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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 19 comments Mod
{Out of Character}

►Be kind and respect ALL members of this group. Including mods. If somebody is being an arse, or is totally tickng you off, notify a moderator immediately and one of us will sort it out. But do NOT be an arsehole back to the person, okay? That's not how things roll 'round here.

►Cussing/ swearing..fine by me.
Just, don't talk like
(view spoiler)
Okay so something like will not be excepted in RP or out. And GD is not allowed. I do not like the phrase and will not tolerate it's use.

►Do not post threads, polls, or pictures without the Head Moderator's consent. Alright? Sorry.

►Don't spam threads! Or at least the important ones anyway, a.k.a RP threads, Q/C/S thread, ya know those ones.

►Let's try to keep the drama away from here. We don't need it so let's keep it calm here.

►And let's act like our ages. Let's not whine and complain. 'Kay?

{Character Creation}

►Be original and creative guys. If you want to use YOUR characters from another RP go ahead, but don't steal or use other people's characters. C'mon guys we all have creativity in us so I beg you to use your imagination here.

►Be descriptive and neat. One sentence or two is not acceptable.

►Correct spelling and grammar. It's not that hard and bad grammar/ spelling is on my top 10 Bug Me list. You should know the difference between "you're" and "your." "They're" "Their" and "There" "Our" and "Are" "Too" "Two" and "To" Okay. But if you don't know the difference try your best. Please spell things as close to correct as you can, use a spell check or something if you're that bad of a speller. A few typos is alright, but tlking like dis is unacceptable. ...No text talk either. Please. Thank you. This is also for while you're RPing.

►Wait for your character to be approved by a moderator before roleplaying.

►Do not make your character invincible; every human have weaknesses, fears, and flaws.

►If you want your character to have a relation to somebody's character, ask first.

{In Roleplay}

►Let's aim for an average of 3 lines per post.
"She smiled." will not be allowed. Be descriptive, people! It's not too difficult. Add what your character is wearing, what she/he is thinking, etc and you'll have your three sentences in no time. If you're having a bad day just try. And if you really can't come up with 3 lines it's okay. BUT don't do one liners all the time guys.

►Third person, past tense. Please.

"I walk across the field."
"Sarah walked across the field."

HOWEVER, I will accept first person, if you want. But it MUST be in this format:

Character's Name: I walked across the field.

Example: <Sarah>: I walked through the meadow to the cottage.

►Do NOT make your character invincible, know everything, or have no weakness in roleplay.

►Intimacy.... Well PG-13. Kissing, minor make out sessions, that's fine. But anything else could you please take to the PMs?

►If a group or partners are RPing somewhere please don't go to the same place, unless it's planned out and both groups plan to run into each other. This just gets confusing if there are two totally separate RPs in the same place.

►If you need to talk to your RP partner, use BRACKETS "[ These things]"" {Or these things}" But don't have a random conversation with your RP partner. It's RP, not chat time. You could also use () but sometimes they can even get confusing

►If you have a huge plot twist or new addition please ask about it first (preferably in the Q/C/S or a PM to the head mod).

►Swearing in RP = Same as out of RP

►Fighting in RP = It's fine, but no God-modding or dodging every move. Also let's not have your hits, kicks, arrows etc... hit the target every time.

►Again no spam please it will be deleted.

►And I will have a 3-5 strike you're out system. Any rule breaking will result in strikes that will be monitored in a thread itself. Along with the punishments.

Please agree to these rules above

I, _________, agree to the rules above.

I will apologize for any mistakes or missing "I's", "K's" and other letters. When you have a PC that's getting old keys that don't work or get stuck are very common. I tried to go back and fix most of them but sometimes you miss things.

message 2: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) I, Astra, agree to the rules above.

message 3: by Matthew (new)

Matthew (phoebus) | 3 comments I, Matthew, agree to the rules above.

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