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The Scottish Prisoner (07/16) > Ques 2: Ch. 18: Why did Q mention duel in Bois de Boulogne? Is he unaware of reason for duel or does he have another reason for putting Jamie on the spot in front of LJG? Second, memories were invoked when subject was mentioned; why did Quinn bring it up?

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Shanna | 40 comments Discuss

message 2: by Alina (new)

Alina | 9 comments I thought Quinn brought it up to try and take Jamie back in time to when Jamie had (seemingly) Jacobite loyalties.

message 3: by Mellissa (new)

Mellissa Hoskin | 30 comments Quinn wanted to tell tales and restablish a closer friendship with Jamie.

It causes John to wonder 'who' Jamie fought in the duel.

Because of all this later is leads John to think that Quinn and Jamie knew each other in past and definitely has ties to Jacobite events going on in Paris at the same time.

message 4: by Celeste (new)

Celeste | 26 comments I think he does it simply to raise suspicion with Grey. He wants to create problems so that Jamie will help him with the Jacobite business. He wanted to establish that they had a past relationship and make John question exactly what the relationship was and why they have a current relationship.

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