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Everyone starts out with zero points. List something a Hamilton character has done. Everyone who has done it gets a point and everyone who has not gets no points. People can get points when they list something. Only one thing per turn, and a person can only have one turn in a row. First person to get to ten wins. After that, the game resets.

To start;

Hamilton stayed up for multiple days on end.

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Mathil Pooracho (superparracho) | 24 comments James Madison wrote The Bill of Rights

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Mathil Pooracho (superparracho) | 24 comments Oh wait never mind
I just now u de ratios the game
That comment was dumb...
Welcome me

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It's totally fine. So if you have stayed up for multiple days on end, you get a point. Then you can say something one of them did that you or someone else in this group could also have done. =)

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Chloe Stone | 7 comments Angelica let her friend/sister have the man she liked.


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Lafayette took the horse by the reigns

Marie: 1

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Write like you're running out of time

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