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Imani Merrigan Imani Jul 24, 2016 11:57AM
Lets talk about the book we read and like no hate thank you

I love how this tomboy is so believable, and Nicole too. That's exactly what friends in that situation and with those feelings do! I do dance,and I totally get all that practicing. Great book.

I think that Roller Girl is a great book. Astrid is so brave at everything, and she has such a journey through her life as a skater. I've watched roller skating, and it's a cool sport. This is a great book.

I thought that Roller Girl did an excellent job showing the dissolution of friendship as kids come of age and discover their varying interests and passions. I think it is a great read for middle schoolers trying to find their place, as it offers the hope that if they think outside the box there are other opportunities awaiting them.

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