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Uh...I made something and need suggestions for what to do with it?

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E.F.B. | 92 comments Long story short, I've recently gotten into designing jewelry and look for inspiration everywhere. Sometimes I get inspiration from book covers. When the new covers for the e-book version of Golden Daughter were released, I fell in love with the one for "The Perilous Gate". That golden unicorn on the purple/indigo background is so beautiful! So, I decided to make a necklace with the same color scheme, but it soon evolved into a necklace that also had symbolism from the story itself, specifically Hymlume's garden and the night of Moonblood.

I normally sell (or at least try to sell :p) my jewelry on my Etsy shop, but with all the symbolism in this necklace I've started thinking I would actually rather ask to see if it could be a prize for a future fan contest, or something similar, so it will go to a fan of the series who would appreciate and enjoy the symbolism. Problem is, I don't know if this is even a good idea, or if it is, who to contact about it. Any thoughts?

Hannah (readingrogers) | 60 comments I think it's a great idea! I mean, if I won some kind of contest, I would definitely look forward to receiving that as a prize.
I think imp Hannah W. does a bit of contest administrative stuff, so you might ask her, or just email Anne Elisabeth herself. I'm sure she'd consider it! :)

H.S.J. Williams | 375 comments Mod
Oh goodness EFB that sounds brilliant! Yes, I'm sure it could work as an award for a contest! Do you know how to contact Anne Elisabeth? She'd probably be the best person to ask. :)

E.F.B. | 92 comments Thank you Hannahs 1 and 2. ;) (Seems I know a lot of people named Hannah on here, LOL!) I believe I had used a the contact form of Anne Elisabeth's author site to contact her once before, so I guess I'll try that. Thanks again. :)

H.S.J. Williams | 375 comments Mod
I can try to contact her for you! We already have the prizes listed for the fan fiction contest, but I can see if she wants to do an bonus surprise or save it for another contest! Thank you for such generosity! Do you think you could send your Etsy link to the Dame Imraldera Library email?

E.F.B. | 92 comments That would be great! I haven't listed the necklace on my Etsy. Do you still want the link? I have pictures of the necklace if you would like me to send those too.

You're very welcome! This is my favorite fandom next to Tolkien and I'm happy to give back to it. :)

E.F.B. | 92 comments Email sent. Hope it gets through okay.

H.S.J. Williams | 375 comments Mod
Yep, got it! :)

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