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message 1: by Nynn (new)

Nynn Hidings (nynnhidings) | 6 comments Hello there, you all book junkies!

I'm going to write longer than I should, so bear with mex f. *winks*

As most of we all know, finding books in our local bookstores can be a hassle with its scarce availability and less-than-interesting choices. I personally prefer to purchase a book directly from stores where I can see the actual conditions of a book, smell it and feel its weight - you know, the weird stuff that book lovers sometime do.

Recent trip to a known bookstore, I came across a book that somewhat gave me a tingle - something that haven't happened for a long time. Reaching it, I was somewhat excited and disappointed at the same time upon knowing it is the second book of a series. As an avid must-get-em-all reader, I've solemnly swear to lay my hand on the first before even buying the rest of them.

High and low, I found myself terribly dismayed not only because I couldn't find the rest of the series anywhere, the copy that I found earlier had disappeared from the shelves. Such cruel world for a reader.

Anyway, with that unnecessary rant over, I've finally decided to check the online options. I found decent few sites from Booko with somewhat better prices all around. I've got my eyes on few sites as such The Book Depository and Bookurve.

Since I'm such a rookie in online retailer's reputation among Malaysian readers, do give your inputs on your favourite sites to purchase books online. It'll help much if you can also list the pros and cons of them too.


message 2: by jasmine (new)

jasmine (wanderjas__) | 14 comments Hi , bookdepository is definitely the best places to purchase books, they have almost all the books in the world and the price is almost the same as local bookstore(sometimes cheaper! check out their bargain section which is updated monthly) :) The only weak point is that you have to wait for around 3-4 weeks to reach here and sometimes the books are damaged or lost . But free not , damaged and lost books is available to request a new copy through their customer service) I had ordered several times from bookdepo and is satisfied with their service . I wouldn't recommend Bookurve though . They indeed have a wide range of book , but the book they sell are slightly higher than retail prices.

For local , I would recommend Bookalicious ( ). Bookalicious is a independent bookstore in Subang Jaya. They also provide postage service. You could whatapps them for inquiry and preorder. Plus, their prices is cheaper than retail prices in local bookstore by 10-20% all year round :)

For cheap books , you could check out and . Bookxcess sell all the books in 50-70% discount and Debookroom often have sales (normally on festive seasons) However , they didn't offered preorder service and only have selected books.

If you don't mind secondhand books , you could check around instagram with hastag #pasarnovel , #prelovedbooksmy etc. and an apps Carousell. The books are also sold seriously cheap.

I hope this helps ! :)

message 3: by Lann (new)

Lann | 16 comments I am currently used Carousell and Imsold app to search, sell or purchase preloved books. Some of the popular titles are available as cheap as RM10.

message 4: by Izan (new)

Izan Adam Hi Ian,

MPHOnline is my favourite online book retailer (locally). Pros: They have wide range of books and superb customer service. I do get discount with their MoRewards Membership Programme. During non sale period it is possible to get my ordered books within 2 working days. Cons: You need to pay postage fee for purchases less than RM80.

And yes! I agree with JAsmine, Book Depository is probably the best online book retailer. They are reliable and their price is almost the same as local retailer and sometimes cheaper. Pro: Free worldwide postage! Cons: you have to wait for 2-3 weeks (after being dispatched from the UK) for you books. If you don't mind the wait, why not?

Hope this helps.

message 5: by Nynn (new)

Nynn Hidings (nynnhidings) | 6 comments Thanks JAsmine, Lann and Izan! Very useful inputs, you got there. I do agree that BookDepository does have a wide-range of books and free postage. Though it's a bit iffy in term of their 'free postage' ordeal since few people had stated they included the actual fee in postage. But still, I can see that they still have the best price.

I'm not really keen with MPH service since they refurbished their stores past few years. The titles they offers seem to be stale, in stores, and I couldn't really find something I like in their online catalog.

Though, I do stumbled upon Konikunya (did I spell it right?). Excellent book catalog but I found the postage fee sort of outrageous.

Anyway, I decided to go with Bookurve since the book I was looking for is quite cheaper there than BookDepository. So, crossing my fingers on them for now.

message 6: by jasmine (new)

jasmine (wanderjas__) | 14 comments yup, I agree about MPH online. The last time I bought, the book had started yellowing :/

what books are you planning to buy btw?

message 7: by Nynn (new)

Nynn Hidings (nynnhidings) | 6 comments Yeah, that too. Also, I mich prefer when their stores were kinda secluded. Perfect atmosphere for reader alike. Now, it's too open.

Anyway, I ordered a few make-your-own adventure books, as well as The Novice by Taran Matharu. Pretty good so far what I've read on Wattpad. You should check him out.

message 8: by Nynn (new)

Nynn Hidings (nynnhidings) | 6 comments Quick update: I finally received my book yesterday and couldn't be anymore satisfied with the service provided by Bookurve. It took 8 working days for them to process and deliver my book. Was a bit sceptical at first as they didn't process the book transaction and notified my tracking number immediately, but they responded timely via Whatsapp to assure me. RM2 is imposed for delivery to West and free for East, guess it was better deal after all.

message 9: by David (new)

David (aberrant80) | 11 comments Anyone tried the relatively new OpenTrolley?

Also, I just realised that actually delivers to Malaysia too.

message 10: by Zirra (new)

Zirra (fortheloveofbook) | 2 comments I personally prefer to shop at They have a physical store in Subang Jaya (which I've never been to since I live in a different state, sobs) and they also provide online order service through Whatsapp. I find that some of the books are cheaper than Popular, Kinokuniya or MPH. Don't be put off by all the YA photos, they do have a wide range of book genres. The service is excellent as well.

Heard a lot of good things about Book Depository, but I have yet to try it.

message 11: by David (new)

David (aberrant80) | 11 comments Zirra wrote: "I personally prefer to shop at They have a physical store in Subang Jaya (which I've never been to since I live in a different state, sobs) and they also pr..."
Cool, thanks for the link. I did end up trying Book Depository, not too bad, except PosLaju was really bad with getting the books delivered to me.

message 12: by Shobana (new)

Shobana Gomes (goodreadscomshobanagomes) | 6 comments Hello, Bookalicious in Summit, Subang Jaya is having a sale at this moment if interested. Books are retailing for RM10.00 :)

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