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message 1: by Starr (new)

Starr Waddell (quiethouseediting) | 38 comments Hey everyone!

My company Quiethouse Editing offers beta reading services. We have a group of 17 readers who can be hired for beta reading. At this time, we only have one male reader in our group, and I'd like to find other men who are experienced beta readers to join.

If you're interested, please visit the website to see what our service entails and contact me through there.

message 2: by Ink (new)

Ink 2 Quill (ink2quill) I am a male and I would like to beta read.


message 3: by Zero (new)

Zero (jl_sanchez) | 75 comments Hello Starr,

Male here as well and also interested. what are the requirements?

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