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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA late 2000s- random kids taken by woman, two of the girls are twins, one twin is beautiful and the other reads as much as she wants in a library takes medicine to stay young [s]

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Micaylah Ganieany | 3 comments okay i'm sorry in the title is confusing. but this book is a YA book i read in sixth grade (6 years ago) What i remember from the book is a woman (i think shes a witch) takes several random kids and raises them in her house. she either gives them all powers, or their greatest wish in the world. What i remember most is that two ofthe kids are twin girls. One of the twins is beautiful and very focused with her appearance, the other one reads as much as she wants in a library, and only minutes go by. The catch is (minor spoiler?) she is actually spending years reading each time, and is kept young by a medicine the old woman gives her. She refuses the medicine and grows old, she battles the old woman and takes the kids to raise on her own? I'm really sorry if this is confusing. The cover I know is a picture of a group of attractive teenagers in dresses and tuxes. I've searched everywhere and I found this book in a post on this site a few years ago but i lost the title again and the post that i saved about it seems to have disappeared. Thank you to anyone who can help.

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Micaylah Ganieany | 3 comments Aha! Thank you so much!

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Lou Rocama | 437 comments You're welcome.

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