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Blue and Adam: what the heck happened?

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Courtney I didn't think the silence was forced but I didn't think is was natural either. Honestly, I felt like Blue was rarely in this book. Regardless of that I think their space was natural but also unnatural. Unnatural because mostly they didn't even talk throughout the entire book expect like twice and both of those times had been an argument, which both felt just weird. Like I understood that Adam felt that they were at the point of their relationship where they should be kissing but it was wrong of him to keep pushing it. But if they were supposedly together they should do more then just not speak. It was only natural to me because of what happened at Cabeswater. Because of the sacrifice Adam was different, he was no longer just Adam even though he wanted to be. With all the things that was going on inside of him, he just wasn't able to be invested in there relationship but rather invest in trying to understand the consequences of what he has done. Though I though Adam should have at least said he was sorry especially before leaving for a trip this did not happen. I thought the change in love interest was a little weird but it felt inevitable of course but maybe just written wrong. You didn't miss anything. None of it was justified. Adam shouldn't have acted that way and if he liked her he should have apologize instead of leaving the coming back to only argue about why she hasn't kissed him. The development was weird but understandable in a way but also just weird.

Courtney I understand what you mean, I'm not happy with his changes either. He doesn't really seem like the Adam from the first book. Everyone knew Gansey and Blue were destined from the being but the way that it happened I didn't really like to much, I feel like they just suddenly feel for each other rather then a slow build which I like. I can't help but to read the next book soon though because even with all the things with Adam this series just continues to just draw me in so much. So Ill tell you if it's worth reading as soon as possible if you want.

Courtney I definitely will. I will be reading it sometime soon. It really was focused a lot on Ronan but I kind liked it but I would like it more if they gave the same attention to others. And for Glendower, it made me extremely disappoint that he and Gansey were rarely in this one but I love this book all the same for some weird reason. The quest for Glendower was strangely put on hold even though that is what the book is about. And Blue is the main character so she should be treat as such but I have a feeling we will get that in the next book.

Stenedria Morgane wrote: "So I'm just halfway through the second book of the Raven Cycle and don't get me wrong - it's the first series in ages that I wholeheartedly enjoy - but I just don't get what happened between Adam a..."

I'm roughly in the same spot in the book as you are, and I'm thinking the same thing. Sure, we knew from the previous book that it's Gansey and Blue in a long run, but it seems like Blue and Adam just faded away if that makes sense.

Stephanie I kind of feel like it was silently swept under the rug but in all honesty the whole deal with Cabeswater (probably spelled that wrong) might have helped the demise of the relationship in general. Personally I think it should have been Gansey from the get go. Her relationship with Adam didn't really make or break the book for me. Eh

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