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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
 Post Finished and Approved Female YouTubers here

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Full Name: Elizabeth Lucifer Fischbach
Nicknames: Eli, Eliza, Liz, Liza, Luci
Gender: Female
Age: 26 years old
Date of Birth: October 31st
Time of Birth: 5:00 PM
Place of Birth: Belfast, Ireland

YouTube Alias: Lucifer's Spawn
YouTube Channels:
LucifersSpawn - Main Channel, where she does all her own stuff
LucifersLittleGirl - Main Vlogging Channel
LuciIsMySaviour - Gaming Channel
DieLoserSpawns - Challenge Videos with her friends


Face Claim: Lily Collins
Hair: Deep Hazel Brown
Eyes: Golden Brown
Height: 5' 12"
Weight: 126 Lbs
Body Structure: Athletic
Complexion: Fair and Flawless
Markings: None
Scent: Hazelnut and Powdered Sugar
Tattoos & Piercings: One Nose Piercing, Two Rose Tattoos on her arms
Dressing Style: Strictly calm and cool

- Calm
- Quick Witted
- Smooth
- Cute
- Cool
- Laid Back

History: Eli started her YouTube channels when she was fifteen years old, her brother Markiplier actually got her into YouTube when she was younger, but her mother couldn't afford to get her a camera for YouTube videos until Eli was fifteen. Eli actually began her gaming channel when she was eighteen years old, when she could actually afford her own games and crap. Eli met Matthias when she was twenty years old and he was twenty four, she started an challenge channel with him and her brother Mark. Eli created her Vlogging channels when she got her first boyfriend, but when Eli's boyfriend dumped her, she kept her YouTube Vlogging channels.

Likes & Dislikes:
↑ Music
↑ Games
↑ YouTube
↑ Mark
↑ Gum
↑ Risks
↑ Challenges
↓ Disturbing Images
↓ Broken Bones
↓ Small Spaces
↓ Weird people
↓ Dumb Characters on TV

Strengths & Weaknesses:

⇢ Talking about herself
⇢ Talking about all her flaws
⇢ Talking about all her lies
⇢ Talking about all her crimes
⇢ Talking about her punishments
⇢ Ranting
⇢ Taking Risks and doing crazy deathifying Challengs
⇠ Her Family and Friends
⇠ Dying
⇠ Men and Guys
⇠ Loving someone
⇠ Mark

★ Anginophobia - Choking
★ Pyrophobia - Fire
★ Acrophobia - Heights
★ Melissophobia - Bees


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother: Mark Fischbach
Brother: Thomas Fischbach

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: OPEN
Relationship Status: Single

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Full Name: Aquamarine Josephine Lucky + Jonas Calvin Lucky
Aquamarine's Nicknames: Aqua, Marine, Jose, Seph, Sephine, Lucky
Jonas's Nicknames: Jones, Jona, Cal, Alvin, JC
Nicknames: The Lucky Twins, Lucks, Luckies
Genders: Aqua is Female and Jonas is Male
Ages: 24 years old
Date of Birth: January 1st
Time of Birth: 12:00 midnight
Place of Birth: London, England

Aquamarine's YouTube Alias: Lucky
Jonas's YouTube Alias: Alvin
YouTube Alias: The Lucky Twins
Aquamarine's YouTube Channels:
LuckOfTheSea - Main Vlogging Channel
LuckyOne - Gaming Channel
FindingLuck - Challenge Channel she does with her brother and their friend Tyler Oakley
Jonas's YouTube Channels:
AlvinCalvin - Main Vlogging Channel
JCGonnaFindYou - Gaming Channel
FindingLuck - Challenge Channel he does with his sister and their friend Tyler Oakley
Shared YouTube Channels: FindingLuck - A challenge channel shared by both of them and their friend Tyler Oakley


Face Claim: Lucky Blue Smith + Pyper America Smith
Hair: Both have silver blonde hair that looks more silver then Blonde
Eyes: Bright blue
Height: Jonas is 6' 2" and Aquamarine is 5' 10"
Weight: Jonas weighs 190 pounds and Aquamarine weighs 100 pounds
Body Structure: Jonas has a swimmers body while Aquamarine has a runners body
Complexion: Both of their complexions are fair and flawless, not a single scar or pimple
Markings: None
Scent: Jonas smells like pinewood and blueberries, Aquamarine smells like ocean wind and chocolate
Tattoos & Piercings: Neither of them have any tattoos
Dressing Style: They're styles are pretty much the same, hip and cool

Jonas is:
- Calm
- Cool
- Collected
- Quick~Witted
- Smart
- Intelligent
Aquamarine is:
- Adventurous
- Risk taker
- Belligerent
- Stubborn
- Sarcastic
- Humorous

History: Born on January 1st, these two were inseparable since birth, no matter where it was or what they were doing, they had to do it together. Growing up they shared a bedroom for almost their entire childhood, then still shared a room when they were in their preteens and then their teens, when they were both fifteen, they both started their YouTube channels after witnessing a video on YouTube. Now they live in houses that are next door to each other, and they still do everything together, Jonas's wife and kids don't care about that at all, they think it's very loving. Now twenty four, both Aquamarine and Jonas are living in separate houses, Jonas has a family and YouTube channel.

Likes & Dislikes:
↑Making Videos
↓Disturbing Images
↓Being without each other

Strengths & Weaknesses:

⇢ Each other
⇢ Family
⇢ Kids
⇢ YouTube
⇢ Food
⇢ Challenges
⇠ Life
⇠ Chocolate
⇠ Junk Food
⇠ Love
⇠ Hugs and Kisses
⇠ Rattlesnakes ( They are both allergic to Rattlesnakes )

★ Snakes
★ Flying
★ Heights
★ Roller Coasters
★ Ferris Wheels


Mother: Anais Lucky ( Née Rummington )
Father: Harry Lucky
Sister: Veronica Lucky ( Face Claim: Daisy Clementine Smith )
Sister: Justine Lucky ( Face Claim: Starlie Cheyenne Smith )

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: Aquamarine has a crush on Joe Sugg, Jonas has a crush on his wife
Relationship Status: Aquamarine is Single, Jonas is Married and has kids

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L.  | 17 comments ~ Name: Cleo Sugg
~ Nicknames: Sugg
~ Aliases: None
~ YouTube Alias: Cleo Sugg
~ YouTube Channels: ImCleoSugg
~ Gender: Female
~ Age: 17
~ Appearance:

~ Personality: Cleo is a mix of her siblings, she's funny, a prankster, always out for a good time, but she's also in love with beauty products and is always, *always* looking her best. You will usually find her playing "dress up" ((no matter how old you are, you still do this)), out partying, pranking and putting this all on YouTube. Cleo is also a sucker for her fans. <3
~ History: Cleo comes from Lacock, Wiltshire, England. Her parents are florists and have always encouraged her to do what she wants, except for that time when she was fifteen and wanted to punch holes in her face. ((Yay parents)) She has just graduated from high school and is taking on the full time job of being a youtuber. She has had lots of experience as a model and is considering being a model as an occupation.
~ Family: Joe and Zoe Sugg and mother and father.
~ Relationship Status: Single

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Louise  (louiseem) | 15 comments Full name: Scarlett Alice Bird
Nickname: Scar
Gender: Female
Age: 19

YouTube Alias:
YouTube Channel: Scar gaming+more


personality: Scarlett is a person that loves to have fun. She is relaxed and have nothing aginst to attend parties. She loves playing games as she also loves to share her life with everyone. Scar knows when it´s time to have fun and when it´s time to be serious.

History: Scarlett never was a big fan of school. So just to fix it she started to make youtube videos. But as time went on she fell in love with youtube and jumped of school early just to spend more time on youtube. She even moves away on her own when she was 18. When things started to go downhill she started a parttime job at a local cafe so she still would be able to make youtube videos when she gets home

Mother: Anna Bird
Father: Roger Jones
Relationship: Single

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