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message 1: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Wright | 1 comments Dear All,

I would like to let you know about my recently completed novel Bullied. It is an allegorical retelling of the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict set in a school playground. Its aim is to convey a balanced retelling of the conflict's history in an accessible format to as wide a range of readers as possible.

While it is aimed at a general readership I believe the best way to make it visible to that readership is to let those advocating for a just solution to the conflict know about it. I'm guessing that many of the members of this group would fall into this category, so would like you to be among the first to learn of my book.

Please go to to find out more.

Yours truly,
Benjamin Wright

message 2: by Inam (new)

Inam (praxidikai) | 1 comments There's no such thing as a balanced retelling of this situation. There is oppressor and oppressed. Occupier and occupied. Nation state vs people.

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