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The Scottish Prisoner (07/16) > Ques 4: Ch. 20: What do the oddments & trinkets in Maj. Siverly's house say about him and his character? Second, Why would Siverly want to kill Jamie?

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Shanna | 40 comments Discuss

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Alina | 9 comments The trinkets made me wonder if he dabbled in any magic or mysticism. I am curious what others thought.

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Mellissa Hoskin | 30 comments You might be right about that Alina.

He has definitely traveled some or been to places that most people don't go to pick up those kinds of artifacts. There were many references to his dark side of his character and anger management problems,

6 candles?
Humidor of African wood-Congo?
Sugared violets--Violet's represented faith in Shakespere's Hamlet
Clock with 3 dials-King Louis 16-17th C clock from France?
Meissen figure-18th century

Siverly remembers Jamie from Paris. Even though he pretends he does not at first.

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