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message 1: by Laura, Celestial Sphere Mod (new)

Laura | 3784 comments Mod
Voting is now open! These themes may look familiar: it is our first re-submit poll with all of the suggestions coming from the past "rejects".

The 2017 Reading Challenge will continue the concept of this year's challenge, with 52 weekly topics. Users then choose a book fitting each topic in order to complete the challenge.

The Process:
The topics for the 2017 RC list will be determined through around 13 mini-polls. Suggestions for each poll will be open until 20 suggestions are received and then opened up for voting for one week. Each user will vote for their top 4 and bottom 4 topics in each mini-poll, resulting in 4 challenge entries from each (13 polls x 4 topics/poll=52 weekly topics). This timeframe allows for a completed list in October-November.

The Rules:
- Voting ends July 31
- One vote per poll per user

Reminder of Current Challenge Themes:
- A book by an author you haven't read before
- A book in the middle of your TBR list
- A book from someone else's bookshelf
- A book with a strong female character
- A book from the Goodreads "Top 100 YA Books"
- A category from another challenge
- A book that you've owned for a while but haven't gotten around to reading
- A book with an animal on the cover or in the title
- A book about a famous historical figure
- A book based on a myth
- A book from the Goodreads Choice Awards 2016
- A novel inspired by a work of classic literature
- A book with an unreliable narrator
- A best book of the 21st century (so far)
- A book set in a fictional location
- A book from the BBC The Big Read list
- A Penguin modern classic
- A book with at least 2 perspectives (more than one main character and point of view)
- A book with a long title (5+ words, excluding any subtitles)
- A book written by a person of color (i.e. someone who isn’t white)

Helpful Links
Epistolary Fiction:
First Person Perspective:
Graphic Novels:
Play or script:
Traveling or Travelogue:

Survey Link

message 2: by Zaz (last edited Jul 24, 2016 06:16AM) (new)

Zaz | 2983 comments For this one, I worked a little differently from the previous times. I selected 3 categories I really like and one out of my comfort zone that I didn't choose before. There were 2 others I'd be interested in for the challenge and I know they are popular, so the final 4 will probably be satisfying for me. Overall, it was pleasant to give a 2nd chance to rejected suggestions :)

No suggestion was really terrible as most of the time 3 of my bottoms end in the bottom 4, so I bottomed categories too similar to something we already have, something we did in 2016 or something I find too much challenging. The 750p+ is more and more frightening as it seems this year I chose books that I don't like at all, I can't imagine how I'd deal with a doorstop crap :p

message 3: by Jody (new)

Jody (jodybell) | 3472 comments Zaz wrote: "I can't imagine how I'd deal with a doorstop crap"

Yeah ... that was The Stand for me. One of the longest books I've read, and I really, really didn't like it.

message 4: by Francesca (new)

Francesca | 780 comments My top four was difficult because I had about 7 that I really liked so I had to narrow it down. I only voted for 1 topic that I didn't want which was the 750+ pages one. I don't mind if it makes it and I do think it's a good prompt but as a somewhat slower reader it can be quite intimidating having that as one of the specific prompts and I feel like it could quite easily be a topic that may set people behind.

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel A. (abyssallibrarian) | 2803 comments It was tougher than I thought to pick my top 4, since 5 of the topics I really wanted made it into the vote. I'm pretty sure a few of them won't be the most popular, but I hope some of them make it. I based my votes partly on what I thought would balance out the list a bit, and what I thought would be a bit more of a challenge.

The bottom 4 was easier. I voted for topics that I thought had been done often before, and those that I knew I'd really have a hard time with. The 750 page book was the main one. I have a hard time finding longer books that maintain my interest the whole way through, and I find that books of that length really tend to slow down my progress since I can't read more than one book at a time so easily. I just read a 500 page book for another challenge, and it took me a full week. It's not necessarily a bad thing since obviously a long book will take a while to read, but I find toward the end I start getting antsy about finishing it and end up rushing and not enjoying it as much as I would like, unless it's a book that I really love (I have no problem with the longer Harry Potter books, for example).

As I'm becoming more and more interested in the rejects challenge, it is kind of starting to matter less which topics make the final cut since I'll probably end up doing them all anyway. The main difference is the the timeline, since the rejects challenge is definitely too much to do in one year when I do other challenges as well.

message 6: by °~Amy~° (new)

°~Amy~° (amybooksit) | 3227 comments I started with 9 that i really really wanted from the rejects list. Exactly 4 of those made it onto the poll so that made it super easy. The bottom 4 was more difficult since most of them i wouldnt hate.

message 7: by Charity (new)

Charity (faeryrebel78) | 552 comments I did pick a top and bottom 4 but since I've started my list I do have books I can read for most of the topics. There are 2 that I really just don't like: a comic or graphic novel and a micro history. I know they are popular with some people but I have done them for previous challenges and despise them. If they make it i will just do a wild card for that topic so it's not a big deal just not my thing.

message 8: by Silvia (new)

Silvia Turcios | 1064 comments I am happy that some of these categories that I thought were really good, got a second chance :-)

message 9: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments I was actually one of them, who voted against having re-votes, but now I'm very glad they do get a chance. There are fantastic options on this poll.

message 10: by Jody (new)

Jody (jodybell) | 3472 comments I did too, but it's true, there are some great options here!

message 11: by Marina H (new)

Marina H | 1314 comments I think there are som great options, but there are also some that I really don't want to win. So whether or not I like the re-voting depends on which topics win :-)
No matter what I'll make it work, but I have a pretty clear top and bottom 4.

message 12: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (sawphie) | 2854 comments There really are some great options and I could appreciate this week-end how easily I find books for each one when I caved in and started my list ;)

It changed my voting a bit, choosing categories that are a bit more challeging (for example I first voted for a book not set on Earth, but not this time, as I have TONS of them on my TBR).

message 13: by Bec (new)

Bec | 890 comments I tend to choose books I can access easily on kindle....I don't like to spend too much on them so like ones I can either borrow or are free or I already own! There are a few in the list I really don't like and some I really do. I actually want the 750+ page book as it forces me to get back into the Robin Hobb books - which I love - but put off due to the size!

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