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Kehl | 239 comments The amount of detail you want to put is mostly optional but there are some required and recomended specs to put. I will post those later

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Kehl | 239 comments Name:
Age:(An estimate is okay if you're immortal)
Gender:(If you have one)
Good or bad:(Can be neutral)
Appearance:(Include any distinguishing features)
Weapons or personal items:
Approved:(Put yes or no here based on whether a mod has approved it yet or not)

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Kehl | 239 comments Name: Yume/Core
Age: About 300 (Immortal)
Gender: Male
Good or bad: Neutral(Leaning toward good)/Neutral(leaning toward bad)
Species: God of wisdom, knowledge, souls/God of war, chaos, fire
Abilities: Illusions and many other forms of mental or soul magic. Great intelect./ Fire magic. Great strength and agility.
Personality: Yume is normally a fairly cold person who shows little emotion. He is not mean, just not very emotional. He cares about little else than his research but if he does wish to protect something he will defend it to his last./ Core is the polar opposite of Yume. He is extremely open with his emotions (Most of which is anger) and opinions. Although he is usually aggressive he can be a lot of fun if you get on his good side.
Weapons or personal items: Wooden staff that Yume uses for casting magic and Core uses as a weapon. The staff is enchanted to be indestructible. He keeps a small bottle at his hip that looks like a sake bottle. It is actually his jar of souls which he can use with his soul magic for combat and other purposes.
Strengths: Yume is extremely intelligent and can outsmart most enemies. He usually avoids combat because he finds it pointless and barbaric but if he is forced into combat he will likely not do any actual fighting. Instead he can weave complex illusions to defeat opponents./ Core is overwhelmingly strong as fast. His body also gives of natural heat when he is agitated. When he is angry his physical attributes are enhanced and his heat increases greatly. He uses his indestructible staff because most weapons break after he uses them a few times. He uses very powerful fire magic as well.
Weaknesses: He is very physically weak. An average human could probably take him down if he were to not use magic./ Core's rage is his greatest strength and also his greatest downfall. Core is easy to be tricked and is susceptible to mind games as well as certain kinds of magic.
Mother: Kali Hindu god of death
Father: Mimir norse god of wisdom

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Kehl | 239 comments Name: Dago
Age: 132 (appears 19)
Gender: Male
Species: Fog elemental
Abilities: He can shift between an ephemeral fog form and a human form. His human form is sold unlike his fog form. In his fog form most physical attacks will pass through him but he is vulnerable to magic attacks. His human human form on the other hand can be hurt with physical attacks.
Personality: Calm, mischievous, he tends to blend into the background.
Appearance: Short whitish gray hair. Pale foggy eyes(pun intended). He has pale skin and pure white teeth. He likes to wear white.

Fog form:
Crush: None
Relationship status: None
Sexuality: Asexual
History: He drifted as fog for a long time before realizing that he was even conscious. When he first knew he could take a human form he was summoned by a witch and forced into it. The witch was amazed and yelled some loud words at him that he did not understand. He simply walked away and the witch didn’t have enough energy left to stop him after summoning him. He was very confused and wandered in the forest for a long time not knowing who he was. Over decades he learned how to shift and control his form. After about about a century he began to feel alone. Dago continues to wander. Whenever he run into to people they run away screaming "Ghost!".
Family: What is that?
Other: When he is cut in his human form he bleeds mist.

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Name: Saga Hearthstone
Age: 200
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Good or Bad: Good
Powers/Abilities: Rune magic- able to use small marked stones to cast spells; each mark has its own meaning and power-, elf magic- allows her to heal and shield others; less taxing energy wise than rune magic, enhanced eyesight, hearing, and reflexes.

Personality: She is very calm and calculated in her manner. When her temper goes, magic starts flying and it’s safe to say things get nasty. She’s very kind and much friendly than her manner suggests.
Relationship Status: Dating
Crush: Signy
Sexuality: Bisexual
History(At least two-three sentences): Saga had a troubled childhood. Her family insisted upon perfection and she was anything but: she was bad at every skill her family desired. Only magic came easily to her. Her sister Anja was in a terrible hunting accident, and her family blamed that accident on Saga, saying the wrong daughter had been killed and beating Saga every chance they had. Saga fled her home and went to the darkest place she could find, hoping the shadows would destroy her and end the pain she’d been battling with for so long. Instead, she was approached and welcomed by Signy, who helped Saga to master her rune magic and to find some balance and healing. The pair decided to travel together and explore.
Family: Anja Hearthstone (sister, deceased), Kurzon Hearthstone (father), Helia Hearthstone (mother)
Other: Saga needs sunlight to survive. If she is deprived of it for too long she weakens considerably.

Name: Signy Shadewalker
Age: 220
Gender: Female
Species: Shadow Elf
Good or Bad: Good
Powers/Abilities: Elf Magic, elemental magic, some rune magic (not as skilled as Saga) enhanced senses and reflexes.

Personality: Quiet, hides a sense of power in her nature. Favors dark places, but is willing to wander with Saga. She is very good at keeping her emotions hidden, but has trouble doing so with Saga, as that openness helped Saga to recover mentally.
Relationship Status: Dating Saga
Crush: Saga
Sexuality: Asexual, homo-romantic
History: Signy has always been a friendly person. She gave her time to the study of the elements and it rewarded her with great power. She dreamed one night of a glowing figure trying to drown herself in shadow, and the sounds of the sobs woke her. As she learned, the glowing figure was actually near her home, and none other than an elf named Saga. Signy worked hard to pull Saga from her despair and to teach her the runes she knew, encouraging a healthier mindset. It was Signy’s idea to travel together and see what the world had to offer them
Family: None living
Other: Signy gains her strength from shadows, but light does not harm her. She is able to generate sunlight to help Saga maintain her health.

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Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Name: Ryan Kyn
Age: 19
Gender:Female but is mistaken for a boy
Good or bad: Neutral
Species: human
Abilities: God’s eye:
This eye allows the user to be like an angel, controlling feathers, creating wings, and wielding the Holy Tomb. The Holy Tomb is a book with "spells" or "weapons" and summons certain weapons.
Personality: ryan is usually a cautious kid who had lost all good emotions as a small child. All she can feel now is sadness, fear, and anger, though she wants to be able to feel the rest at least one more time. She never allows anyone see under her eyepatch, and for good reasons too. Whenever someone owns the God’s eye, they also have multi-personality disorder. They could either be the good side or the bad side. What triggers the bad personality is having the eye open when the user is scared, provoked, or in danger. When it is triggered Ryan is a completely different person, and to be quick, goes insane. She goes from a weak, timid person into a battle, pain loving maniac. Ryan always has a freaky smile on her face and laughs all the time. Also she will become basically unstoppable until she feels safe and reverts back into her normal self.
Appearance: ryan has Brown hair with green faded eyes. She keeps her left eye carefully bandaged and hidden because underneath is God’s eye. It is a magic eye with a star instead of the pupal. Ryan is 5'6, weighs 106lbs, and is relatively skinny. She likes to wear baggy black pants with zippers right above the knee, allowing her to unzip the bottom part and have short. Her shirt is the same, having zippers where the t-shirt sleeve would be. Her shirt is an indigo color. Ryan also carries about a messenger bag with all his necessities.
Weapons or personal items:
Artemis/Izanami A holy relic, it's considered to be a weapon of highly destructive capabilities — tying with the spear of Izanagi as second in offensive power; not only that, because of the multiple forms it possesses, it's considered to be one of the more flexible relics. It's because of this that it's another relic that's highly sought after; dubbed as the "Radiant Sovereign of God" it has an ornate appearance like its sword counterpart. In its basic form, it takes the form of a golden elongated long bow with two prongs coming from the edges; it has a small holes near its center and the central piece is made of soft, brown leather with the hilt of each piece of the bow connected to each other, giving an additional small pointed golden piece at the dead center. There seems to be inward curves located near each of the bow pieces handle, which makes up the central grip. The edges are incredibly sharp — typical of a weapon that's known to have multiple forms and is bladed, with a string of pure mystical energy serving as the bowstring that launches the ethereal yet powerful and destructive arrows.

Izanagi a holy relic, it's one of the few offensive weapons belonging to it — second in terms of power; however, it's noted to be versatile in its own regard, it's true abilities seen when mastered to its fullest extent. Referred to as the "Genocidal Spear of God" it has an appearance that makes all others look plain in-comparison. Taking the form of a long, bright golden spear — the tip is dual-pronged being very close together. In the middle extending to the neck of where the tip and pole meets, there are intricate designs which have a religious context to it; from the sides are openings that are attacked to the center that's also ornate, having patterns on the edges. From said openings are feather-like constructs that are arranged in the same fashion as a Phoenix's wing. From the base of the spear, there's a snake-based design that coils along the staff reaching the mid-center of said weapon. At the very bottom of the spear is a sharp-edge in the form of a diamond-esque construct, which is also gold in color; it can be used as a weapon as well, making the spear double-edged in nature. It's known that the spear is the same size as the staff, being twice the user's length.
Strengths: ryan is smart and knows parcor. She has great stamina.
Weaknesses:Her timid personality can sometimes stop her from doing certain things. Spiders. She can be slow at times. (Mentally)
Family: mother, and a cowardly father who no one talks about
history: Ryan was born into a peaceful family in the city called Flora City. Her family never really thought anything of her eye, other than that it was different. They also did not think that it was magical because magic did not run in the family. They loved Ryan a lot and always smiled and laughed, that was until one day when she was five. When she was five her family and her went on a nice trip when they were bombarded by bandits. The bandits started to attack her family, attacking his mom before coming after her. When they came towards her fear swelled up inside her and her eye was triggered. She turned from her loving smiling child into a bloodthirsty child, slaughtering all the bandits before returning back to her normal self. Her father was terrified when Ryan did what she did and her mother was just as shocked. After Ryan noticed what she did, she was scared and fell to the ground. When her mother went to comfort him, Ryan’s father yelled at her not to go near that 'monster' and Ryan agree with her, only going home with her mother and father after many hours of trying. About a week later, in the night, Ryan overheard her parents arguing about how her father wanted to leave her on the streets because one day she might hurt them, of course her mom defended her daughter, but this sadly resulted in her father leaving. Her mother and Ryan from there on out, lived alone, having to deal with Ryan and his eye.
Her mom came up with the idea to wrap it, saying "If it is rapped then if you are ever in trouble it will not activate your other self." She smiled at the thought and agreed. Sadly though the peace would not last long. People soon figured out about what Ryan did and bullied her around, calling her a monster, hurting her more when she would show emotion, saying that a monster deserves to be in this pain. In no time she lost all good emotion, just leaving her as a sad and depressed shell of a person, who not even her mom could save. Yet secretly she would go out and try to summon Artemis or Izanagi. SHe was successful as summoning Izanagi, which eventually grew to be her favorite weapon, and later summoning Artemis
Approved: yes

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I like her, Pixie. My one question is thus: How did she get the eye?

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Born with it, should i add her history? It is kind of long

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

If you can give a summary of her history, that would be helpful! It doesn't have to be long.

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments I'll add the history, let me just make some touch ups.

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Thanks so much :)

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Looks good! You have my approval, Pixie.

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Great! So do i edit it and say approved under the approved thing?

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You got it :)

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Polaris Dragon | 164 comments Name: Polaris Dragonheart
Age: 13(immortal)
Gender: Female
Powers/Abilities: Shape shift, reading people's fears,Enhanced senses,and she can tell if people are lying.
Alignment: Good
Appearance: Long white hair, wings and bright blue eyes. 5' 6", Usually wears a dress. Beautiful but doesn't know it. Sharp teeth and claws
Personality: she is a good leader when she needs to be, but prefers to be one of a team of leaders. She is also a chef. She is usually easy going, she loves to read and is very playful. She loves to meet new people and make new friends until, it comes to things she loves and wants to protect.
Relationship Status: single
Crush: secret
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Shape shifter
History: Shape shifters are fallen stars from the tree of life and the protectors. There had not been another shape shifer born in millions of years she was going to be the savor. They are born from the fruit of the tree which appear as stars to the world bellow and she is the north star. But when she was still in the shell the tree of life was attacked and she fell to the ground below with no memory. She was raised by dragons but ran away knowing she did not fit in.
Family: The tree of life, unknown to her
Where is your character from: Group called The Tree of Life

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Nicely done, dear!

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Name: Vivian
Age: 175
Gender: Female
Good or bad: Neutral
Species: Frost Giant
Abilities: Minor shape-shifting, cryokinesis, illusion
Personality: Likes to cause trouble, but is subtle about her pranking. Carries herself proudly and with great confidence. She dislikes feeling stupid or vulnerable.
Appearance: As a frost giant, her skin is a dark blue, her eyes are red and her hair is a raven feather black and small horns curl from the high points on her forehead. As a human, her eyes are an icy blue and her skin is fair. All of her humanoid forms have high cheekbones and slender builds. She often switches between male and female, depending on what the situation calls for. Favors black and green leather with gold accents. Her jewelry is all gold.

Weapons or personal items: She carries what looks like a plain wooden staff set with blue glass. She wears a forest green cloak and carries a black leather satchel gifted to her by Loki. Also has a horned headpiece that mimics the small horns she has as a frost giant.
Strengths: Physically strong, able to blend as a human with ease, resistant to magic.
Weaknesses: Shapeshifting is physically draining, she feels like she needs to be the smartest person in the room.
Family: Loki, God of Mischief and another Frost Giant she never met.

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Kehl | 239 comments Approved. I like the new frost giant.

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Thank you :)

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 48 comments Hey Kehl *waves* cool group!

message 22: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Thank you! :) I'm glad you like it.

message 23: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Approved

message 24: by rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do?, The kawaii potato :3 (last edited Mar 16, 2017 04:24PM) (new)

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 48 comments I ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʀᴇsᴇɴᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ғᴏʀᴍᴀᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴛᴇᴅ ʙʏ J-Iᴄᴇ/Jᴀsᴍɪɴᴇ.

Please, could you tell me which way I'm supposed to go?

Aphrodite is quite the sight. With crystal, clear, ocean blue eyes, (sᴏᴍᴇᴛɪᴍᴇs sʜᴇ ʜᴀs sᴛᴏʀᴍʏ ɢʀᴇʏ ᴇʏᴇs :3) and wavy, silky blonde hair she attracts men like hummingbirds to a flower. She uses that as a good thing. She uses the men, and gets info out of them, then breaks there heart.
She had a poet write something about her: The essences of summer, a goddess of the sun. Her golden hair draped down softly curling along the ends. Every time she appeared the day never ended and smiles never faded. She was a siren leading everyone to sudden happiness. The beauty with the forever young ocean blue eyes.
With her, beauty comes. The winds flee before her and the storm clouds; sweet flowers embroider the earth; the waves of the sea laugh; she moves in radiant light. Without her there is not joy or loveliness anywhere.

✴ ✴ ✴

●◉○Name○◉● Aphrodite
Her name comes from the Greek word Aphros which means sea.
◌◎Nickname◎◌ None
●◉○Age○◉● 5000, how she looks: 19
◌◎Birthday◎◌ January 1
◌◎Zodiac Sign◎◌ Libra (duh)
◌◎Sexuality◎◌ Heterosexual
◌◎Relationship Status◎◌ She has had many lovers, but single :3

✴ ✴ ✴

●◉○Species○◉● Elder Goddess of Creation, Beauty, The Sea (from her father), The Wind (from her mother), and Song.
She's an elder goddess because she is the First Olympian.
✴ ✴ ✴

▪▣▫History▫▣▪Aphrodite is very beautiful, so she has many admirers. When she was ACTUALLY 16, she fell in love with a mortal. They loved each other dearly, before he got killed. After that Aphrodite had sadness deep down. She vowed to never love anyone ever again, and has always toyed with men. One of the many names mortals call her is The Heartbreaker &a The Beauty Of The Universe.

▪▣▫Family▫▣▪Mother-> The Wind
Father->The Ocean/Water.
▪▣▫Personality▫▣▪Aphrodite is nice, bubbly and smart. She gets offended very easily.

▢▩Notable Traits▩▢
⇢ Kind
⇢ Bubbly
⇢ Smart (She doesn't know where the stereotype of dumb blonde girls came from.)

✴ ✴ ✴

♚ || ♛ Singing
♚ || ♛ Painting
♚ || ♛ Playing the harp

♟ Spiders
♟ Bugs

✴ ✴ ✴

◌◎Weapons◎◌ Why need any when she can just create the perfect one?

✴ ✴ ✴

◌◎Symbols◎◌ The month of April was held sacred to her, for then the flowers bud and plants shoot, a time Greek myths say Adonis, Aphrodite's most handsome, favorite mortal, comes back from the underworld. The dove was her bird; also, sometimes, the sparrow and the swan. Other symbols of Aphrodite include the ram, hare, and tortoise. The rose is her flower, the myrtle her sacred tree, and the apple her fruit.

ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ sᴏɴɢ:

message 25: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Approved. Very good job on this character rose. You really did a lot of research. Congrats!

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 48 comments Thx :D

message 27: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Welcome!

message 28: by Polaris (new)

Polaris Dragon | 164 comments "I can agree with the dumb blond stuff I am blond so ;p"

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 48 comments .o.

message 30: by Polaris (new)

Polaris Dragon | 164 comments what color is your hair rose

message 31: by Polaris (new)

Polaris Dragon | 164 comments is it rosey red

message 33: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments For sure.

message 35: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Good luck. I don't know who sky is but with the rules here as lax as they are it should be fine.

message 37: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Noice!:)

message 39: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Can't wait to see her! Maybe she could meet up with Dago at some point. I can't wait to introduce him.

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Alright!
I actually might post her now, if i can get into my google docs without downloading the app.

message 41: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Nice. I can't wait.

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Name: sky
Age: 20
Gender: female
Good or bad: neutral
Species: pixie
Abilities: wand magic, wind magic, and transformation magic
Personality:Sky is a kind, sweet girl. She is also very shy and secretive, so basically no one knows a lot about her. She likes to keep to herself, but is very observant. She also loves sweets.
Appearance: Human Form: Sky has long blond hair that reaches down to her waist. Two teal streaks of hair rest on either side of her head. She weighs 100 lbs. and is 5’ 4. Her eyes are a teal color that matches her teal streaks in her hair. On the left bottom of her back there is a tattoo of a pixie. She wears a black pair of shorts and a loose blue top. She had on blue sneakers too. In her hair she has a clip with red petals attached to it. Also she has on a necklace with a red rose on it.
Pixie Form: in her pixie form, everything is pretty much the same. She weighs about 2 lbs. and is 3 inches tall. She has on a teal dress with petals hanging down from the waist. She has on teal flats. Her wings are teal that fades into white.

Weapons or personal items:
a wand: Made out of Pixie Wood, which is a wood that only pixies can harvest and use. It has a lot of magic power and combined with her physical power is very destructive
Strengths: has high magical powers, allowing her to use multiple types of powerful magic.
Can fly.
(That is all i can think of right now)
if she dies with someone killing her, the person who killed her get her power levels (If that is a weakness). Her love for sugar. When she turns into a pixie she leaves a trail of dust that shows where she is and what direction she is headed in. she cannot stay in human form for a long time or else she will become very ill and her magic will be very low, (Probably around 4 months).
Family: everyone is dead.
Approved:(Put yes or no here based on whether a mod has approved it yet or not)

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments I had to make a few changes, but that is basically her.

rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? | 48 comments Polaris wrote: "is it rosey red"

No... is black & brown

message 47: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Pixie_Sky wrote: "Name: sky
Age: 20
Gender: female
Good or bad: neutral
Species: pixie
Abilities: wand magic, wind magic, and transformation magic
Personality:Sky is a kind, sweet girl. She is also very shy and sec..."

Awesome. Just add history for her and I think your good.

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments I knew i was forgetting something

message 49: by Kehl (new)

Kehl | 239 comments Tell me when you're done.

Pixie_Sky -- please check bio for explanation on why I am not on | 234 comments Well, i am currently at school and practice is about to start so it wont be for a while. Tech week.

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