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message 1: by Candis (new)

Candis (rockyhorrorbookshow) | 11 comments The book is a contemporary romance, I believe it is the 2nd book in a series and it begins with the heroine lamenting about her best friend finding love. I believe she either owns or works at a tattoo shop, and the Hero walks in wanting a tattoo. He is a bit distraught because he just discovered his wife was cheating on him.

Thanks if advance.

message 2: by Nela (new)

Nela (nelikne) | 475 comments Maybe FOREPLAY Unlimited by Kathryn Perez?

One user's review mention this:

"...She has two opposites meet; one a woman in her 30's ready to explore the idea of a real romance. This woman had a past history of pain with love and set aside the idea of it after she experienced her heartbreak at 17. An artist from an early age, she is independent and presents herself as she wishes, with bright pink hair and attitude to go with it. She is the owner of a tattoo shop; successful and happy with this course of life. Her "romance" department is vacant- with only hook ups with guys who can't seem to do the deed with any ramp up. She is at the brink of trying a sexual online hook up site.

He is a man who is nothing like her; a professional maker of fine Bourbon. He has distilleries across the country and is trying to acquire another one. They first cross paths when he comes into her shop looking for a tattoo to mark his pain in the discovery of his ex wife cheating on him..."

message 3: by Candis (new)

Candis (rockyhorrorbookshow) | 11 comments Thank you...That was the book!!

message 4: by Nela (new)

Nela (nelikne) | 475 comments Great :)

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