Thank you all for your interest, ideas, and your energy!

message 47: by Thehappymeerkat (new)

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments Hi everyone. All people in this group and especially all authors please help. Bloggers have spent time and energy on reviewing your books. 3 blogger's reviews were nominated as best. Please take the time to read all three and vote for your favourite. I don't mind who wins but I do mind if nobody takes part or bothers to read each review, especially given how much time we are giving to reading your books, so please help make this last part of #CBW a success and a great vote...thank you !!!! :)

message 48: by Thehappymeerkat (new)

Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments OK I should have added please go to the latest blog post of www.comedybookweek.com to vote. I'm typing on my phone so getting the actual blog URL is impossible :o!

And if anyone things I'm soliciting votes by posting I'm really not. I have received the two votes I was expecting from my two nominators (is that the word?) -thank you by the way :D - and any more is an amazing bonus but I doubt I'd get more. Oh and I'm not voting for myself though the urge to do so is soooo strong lol just kidding

One thing I do wonder about polls is how many people make a vote based on favouritism and how many give merit to the individual vote and read all three reviews before deciding?....oh ignore me I should be asleep instead I'm thinking philosophically about a simple poll... I'm having a weird break down after #CBW lol :p !

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Maggie Le Page (maggielepage) | 18 comments I'm so glad you posted your comments here, Thehappymeerkat - if you hadn't I wouldn't have even known that "time to vote" post was up. My bad, no doubt, but I'm still glad you mentioned it here :)

I'm just wondering if there is a clever way Ana (or whoever does admin for this bit in future) could get the word out to everyone involved and help garner more involvement in the voting process. eg perhaps by joining in the #CBW fun people give permission for their email address to be added to a mailing list for announcement of all new posts?

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Thehappymeerkat | 69 comments I think there should be an incentive for people to come back for the voting. Ana told me that she's noticed a drop in visitors after the week of reviews,etc is over. Maybe a vote done in a different way like with a giveaway attached...I don't know what but it's disheartening to find so few nominations and only a handful of votes given how many people were reading and visiting blogs and other places for the week.

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