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message 1: by Kyndall (new)

Kyndall | 2 comments I read a book back in 3rd or 4th grade that I want to find again for nostalgic purposes. Despite my having remembered key elements to the book, I have not been able to find it again. So, here are some things I remember:
The plot surrounds a boy going to his relative's house (An old lady of sorts who makes a living by baking and frosting pastries) and whilst adventuring, the boy happens upon a treehouse where a ghost man lives. This ghost man is taken aback by this boy's ability to see and talk with him, and I think that the boy's mother or someone else related to him was able to talk with this ghost as well but wasn't willing to help him and eventually stopped talking to him so he's been very lonely. He wants his murder solved, and the boy is his only chance. Later in the book, his relative is out of the house doing something, and the killer is in his house. It just so happens that his relative had been working on a carrot cake for a nice lady, but hadn't finished the frosting yet. This lady came into the house, and the boy was going to deliver the cake to her. He realizes that this is his opportunity to get saved, so he writes in frosting on the carrot cake "HELP"- the book goes into some detail about how her face shows confusion before she goes to acting normal, thanking him, and leaving (calling the cops off-"screen"). Then, the ghost man comes in and delays the killer further by throwing plates off the walls and such. There was also some element of the boy digging something up from somewhere (graveyards? or some church or other) that was either the weapon or the bones of the ghost man.

Another detail is that the cover of this book was dark blue with a hatchet semi-buried in the ground like someone threw it at the ground.

There was something about peacocks in the beginning?

That's all I have; please help!

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary | 1 comments Wow! You are really good with the detail. Sorry that it doesn't ring a bell for me. Hopefully someone else will know.

message 3: by Kyndall (new)

Kyndall | 2 comments Thanks, I hope so too!

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