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The Life We Bury (Joe Talbert, #1; Max Rupert, #1)
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Anita Pomerantz | 6675 comments If you are looking for an entertaining, fast-paced summer beach read, this book fits the bill. Unfortunately, there's nothing especially original here, but it is a page turner. Joe Talbert is a college student who has a project to write a biography for one of his classes. He chooses to write about an elderly convicted murderer/rapist, Carl Iverson, who is no longer in prison because he is dying of cancer. As it turns out, Joe realizes that justice may not have been served in this case, and most of the book is a mystery/thriller type tale in the race to determine if Iverson was the killer or not before Iverson dies of cancer. There are some tangential storylines about Joe's dysfunctional family and Iverson's time in Vietnam. All in all, the story is well told and the pacing is good. There is some sexual violence, but it really isn't told in a graphic manner. If you like the genre, it might be worth picking up. If you are looking for a literary bent, it's just not there.

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Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 6291 comments May be worth taking along on vacay .... This group is just SOOOoo "bad" (in a good way?) for my tbr .....

Anita Pomerantz | 6675 comments Book Concierge wrote: "May be worth taking along on vacay .... This group is just SOOOoo "bad" (in a good way?) for my tbr ....."

Yes, I think this would definitely be a good vacation book . . .and I know what you mean. I keep trying to take things off my TBR, and then I find I actually am re-adding the same titles back on as new PBT readers read them.

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