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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)

Welcome Aboard to YouTube! My name is....well names are overrated and useless, just call me Rant, because that's all I basically do around here, I rant about stupid things like names and ages. This world is like any other world you see around you or on tv shows and crap like that, this place has no rules, but it does have laws, it has a few laws though, just gotta follow them. Here you are a normal human being in the human world, here you make a YouTube channel about anything you please, it can be about Video Games, it can be about Beiaty products, it can be about trying out dollar store items and trying out apps. What I'm saying is that welcome to the world that allows YouTube to become real. Follow your dreams, and follow your hearts.

One more thing though, some of us here are already pretty famous, others are becoming famous.


~ Sex is roleplayed in PM
~ Be nice
~ Don't be rude
~ Swearing is alright with me
~ Characters must be approved before roleplaying
~ More then two sentences per posts

(( Sign your name below ))

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