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The Swann mansion is a tall structure which has stood for decades. A lavish building of dark stone, with five floors and many rooms. The front door is made of oakwood and has coloured panes of glass in it, as well as being decorated with pretty swirling designs expertly carved into the wood. The door knocker is in the shape of a horse shoe. All of the windows in the house are in the old style, with thick panes of glass. In this house, the old blends harmoniously with the new. There are many antiques and the house is decorated in an old-fashioned style, but it still has all the luxury and convenience of the modern world.

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((Note to Dark Angel: I changed the description because there's no way the place could be 250 years old. At that point, America wasn't even a country, let alone California a state. So I changed it to "decades" and let the implication be that it was designed in an old-fashioned style. Please let me know if there's any issues.))

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