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This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity, #1)
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Lisa (lisamparkin) | 39 comments Mod
Our July book chat:

*Victoria Schwab recently said in an interview: "'I always say that my female characters are the Lannisters and the Slytherins, and my male characters are all Hufflepuff with just a touch of Gryffindor,' she said, laughing." ---What do you think of that?!

*Have you read any other Schwab books? How does This Savage Song compare to the others?

*Where do you see the story going and/or what did you think of the ending??

Betsy (namsmommy) | 5 comments Holy freaking wow. This book is just amazing. I just finished. It was a slow start. I almost gave up but I am SO GLAD I didn't! I freaking loved it. Can't wait to read the next!

**Schwab's quote totally nails the descriptions of the main characters. Now that I read this, they both totally fit.

**Before Savage Song I had never read any of Schwab's books. That may change soon. Added a couple to my TBR pile.

**The ending was amazing. I didn't expect it but it was also something I could imagine happening. Not like it came so far out of left field (hate those!).

Jessica So I just finished this book, and wow was it entertaining! I really enjoyed how fast paced this book was and the plot was super enticing. I don't think this is Schwab's best work (I LOVE the Shades of Magic books) but it kept me reading and I had fun while reading it, so that's what matters right?

I really liked the ending and that twist! No way ** (spoiler coming) ** that Sloan survived that! I can't even. Can't wait to see another one of the territories and see how this world expands.

Alinne (alinnethequeen) | 3 comments I loved this savage song. I had it in my TBR list since I heard about it month's ago and when I saw it was the book for July I was super excited. I've read a darker shade of magic and have book two of the series but haven't started reading it yet. I also really want to read the Vicious series. She's an amazing writing and does such a great job of world building.

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