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message 2: by sandyboy (new)

sandyboy Abi walks into the cafe ((she currently works as a waitress)) sets her stuff down in the back, checks her watch, and ties her apron

message 3: by sandyboy (new)

sandyboy She slides on her cap, yawns and sits down, clutching a warm cup of tea and waiting for the cafe to open

message 4: by sandyboy (new)

sandyboy Abi sighs and looks out the window when her watch starts beeping. She jumps and slams her wrist, shutting the alarm off, walking over to the door, she sets down her tea and flips the sign to OPEN

message 5: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Mil had been walking with the girl she had met. The two came across a cafe. "should we go in?" Mil asked curious and cautious.

message 6: by sandyboy (new)

sandyboy Abi glances out the window at the girls

message 7: by sandyboy (new)

sandyboy (((Are we waiting on Abbi?)))

message 8: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) ((Yeah))

message 9: by sandyboy (new)

sandyboy (((I'll wait.... shhhhhh.....))))

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